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Grapes "Brilliant": vigorous table variety

Grapes "Brilliant": vigorous table variety

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"Brilliant" (Blestyazchii) represents a hybrid table form derived from the varieties "Original White" (original belyy) and Victoria (Victoria). Ripens early - already at the end of July, growth is strong, oval berries, medium size. The taste characteristics of the berries are excellent, the fruits tolerate transportation well.

Selection history

Grapes "Brilliant" was eaten in VNIIViV them. ME AND. Potapenko in Russia (Novocherkassk). He was assigned a selection number II-13-4-14. The variety is quite new, actively used since August 2006. The variety is considered promising, its tests are conducted in the south of Belarus.

Grade characteristics

The variety is notable for its great growth power. The mass of the bunch reaches 668 g, the berries are pink in color, oval. The skin is almost invisible, the flesh is juicy. The taste is strong, pleasant, fruit transportability is good. Grapes "Brilliant" tolerates frosts and is not susceptible to disease.

Biological description

The variety ripens for 100 days. The grape flowers are bisexual, the density of clusters is average. Fruitful shoots are about 48%. Trimming the fruiting vines should be 6 eyes. The variety is able to withstand temperatures up to -24 degrees, the yield is high. Rooting cuttings is going well and the vine itself, like berries, has an attractive appearance. For winter, the plant requires shelter.

Technical characteristics of berries

The berries of the “Brilliant” grapes have the following technical qualities:

  • weight of 100 berries - about 800 g;
  • sugar content of juice - 18.4 g per 100 cm3;
  • acidity - 6.7 g per dm3.

The taste of berries is pleasant, but the fruits themselves are small. In ripe berries, greenery may remain. The taste of the fruit is aromatic nutmeg, the finish is bright.

Grapes "Brilliant": planting and care

Landing and care

Planting “Shiny” grapes should be carried out in sunny places. The best regions for planting are the south of the Russian Federation, the Far East and the central part of Russia.

Before planting, prepare the soil. It is fertilized with compost, humus and turf. It is necessary to add sand, its concentration should be 50% of the total soil.

You can land from spring to autumn - it all depends on the climatic conditions of the region. It is best to arrange grapes from the southern or western part of the house or near walls and outbuildings. When planting near the wall, the distance between the vines should reach 0.8 m. It is worth noting that grapes are usually placed from north to south and across the slopes. When planting on a trellis, the location of the plant can be any.

Important so that the groundwater at the location of the grapes does not lie to a depth of less than 2 m. If the groundwater level is high, a special drainage grid should be installed.

The main methods of agricultural technology that are required to be observed when growing a variety are watering, preferably drip, and fertilizing. It's important to know, that you should not pinch the tops of the grapes during the flowering process, since it is a table variety, which means that it needs a large number of leaves.

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Expert Advice

When growing grapes of the “Brilliant” variety, a number of problems can occur. To avoid them, it is worth knowing some of the nuances of agricultural technology.

  • It is necessary to remove excess clusters in a timely manner, otherwise there will be no good harvest.
  • Foliar top dressing should never be replaced by root. Foliar fertilizers are applied during flowering and during the vegetative period as additional to the root.
  • You should not completely remove or leave stepsons. It is recommended to leave 2 stepson leaflets. It is not necessary to actively use growth stimulants and biological products. Especially if grapes are grown indoors.
  • We must not forget that the nutrients after dropping grapes leaves go to the roots, therefore pruning a plant in early autumn should not. And if the plant is covered with polyethylene for the winter, it should not be tightly corked.
  • During flowering, you can not stop processing grapes with fungicidesotherwise, the culture may develop diseases such as anthracnose (antraknoz) and mildew (Mild).
  • It is equally important to plant mulch for the plant only when the soil has already warmed up.. The best option for mulching is the beginning of June.

How to grow grapes in a greenhouse

“Brilliant” grapes are a table variety that ripens for 100 days. The bush is characterized by rapid development and has medium-sized berries. The taste of fruits is aromatic, the pulp is juicy, the finish is strong muscat. The frost resistance of the plant has not yet been studied, therefore, it is recommended to cover the vine with polyethylene for the winter. Of great importance in the development of grapes is fertilizing, the right choice of places for planting and the implementation of drip irrigation. Subject to the recommended rules of agricultural technology, the variety gives a good harvest.