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When to plant and how to properly care for elite varieties of strawberries

When to plant and how to properly care for elite varieties of strawberries

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When do elite strawberry varieties land? How to care for them? Is it possible to break off the first pairs?


It is not clear what you mean by “elite strawberry varieties”. I dare to suggest that the planting and care of elite and ordinary varieties is no different.

Strawberry seedlings - "mustache", can be planted in spring and autumn. In the spring - from mid-April to early May. In the fall - from August to the first decade of September. These dates are indicative, based on the climate of the Middle Strip.

Seedlings of strawberries from seeds: sowing in February-March. If without exposure, it is better later. Before sowing, seeds are stratified for 1-2 weeks. Planted in open ground in late May, early June.

Care is also usual: top dressing before flowering, during the setting of berries and after fruiting. To remove the "mustache". Before winter, you need to thin out the bushes, cutting off the "mustache", the old and damaged leaves of the disease. If the winters are harsh, additionally insulate for the winter.

In the first year, you can remove all the flower stalks as soon as they appear - this will increase the number of berries for the next season, because the plant will not spend power on berries.