A simple recipe for instant pickled cabbage with beets for the winter

A simple recipe for instant pickled cabbage with beets for the winter

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Many people consider pickled cabbage with beets to be a delicious and appetizing dish that can be eaten immediately after cooking or canned for winter storage. Housewives often prepare this kind of snack as it is quick to prepare. Before starting to create such a dish, everyone should familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of its preparation.

Composition and benefits of cabbage and beets

Cabbage with red beets is classified as a vegetable that is distinguished by its beneficial properties. Thanks to the beneficial microelements from the composition, beet and cabbage fruits are used even in medicine.

The benefits of cabbage

Doctors recommend that diabetics eat this vegetable in any form, as it helps to cope with the signs of the disease. However, patients should be careful when using this product and observe the correct dosages. The daily dose is about 100-200 grams.

Cabbage heads have a positive effect on the human body and promote the production of insulin. Regular consumption of the product restores the functioning of the digestive system and helps to improve immunity.

All the beneficial properties of a vegetable are due to the microelements that are included in its composition:

  • glycogen;
  • water;
  • prolactin;
  • pectin;
  • starch.

The benefits of beets

Nutritionists recommend eating more beets for people who want to shed those extra pounds. Many of them call this vegetable the best food for weight loss. It contains a lot of betaine, which speeds up the absorption of proteins. Therefore, thanks to this component, people eat up much faster, even with small portions of food. Also, the vegetable helps to cleanse the body of toxins and waste accumulated in it.

The product includes:

  • magnesium - helps to cope with the symptoms of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis;
  • iodine - eliminates the signs of thyroid disease in the elderly;
  • vitamin C - prevents the development of lung cancer and asthma;
  • vitamin A - strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes them stronger.

Preparing the main ingredients

The process of preparing any dish begins with the preparation of the main ingredients from which it will be prepared.

Preparing the cabbage

First, people who plan to pickle cabbage heads should choose quality fruits. To do this, they are carefully examined to identify signs of rot or dark spots on the leaves. All heads of cabbage should look fresh and free of yellow leaves.

On examination, all damaged, dried leaves are completely removed, since they are unusable. Then the heads of cabbage are cut into two equal parts to inspect them from the inside. There should be no worms or insects inside the fruit.

Beet preparation

In the process of preparing beet fruits, first they are engaged in the selection of a tasty and hard beet. Porous and soft beets are not used for pickling, as they are tasteless. To select the freshest fruits, pay attention to the leaves. They should be juicy and bright green.

From selected, fresh fruits, the leaves are carefully cut off. At the same time, a 5-7 cm high cut is left on the top of the vegetable so that you can grab it. Then the long tip of the fruit is cut off, which is almost never used in the preparation of preserves and other dishes.

Recipes for preparations for the winter

Many housewives use beet and cabbage to preserve them. There are several common recipes that are often used when creating winter vegetable preparations.

Cauliflower with beets

A delicious snack is prepared from colored heads, which is then rolled into jars for the winter. The prepared dish is suitable for everyday use and even for a festive table.

Before starting cooking, the head of cabbage is carefully washed with water, since there may be dirt and insects between its inflorescences.

Then the washed vegetable is cut into small pieces and placed in a saucepan. After that, the beet is washed, grated and mixed with cabbage. One hundred grams of salt, two chopped heads of garlic and one and a half liters of water are added to the container with the main ingredients. Then everything is boiled, insisted for 4-5 days and rolled into jars.

Korean chunks

Some housewives prefer to pickle cabbage heads in Korean style.

First, a marinade is made, for the preparation of which the following components are prepared:

  • 300 ml of water;
  • three heads of garlic;
  • 20 g sugar;
  • 50 g vinegar;
  • 30 g of salt.

All overpowered ingredients are chopped in a blender or passed through a meat grinder and mixed thoroughly. Then one root vegetable beetroot and a cabbage head are finely cut, the chopped slices are laid out in a saucepan and poured with marinade. Vegetables should be marinated for 2-3 days, after which they are distributed in jars.

With carrots

To make the appetizer more delicious, an ingredient such as carrots is often added to it.

To prepare the marinade, add half a liter of water, bay leaf, pepper, 45 ml of vinegar, 20 g of sugar and salt to a small container. The marinade is boiled for at least half an hour, after which it is removed from the gas stove.

After the marinade is prepared, the main ingredients are prepared. Two carrots, one head of cabbage and a beet are cut with a knife and poured into a bowl. Then the components are poured with hot marinade, covered with a plate on top, left to infuse for a week and placed in jars.

In Gurian

The Gurian recipe for making an appetizer is popular among housewives.

To create a Gurian-style pickle brine, two cloves of garlic, a bunch of celery, two liters of water, 35 g of salt and sugar are thoroughly stirred and then boiled. After that, rub the head of cabbage with beets and fill it with hot brine. The mixture is marinated for about a week, after which it is poured into jars for further storage.

