Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Fatima

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Fatima

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Fatima tomato is a real find for lovers of growing vegetables. This tomato variety is unpretentious in maintenance and brings a lot of harvest. Before you start growing tomato, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of this process.


The description and characteristics of the Fatima tomato variety will help beginners to study its distinctive features in more detail.

The plant belongs to early maturing varieties of tomatoes, which ripen just a few months after planting seedlings in open ground. Mature bushes grow up to 45-70 centimeters. When grown in greenhouses, their height can be more than 80 cm. Over time, rather large fruits weighing about 500 grams are formed on the bushes. Outside, they are covered with a reddish smooth skin, under which there is a fleshy consistency. The fruit tastes sweet and very pleasant.

The main advantage of this variety is its resistance to disease. The plant almost never suffers from late blight, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of people who are engaged in the cultivation of fatima tomato.

Sowing seeds

You can grow seedlings in any region of our country. Sowing seeds is recommended in early or mid-March.

Preparation of planting material

Seeds that were harvested by yourself must be processed before planting. For this, it is recommended to use a weak solution of potassium permanganate. If the seeds are more than a year old, then before processing they need to be soaked in warm water for several hours.

Purchased seeds do not need to be processed, since soaking can only harm germination.

Soil preparation

When preparing the potting mix, you must use garden soil. It can contain a considerable number of pathogens and other harmful microorganisms. To completely get rid of possible sources of infection, it is recommended to decontaminate the soil. This can be done by steaming. To do this, the soil is placed in a colander and kept for 10 minutes over a saucepan with boiling water.

Planting seeds

First, it is necessary to fill the containers with the previously prepared soil, after which several small grooves with a size of no more than 5 cm are made in it. Several seeds are placed in each of the holes. The distance between them should be about two centimeters, but more is possible. Having placed all the seeds in the grooves, they must be sprinkled with earth and watered with water.

Planting seedlings

Seedlings are planted in open ground in early May. If you plan to grow them in a greenhouse, then the seedlings can be planted in mid-April.

Seedling preparation

A few days before planting seedlings in the ground, it must be treated with special stimulants. To do this, you can use drugs such as Immunocytofit or Epin. The use of these funds will accelerate the growth of young bushes several times.

Soil preparation

Almost all tomatoes must be planted in soil that contains a large amount of nutrients. That is why, before planting, the site should be treated with mineral fertilizers. To do this, you can use compost, phosphorus and potassium humus.

In addition, the soil should be loosened in advance to a depth of about 10-15 cm. This will get rid of the crust formed in the upper layer of the soil.

Planting seedlings

Seedlings of tomatoes are planted in small holes about 15 cm deep. The distance between them should be 40-50 cm. The seedlings should be planted at right angles. It is recommended to install special pegs or garter strips near tall bushes.


Any plant needs careful care and tomatoes are no exception.


Tomato bushes do not grow well in dry soil, so you need to water them regularly. If the weather is often cloudy outside, it will be enough to water them once a week. On sunny and hot days, this should be done every 2-3 days.

Top dressing

It is recommended to feed the plant several times per season. The first feeding is carried out one and a half weeks after planting the bush in open ground. For this, special mixtures are used, made from superphosphate, mullein and saltpeter.


The cultivation of the Fatima tomato variety can be done not only by a professional vegetable grower, but also by a beginner. To do this, it is enough to carefully study the features of planting this tomato variety.

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