Productivity and description of the tomato variety Angela Gigant

Productivity and description of the tomato variety Angela Gigant

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Angela giant tomatoes, a crop bred by breeders quite recently. It has become quite popular due to its delicious and juicy fruits, and also has positive reviews. The plant variety is tall and large-fruited. This vegetable belongs to the assortment of Russian collectors of amateur gardeners. The tomato got its name not only for its attractive appearance, but also for its large fruits.

This variety has an average ripening period, so gardeners feast on vegetables until the very frost. Angela giant tomatoes can be planted both in a greenhouse and in an open area.

Plant characteristics

The bush, on average, grows up to 1.4 m in height, but individuals can be found twice as high. Therefore, so that the bush does not break, it requires a garter to the support, as well as careful pinching. The garter to the support is probably the only drawback of this culture. Usually two stems are left for harvest. In this case, the plant receives a normal load and you can get a decent harvest.

In order to get a good harvest, you do not need to leave many branches. Even at the beginning of growth, it is necessary to monitor the culture and remove excess processes that usually appear between the stem and the leaf. Their removal is imperative, since the plant will waste extra energy, and you will get less harvest.

Fetal characteristics

The description of vegetables is as follows, they have a flat-round shape and weigh on average 300 g, but giant vegetables weighing 1.5 kg can grow. Having a large fruit size, such a tomato is convenient to use for juices, sauces, tomatoes.

You can decide for yourself what size of tomato you would like to grow. If there is a desire to grow more than 1 kilogram, then it is worth leaving one stem, in addition, in the process of ovaries, it is necessary to regulate their number. It is enough to leave 3 ovaries, this will be enough. The larger the number of ovaries, the more energy will be spent on each of them. With a large number of ovaries, the tomatoes will be smaller in size.

As for the taste characteristics of tomatoes, then they are fleshy with a sweet taste and low seed content.

Pros and cons of the variety

Angela giant tomatoes have practically no drawbacks. The only inconvenience is the need to tie the bush. This culture has much more advantages.

  • the plant is characterized by good immunity, is resistant to various diseases, such as late blight. The plant is quite unpretentious;
  • you can get quite large vegetables that are convenient to use for salad or tomato juice;
  • taste characteristics of the fruit. The culture has a sweetish flavor, a small amount of seeds. The fruits are large, juicy and fleshy;
  • besides all this, the tomato has a high yield and a long shelf life. Even after frost, you can enjoy delicious and natural vegetables;
  • tomato fruits are thin-cored, so you can feel all the charm of the taste of this variety.

How is sowing done

Seedlings are planted for seedlings on average 2 months before the intended planting. Since the bush is quite large and wide, then when planting in the ground, on average 4 plants are planted per square meter. The culture can be planted both in a greenhouse and in an open area. If you want to get an early harvest, then you can resort to a greenhouse.

The first crop of tomatoes is harvested 100-130 days after the seeds have sprouted.


Thus, a variety of this culture was bred quite recently, but with its wonderful characteristics, the plant was able to earn a wonderful reputation.

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