Description of the tomato variety Gamayun, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Gamayun, features of cultivation and care

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In Russia and neighboring countries, the Gamayun tomato has been grown for 28 years. Gardeners do not change their habit and constantly plant these vegetables together with new varieties and hybrids. The variety is versatile in use and has a high yield, so amateurs prefer it. What qualities does a Gamayun tomato have and how to grow it, we will describe below.

Origin and characteristics of the hybrid

The variety was bred by Russian breeders at the Edelstein vegetable growing station. In 1990, it was put into circulation for cultivation in the North and Central regions. Cultivation is carried out in closed heated greenhouses in winter and spring.

The plant is indeterminate, the height of the bush is up to two meters. The green mass is medium in size, the leaf is gray-green, medium, glossy, wavy. During growth, requires the formation of a whip and a garter. The inflorescences are simple - the first flower is formed over the 7th leaf, the following through 1-2 leaves.

The yield is increased - from 11 to 18 kilograms of fruits are harvested from one square meter. Ripens early, 126 days after planting seeds for seedlings.

The fruits are round, red. The mass of one tomato is 80–85 grams, light green in unripe form. Taste good - has a sweet tomato taste with sourness, juicy. The skin is of medium density, does not burst when poured.

Tomato application

The variety is intended for universal use. The varietal characteristics are such that tomato pastes, ketchups are prepared from the fruits, and tomato juice is produced. Pickled and salted fruits keep well and taste great. You can roll vegetables unripe. Thanks to the dense skin, pickled tomatoes do not burst and look great.

Fresh tomatoes, due to their taste, are suitable for preparing salads. Tomatoes do not deform during transportation and are well preserved during long-term storage. Therefore, the variety is often used for industrial production.

Features of the variety

The description of the tomato is characterized by many positive qualities, which were noted in the reviews of gardeners:

  • The variety has high yield rates.
  • Early maturity.
  • Keeping quality and durability during transportation.
  • Disease resistance.
  • Versatility in use.
  • Positive taste characteristics.
  • Good view.

Thanks to these qualities, the tomato has been grown for 28 years in Russia and gives good results.

Tomato growing conditions

To get a high yield of a tomato, you must first grow it. For this purpose, several necessary measures are taken for planting and caring for the plant:

  1. Planting seeds for seedlings.
  2. Picking.
  3. Transplant to a permanent place of growth.
  4. Plant care.

Planting seeds Gamayun f1 is carried out 60 days before transplanting plants into the ground. Fertile soil is selected with the addition of humus, disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. After these manipulations, seeds are sown. The container is covered with foil and left to germinate on a windowsill in a sunny warm place.

After the sprouts appear, the film is removed and continued to grow until two permanent leaves appear. At this time, you can make fertilizing with minerals and organics. But not earlier than two weeks after planting.

A dive into separate glasses is carried out after the appearance of two leaves, carefully replanting the seedlings with a part of the soil so as not to damage the roots.

Depending on the growing period, the seedlings are moved to a permanent place of growth, usually a greenhouse, and cared for before the first harvest.

Plant care

To get a harvest, it is not enough to plant and grow seedlings. The bushes need to be constantly looked after:

  • watering;
  • loosen the soil;
  • feed;
  • pinch;
  • tie up;
  • weed;
  • fertilize;
  • fight disease.

Only if all growing conditions are met, a high yield of delicious, beautiful tomatoes can be expected from plants.

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