Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Stick

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Stick

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There is not a single gardener in the world who would not want to grow something unusual in his garden in order to surprise the people around him. After all, growing something unusual and original is very interesting and informative. It happens that fruits are boring, but flowers are no longer interested. And then you can think of vegetables. Namely, about a very rare variety called the stick tomato. This variety began to be grown a long time ago. This is not to say that he is very popular. Most likely the opposite is true. Even in our time, few people know this type of tomato and few people grow it. And in vain, because he has something to surprise.


Successful planting of seeds is the key to success. If everything works out, then you can expect delicious tomatoes. How do you make it work?

  • First, seeds are best sown in mid-March.
  • Secondly, you need to fertilize the seedling soil well. Here at your discretion. The main thing is to fertilize before planting in the ground.
  • Thirdly, it is imperative to plant all seedling materials sixty days before the plant is planted in the ground.
  • Fourthly, it is best to do it at night, because then acclimatization will be faster and better!

Now it is worth writing a detailed description of the methods of planting seeds and its characteristics. It should be noted that you need to prepare a certain container, which should provide one plant with an area of ​​12 x 14 cm.At the same time, there should be about forty plants per square meter. In order for the seeds to germinate, different seedling substrates can be used. Here at your discretion.

Fertilization is an integral part of the process

Let's consider one of the fertilization methods. About four kilograms of peat compost mixture, 50 g of potassium and phosphorus, are introduced per square meter.

IMPORTANT: Plants should be planted twenty centimeters apart. Weeding, loosening, watering abundantly and hilling the soil is a must-see for tomatoes.

All these "Stick" procedures should be performed at least once every 2 days.

Mineral fertilization is another method that is best used in conjunction with the main fertilization method.

  1. What's the best way to fertilize? The calculation is made for one square meter. Four grams of potassium, sodium and phosphorus are added to the soil. When the columnar Stick tomatoes begin to bloom, they need to be tied up. If you manage to plant them too densely in the garden, this is not scary.
  2. What is the best way to prepare the soil to plant seedlings in a greenhouse? So, turf and humus should be used in a one-to-one ratio. Eight grams of ammonium nitrate, fifty grams of superphosphate, thirty grams of potassium chloride are applied to one square meter of the greenhouse substrate. Additional feeding is another important point.
  3. What should be done? The answer is a solution of mineral fertilizers on water: dilute in a ratio of 10:10 water and grams of ammonium nitrate, twenty-five grams of superphosphate, fifteen grams of potassium chloride.


At the first acquaintance with "Stick" its bush is immediately noticeable. What is he like? These are thick, vertical stems of a columnar structure. Reach a height of 1.6 meters. If we consider one bush, then in one of them there are usually no more than three stems. What does this mean? Side shoots are completely absent. The leaves are very rare on the stems, moreover, they are very small in size. If you pay attention to the tomato brush, you can explain: it is very short, the structure is simple, no more than six fruits grow on it.

There are artificial and natural growing conditions. For the "Palka" variety, only an artificial cultivation method is suitable. If you try to grow this tomato variety in a natural environment, then you can not only limit the yield of the variety, but also completely stop its further development.


Fruit is the most important part of growing. And the most delicious. What are the fruits of the "Palka" variety? Firstly, they are round in shape, elastic to the touch. The pulp is very dense, the skin is too. There is a smack of "lemon acid" and "tomato". The shade is red. Weight can reach from fifty to one hundred grams. What is the best way to use the fruit? It is eaten both canned and freshly cooked.

Characteristics of the variety

Vegetable culture is mid-season. Ripe tomatoes columnar Stick appear on the one hundred and twentieth day after the first shoots appear. The yield is excellent. If you follow all the rules of cultivation, do not forget to water the plant, then you can collect up to 1.5 kg from one plant! The country that first introduced the Palka tomato variety is the USA. It was 1958.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the variety: there are no side shoots at all, high yield, this variety does not require pinching, you can make whatever your heart desires from these tomatoes.

IMPORTANT: The main disadvantage: a weak stem, which must be tied up, otherwise it may break.

In conclusion to this article I would like to write that eating tomatoes is very beneficial for the body. Let growing your own tomatoes bring not only joy, but also benefit.

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