Instructions for use of the herbicide Dublon for corn

Instructions for use of the herbicide Dublon for corn

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Small individual entrepreneurs and large agricultural enterprises are engaged in the cultivation of various crops using new generation chemicals. Herbicide "Dublon" is a new highly effective agent. Used in low concentrations and diluted according to instructions, it inhibits the growth of most annual and perennial weeds, and promotes productive corn cultivation.

Composition and form of release of the herbicide "Dublon Gold"

An excellent option for post-emergence protection of corn from weeds is the herbicide "Dublon". The high efficiency of the drug is due to the presence of two potent components in its composition:

  • nicosulfuron;
  • thifensulfuron-methyl.

The drug goes on sale in the form of granules, which dissolve well in water and form a solution that is homogeneous in composition. For convenient use, the drug is packed in plastic containers.

Benefits of the tool

Dublon Gold has many advantages:

  • thanks to the joint efforts of the active substances, it effectively destroys many varieties of cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in corn crops;
  • economical to use;
  • stands out among analogs with a long period of protective action;
  • not phytotoxic to corn;
  • it is not hazardous to the environment, low-hazard to bees and other honey insects.

The drug copes with the tasks assigned to it and quickly gained popularity among consumers.

Mechanism of action

"Dublon" is a systemic herbicide. It quickly penetrates the foliage and root system into the weeds. Gradually moving along the vascular-conducting system, inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase. As a result of enzyme deficiency, cell division is blocked, plant growth is suspended, the aerial part, and then the roots, die off.

The speed and symptoms of drug action

No later than four hours after spraying, "Dublon" begins to be actively absorbed by weeds through the roots and leaves. The rate of absorption and response depends on several factors:

  • ambient temperature;
  • humidity and precipitation;
  • weather conditions;
  • weed type;
  • phases of their development.

The first signs of the action of the substance are noticeable already five days after spraying:

  • the growth of weeds sharply slows down;
  • the veins of the leaf plates are discolored;
  • their natural color changes: the leaves acquire anthocyanin shades;
  • over time, the leaf dies off;
  • complete death of weeds occurs no earlier than 15 days.

Weeds that are resistant to this herbicide do not die, however, chemical treatment does not pass without leaving a trace for them. In plants, cell division stops, their development and growth are delayed.

As a result of the action of the drug, weeds do not interfere with the timely growth of corn, the set of green mass and do not affect its yield.

Herbicide consumption rate

To prepare a solution for spraying corn, you will need 50-70 g / ha "Dublon Gold" and 0.2 l / ha surfactant "Adyu". An average of 200-300 liters of ready-to-use solution is consumed per hectare of crops.

Dublon is an excellent product for reliable protection of corn from weeds and yield control.

However, it is not recommended for the processing of sweet corn and popcorn.

How to prepare a solution

An excellent result in weed control is possible only with the correct preparation of the solution, which is prepared in a specific sequence. Violation of technology often leads to the preparation of a poor-quality solution, and spraying does not give the expected effect.

The sprayer is not completely filled with water. After pouring in the required amount of herbicide, mix everything thoroughly. To increase the degree of penetration of "Dublon Gold" into leaves and roots, as well as to increase the efficiency of processing, add the drug "Adyu". Then add water to the required volume.

If processing occurs with the use of technology, the mother liquor is preliminarily prepared in a bucket or other small container..

Precautions when working with the product and first aid in case of poisoning

Dublon Gold is a moderately hazardous compound. When preparing a solution and carrying out processing, it requires special care. During spraying, it is imperative to use personal protective equipment for skin and eyes.

Mortar preparation and corn handling require care. In case of poisoning, spraying is stopped and the drug is left out of reach. They take off their overalls and move to fresh air. If the herbicide gets on the skin, wash it off thoroughly with water and soap.

Phytotoxicity, culture tolerance, resistance

If the consumption rates are observed, corn is resistant to the drug. It is not used in conjunction with other herbicides, as it may reduce the efficiency of the treatment and damage the corn.

Productive cultivation of a crop is possible only with the use of herbicides, to which weeds are not addictive. Doubloon does not have this effect. However, for annual sowing of corn, a periodic change of the drug is recommended.

Terms and conditions of storage of funds

The herbicide is stored in specialized rooms. During this period, the tightness of the container is closely monitored. In cases of damage, the herbicide is immediately poured into another tightly closed container. Loose storage is unacceptable. It is strictly forbidden to keep it together with compound feed and other food products.

The manufacturer's recommended storage temperature for Dublon Gold is from -25 ° C to +35 ° C. If the recommendations for storage conditions are followed, it does not lose its effectiveness and initial qualities within two years.

Analogs of the herbicide "Dublon Gold"

Prometheus, Miladar Combi, Nika WG, Milagro and Harmony are analogues of Dublon Gold.

The use of the herbicide "Dublon" allows you to effectively grow corn, get rid of weeds and achieve good yields.

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