With horseradish

For a variety of tastes of the pickled snack, horseradish is added to it.

The preparation of the marinade begins by boiling 1-2 liters of water. Then add 45 grams of salt and sugar to the boiling water. To make the brine more fragrant, put a bay leaf with black pepper in it.

After preparing the marinade, they prepare the main components of the snack. Cabbage heads with beets are cut into large pieces, which are chopped in a blender. Then one horseradish root is peeled, which is also cut into pieces and passed through a meat grinder. The chopped ingredients are poured into a bowl, poured with hot brine and infused for four days.

With apples

Some marinate an appetizer with cabbage heads, beetroot and fresh apples.

To prepare the dish, one head of cabbage, beets and two apples are finely chopped with a knife and poured into a saucepan. Then add two chopped carrots, a head of garlic to it. After that, a brine is prepared, which consists of two liters of water, black pepper, 20 grams of salt and 35 grams of sugar. The marinating liquid should simmer for about 20-30 minutes.

The prepared brine is poured into a saucepan with chopped ingredients.

With tomatoes

A dish of fresh tomatoes and cabbage heads is considered a good snack that many housewives put on the table.

When creating such a preservation, three bunches of dill, 2-4 small pieces of beet, a head of garlic and pepper are placed on the bottom of the jars. Then, fresh cabbage leaves with tomatoes are spread to the very top of the containers. From above everything is sprinkled with dill leaves.

Filled jars are filled with boiled water and closed with plastic lids.

With pepper and garlic

To make the preservation more acute, bell pepper is added to it.

Cooking pickled cabbage with peppers begins by slicing the main ingredients. To do this, cut a cabbage head with two Bulgarian peppers into several pieces and grind in a blender. Then prepare the pickling brine. To prepare a salty marinade on your own, add 25 grams of salt with 80 ml of vinegar and vegetable oil to 2-3 liters of water. After that, the liquid is boiled for 25 minutes and poured into a container with vegetables.

No vinegar

You can even make a delicious snack without using vinegar. Instead, many people use fresh currant juice, which will make the dish more flavorful.

For quick cooking, the head of cabbage with a beet is cut into small pieces and put in marinating containers.

Then a brine is prepared, with which vegetables will be poured. To create it, add a head of garlic, 100 ml of freshly squeezed currant juice, 30 grams of salt and three allspice to a pot of water. After that, vegetables are poured with brine and pickled. The daily marinating is sufficient for the final preparation of the snack.

With the addition of garlic in jars

Garlic is often used when cooking canned cabbage, as it gives the dish an unforgettable aroma.

The head of cabbage is cut with a knife into small strips, which are then put into a bowl. After that, one beet is rubbed, three Korean carrots and two heads of garlic, which are also poured into a container for cabbage.

Marinade is prepared from bay leaves, three allspice, 45 grams of salt and 70 ml of vinegar. All these ingredients are poured with water and boiled for 35 minutes.

Sliced ​​vegetables from a bowl are distributed among the jars and poured over with the prepared brine.

Large chunks in brine

Some housewives prepare cabbage snacks the grandmother's way.

When creating salting, beets with cabbage are cut into large pieces and immediately laid out in jars. After that, they are poured with brine made from black pepper, 20 grams of salt, one peeled horseradish root, 60 ml of vinegar and 35 grams of sugar.

Juicy pickled cabbage

Even people who have never cooked it before will be able to cook juicy cabbage in the marinade.

First, cabbage heads are peeled from leaves and crushed into small pieces. Then they are engaged in the preparation of bell peppers. Two fruits are thoroughly washed with water, cut into four equal parts, cleaned from internal partitions and added to a container with chopped cabbage.

Before salting the prepared vegetables, prepare the brine. To do this, a mixture made from vinegar, vegetable oil, salt and water is boiled in a saucepan.

The prepared vegetables are poured into jars and poured with hot marinade.

Traditional recipe for pickled early cabbage

Popular among housewives is the traditional recipe for making snacks from cabbage heads. To prepare such a dish on your own, a small fruit is chopped into pieces and placed in jars. Then the carrots are chopped in a combine and mixed with cabbage. After that, all cans are filled with hot water. After half an hour, the liquid is drained, boiled again and again poured into jars.

Storage rules

Everyone should familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of storing pickled cabbage so that the appetizer does not go bad quickly. If the dish is in hermetically sealed jars, then it will normally be stored in rooms with room temperature. However, experienced housewives advise keeping them in cellars or other rooms with temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.

Jars of snacks should not be placed near heating radiators or other items that emit heat. In such conditions, preservation will deteriorate faster.


Housewives often have to marinate beets and cabbage. Before making such a snack on his own, a person should familiarize himself in more detail with the basic recipes for its preparation.

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