Description of Solokha tomato and characteristics of the variety

Description of Solokha tomato and characteristics of the variety

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The Solokha tomato variety is characterized as a crop that gives its owner a high yield. It was bred by Russian breeders and, thanks to its remarkable characteristics, was able to gain popularity. He collected many positive reviews among gardeners. The bushes have a standard shape and do not require garter and pinching. Great for planting in open ground, which is not the finicky variety. In turn, the fruits are large, juicy, aromatic and incredibly tasty.

Plant characteristics

The Solokha tomato is a fairly high crop. On average, the bush reaches a height of 1 meter. The plant is mid-season, determinant. The bushes are standard and do not require pinching.

Solokha is a rather unpretentious variety, has a good immune system and is resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium.

With proper care, the crop bears fruit until late autumn and yields good yields. Also, the amount of the crop can be increased by using drip irrigation.

The plant itself has the following description: the leaves are medium in shape and have a dark green color.

Description of the fetus

Tomatoes of this variety grow quite large. Ripe tomato reaches 150-200 grams. Fruits are also found in 250 grams.

Usually such fruits grow when there are not many ovaries on the bush. The fruit has a plum-like shape - it looks like stretched cream. The tomato is quite dense and has a delicate raspberry pink color.

Tomatoes of this variety are suitable for both fresh consumption and preservation. When preserved, vegetables retain their shape and do not creep when treated with boiling water. Thanks to their rather large fruits, tomatoes are convenient to use for tomato juice.

In addition, tomatoes of this culture are characterized by good keeping quality. They can be transported over long distances, and they will not lose their presentation. The tomato is great for commercial use.

How is sowing done

Before planting seeds, they must be treated with a weak solution of manganese. This is to ensure that the seeds are not damaged by fungi or pests.

It is necessary to plant seeds in specially prepared soil. After the seeds hatch and the first leaves appear, it is necessary to dive.

You can plant seedlings when she is 2 months old. Before planting, the plants should be hardened. It is recommended to treat the ground with a weak solution of manganese. The plant is picky and does not need to be tied up.

The main care is regular watering, loosening the soil and occasional feeding. If you want to increase the yield, then you must use drip irrigation.


Igor, 45 years old

He grew Solokha for 3 years, always got quite large fruits corresponding to the description on the package. Every year I try to plant this variety, because from year to year the plant pleases with a high yield. Not a single variety that I have planted has made me so happy. The fruits grew in different sizes, but always had a pleasant aroma and juicy taste. The plant itself, although tall, is not spreading. It does not require special care. The main thing is to water on time and everything will be fine. I recommend!

Marina, 25 years old

I planted Solokha last year. I really liked this variety. In the summer, as usual, there were problems with watering, and sometimes there were simply not enough resources to water the plant properly, but it did not take offense and gave a good harvest. There were many ovaries, and then large tomatoes. I will plant it next year. I am very glad to have such a discovery. I wish I knew earlier.

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