11 step-by-step recipes for preparing cherry blanks for the winter

11 step-by-step recipes for preparing cherry blanks for the winter

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Making cherry blanks is an opportunity to taste delicious and nutritious dishes that will decorate any festive table. Berry preparations have a sweet taste, they have a positive effect on the body and help to overcome vitamin deficiency in winter. Before the preparation procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with the specifics of choosing raw materials and containers. This will help make a quality meal.

The specifics of harvesting cherries for the winter

Before cooking, you should familiarize yourself with the specifics of the preparations:

  1. Due to the juiciness of the berries, the shelf life of finished products is reduced.
  2. To prevent the harvested cherries from darkening and losing their beneficial properties, the blanks are prepared immediately after collecting the raw materials.
  3. It is forbidden to transport the finished product over long distances and store at high temperatures, this will lead to its deterioration.

By following the rules, you can preserve the integrity of the product and its useful qualities.

Selection and preparation of raw materials

What properties should a wild berry have for making spins:

  1. The fruits should be whole, without dents or cuts.
  2. The berries should have a uniform shade without blotches.
  3. Cherries should not be overripe.

Important! Before canning, the fruits must be thoroughly rinsed several times.

How to prepare the dishes?

All glass containers used for cooking must be sterilized and boiled in hot water. This rule also applies to lids. Before the procedure, the jars must be dried naturally.

What can be made from cherries at home: recipes

What can be done on the basis of wild berries: jams, juices, compotes, preserves. Below are the best blank recipes.

Cherries in their own juice

To prepare a berry in your own juice, you need:

  1. Rinse fruits, clean from debris.
  2. Peel the product.
  3. Put the berries in a saucepan, cover, leave for half a day. This way she will let the juice out.
  4. Rinse the jars, pour the fruits into them, boil in a water bath.

When everything is ready, the cans can be twisted and turned upside down. When the curls have cooled, they are transferred to the basement.

Cherry compote

How to make berry compote:

  1. Rinse and dry 700 g of fruit.
  2. Rinse 1 orange, peel and cut into wedges.
  3. Pour the cherries into jars so that they occupy half of the volume, add an orange slice to each vessel.
  4. Prepare syrup. To do this, dissolve 2 cups of sugar in 1 liter of water, wait for a boil.
  5. Pour the resulting syrup into vessels with fruits, boil in a water bath for 15 minutes.

Close the curls with lids, leave for 2 hours, then transfer to a dark place.

Cherry jam

You can make jam with or without seeds. Each recipe has its own characteristics.

With bones

To preserve jam with seeds, you need:

  1. Wash the berries, cover with a kilogram of sugar, leave for 3 hours.
  2. Put the present mass on the oven, cook for 40 minutes, stirring regularly.
  3. Pour the resulting jam into jars and twist.

When the workpiece has cooled down, it can be transferred to the basement.


How to make a pitted blank:

  1. Rinse 1 kg of cherries, peel them.
  2. Pour the berries with 3 glasses of sugar, leave for 3 hours so that they let the juice go.
  3. Put the resulting mass on fire, boil for about 30 minutes.
  4. Pour the jam into the vessels, tighten the lids.

Store jars with blanks in a cool room.

Without cooking

To make jam you need:

  1. Rinse the cherries (1 kg), remove the seeds.
  2. Pour 400 g of sugar into a separate container, put some of the prepared berries in it.
  3. Cover the fruits with a little sugar again.
  4. Put the remaining cherries on top, leave the workpiece for 3 hours.

When the time has passed and the berries have started to juice, the jam must be poured into jars and sent to a cool place.


How to make jelly:

  1. Place the fruits in a saucepan and cover with water so that it completely covers the berries.
  2. Put the workpiece on fire, cook for 30 minutes.
  3. Grate the boiled berries, add 1 kg of sugar.
  4. Put the mixture on fire and cook for 10 minutes.

Pour the resulting jelly into vessels, cool and send to a cool room.


To make jam, you need:

  1. Mix 500 g of cherries with 300 g of melon pulp.
  2. Add 4 cups of sugar and a glass of vodka to the resulting mixture, send the solution to infuse overnight.
  3. Put the jam on the oven, add a little cinnamon, boil for 8 minutes.

Pour the product into sterilized jars, roll up the lid and cool, then transfer to the cellar.


To make juice you need:

  1. Rinse 1 kg of fruit, peel.
  2. Transfer the product to a large saucepan, leave overnight to let the berries juice.
  3. Mix the resulting juice with 700 g of sugar, boil for about 15 minutes.

Pour the resulting drink into cans, cool and send to a cool place.


Cherry wine is prepared as follows:

  1. Rinse 2 kg of berries.
  2. Sleep the berries in a volumetric container and knead them with your hands, wearing gloves.
  3. Pour the resulting workpiece with 5 liters of water, add 1.5 kg of sugar, mix all the components.
  4. Cover the container with a lid or rag, leave the workpiece for 2 days, the optimum temperature for fermentation is 23 degrees Celsius.
  5. After 2 days, stir the cherry mass and remove the foam.
  6. Leave the workpiece for another 5 days.
  7. Remove the top berry layer and leave the blank again for 5 days.
  8. Remove sediment manually or using a special hose, leave the drink for another 3 days.

Now you can bottle the wine, close the lids and transfer to the cellar.

Important! If the wine has a cloudy sediment, gauze should be put on the neck of the bottle and thus the drink should be poured into the glass.


To prepare the syrup you need:

  1. Rinse 1 kg of fruit, remove the seeds.
  2. Fill the fruits with 4 glasses of sugar, leave overnight to let the juice out.
  3. Place the workpiece on fire, remove the berries from the container as they cook.
  4. The resulting liquid needs to be boiled for about 20 minutes.

Pour the resulting syrup into jars and send to the basement after cooling.


How to make cherry liqueur:

  1. Rinse 400 g of berries, remove seeds from them.
  2. Pour the fruits into a jar and cover with 2 cups of sugar.
  3. Pour 500 ml of brandy into the resulting mixture.

The vessel must be covered with a lid and sent to a cool place for 2 months. After a while, the liquor must be filtered and used as directed.

How to freeze cherries?

To freeze cherries you need:

  1. Sort the berries, rinse and peel the stalks.
  2. Dry them naturally, put in a tight bag and send them to the camera for quick freezing.
  3. Now you can transfer the workpiece to the frozen food storage compartment.

Frozen cherries can be added to cocktails, juices, teas.

Dried Felt Cherry

Felt Chinese cherry has a lot of useful properties and is used for winter harvesting. How to dry berries:

  1. For cooking, you need a Chinese cherry, you need to sort it out and dry it.
  2. In a separate container, mix a liter of water and a spoonful of baking soda.
  3. Pour the cherries into the soda solution and boil it for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse the berries.
  5. Spread them on a baking sheet, put in the oven for 20 minutes. The temperature should be within 40 ° C.

Cool the resulting product, put it in bags and send it to a dark place.

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