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Chemicals for the fight against snails

Chemicals for the fight against snails

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Hello! What are the most effective chemicals for snail control.


If your choice is chemical warfare, then Meta and Thunderstorm are effective - blue granules for scattering in places where snails accumulate. The funds are very strong and although manufacturers assure them of safety (following the instructions) for people and pets, I advise you to use them only in a critical situation.

You can use folk remedies, if we are talking about a summer cottage or a small garden. Chard planted around the perimeter scares snails. They do not settle where this plant grows. In addition, the chard is beautiful, it is used in landscape design. Beer traps attract snails. Place small containers with beer between the beds, check the traps once a day. Coffee grounds, poured under the bushes, also showed excellent results in the flight of snails.