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How to deal with a spider mite

How to deal with a spider mite

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Good day. This year, I encountered a problem - a spider mite killed almost the entire eggplant crop. How can you deal with this if the problem has already begun, and how to try to avoid it next year?


The best protection against pests and diseases is prevention. Correct agricultural technology is also of great importance. Known chemical and folk remedies. Which one to use is your choice.


  1. Spraying with Fitoverm, Vermitek or BI-48 preparations with a frequency of 10-14 days twice.

Folk remedies. Spraying is carried out several times:

  1. Concentrated soap solution - 200 g of soap per 10 liters of water.
  2. Grind vegetable infusion with soap - 200 gr of garlic, onion and dandelion, pour boiling water, add 25 g of laundry soap. Insist a day.
  3. Mustard infusion - 9% vinegar (10ml) and mustard powder (40g) to dissolve in 1 liter of water. Immediately spray the planting.

Spider mite control methods are effective only with regular use. For prevention from pests, use any folk method.