Instructions for the use of the herbicide Cordus Plus, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Cordus Plus, consumption rates and analogues

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Cordus Plus is a post-emergence herbicide of systemic and selective activity. It is used to control all weeds in corn crops. The drug has a three-component composition, quickly destroys weeds and has a long-lasting protective effect. Only one treatment is carried out per season. The herbicide is available in a convenient form as water-soluble granules.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the drug Cordus Plus

Systemic herbicide of selective action Cordus Plus is produced under the license of the American company DuPont at production facilities built in Russia.

This tool contains three active substances at once: dicamba, nicosulfuron, rimsulfuron. The three-component herbicide is used to kill all dicotyledonous and cereal weeds in corn crops.

The preparation is in the form of water-soluble granules. Sold in plastic cans weighing 440 grams. Before use, the herbicidal agent is dissolved in water according to the instructions.

The corn crops are irrigated with an aqueous solution only once a season.

Cordus Plus destroys those weeds that have already sprung up. The earlier the treatment is carried out, the better the result. This drug does not affect the corn itself.

Principle of operation

The herbicide is absorbed by the leaves and roots of weeds and spreads to all organs. In 3-4 hours after treatment, cell division stops, the plant stops growing and begins to wither slowly. After 3-5 days, the first visible signs of the action of the herbicide appear - necrosis and chlorosis. The plant dies completely in 2-3 weeks. The herbicide does not act on the corn itself.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Cordus Plus:

  • acts quickly and continuously;
  • has systemic and selective activity;
  • does not require other herbicides for complex treatment;
  • destroys all weeds;
  • there is no need for restrictions on crop rotation;
  • resistance has not been identified.


  • forbidden to use in fields with sweet and popcorn;
  • effective only in warm weather, activity slows down on cool days.

Consumption rate

The solution is prepared from water and a herbicide. The flow rate of the working fluid is 200-300 l / ha. The product is used for spraying emerging weeds on corn crops. Consumption rate - 22-44 g / ha. For moderate or weak vegetation, use the minimum dosage. If there are a lot of weeds, the solution is made more concentrated.

Spraying the corn field is carried out only once a season.

How to properly prepare a working mixture

The herbicidal solution for irrigation is prepared in the dosages indicated in the instructions. Fine-dispersion sprayers are used for spraying the field. First, a matrix solution is prepared. Measure the required amount of the drug and dissolve it in water in a small plastic container.

The spray tank is then filled halfway with water. The stirrer is then turned on and the matrix solution is poured in. Then the stirrer is stopped, the required amount of water is added and the mixture is stirred again. The working solution is prepared on the day of irrigation. The remains of the mixture are not stored, but poured out of the agricultural land.

How to use the ready-made solution

The drug Cordus Plus can be used for corn, which is used for grain, oil or green mass. The herbicide destroys annual dicotyledons in the phase of 1-4 leaves, as well as young rosettes of perennial dicotyledons and wheatgrass (10-15 centimeters high). The corn itself should have 2-6 leaves.

The herbicidal agent must be applied with a surfactant Trend (200 ml / ha), which improves the wetting of weeds with a solution and increases the herbicidal activity.

It is not recommended to treat weeds that are wet from dew or rain, which are under stress due to drought, temperature extremes, poor nutrition, due to diseases or insects with the herbicidal agent Cordus Plus. On the night before irrigation, the temperature should not drop below 10 degrees Celsius. Do not spray fields if the temperature rises above 25 degrees Celsius during the day. After the field has been treated with herbicide, inter-row cultivation can be carried out only after 1-2 weeks.

Safety precautions during application

When working with a herbicide solution, safety measures must be observed. The person handling the field must wear a protective suit, mask or respirator, rubber boots and gloves. Do not inhale vapors, drink the solution. After field work, you need to wash your hands and face with warm water and soap, rinse your mouth with a soda solution.

Herbicide toxicity

Cordus Plus belongs to the 3rd degree of toxicity. The drug is harmless to humans and animals, does not harm birds and beneficial insects. It is not recommended to treat corn fields with this herbicidal agent during the active summer of bees or near reservoirs in which fish are bred.

Compatibility with other substances

It is forbidden to use in mixtures with organophosphate insecticides. The herbicide must not be mixed with foliar fertilizers. Can be used with other herbicides as well as fungicides and insecticides. Before processing, all chemicals must be checked for compatibility.

Storage terms and rules

The herbicidal agent Cordus Plus can be stored in tightly closed original packaging for 3 years after the date of manufacture. Usually the expiration date is indicated on the label. The jar must be kept in a special storage room designed for storing pesticides. The optimum storage temperature is 10-20 degrees Celsius. The drug is stored in a room protected from moisture and sunlight.

Similar means

An analogue of the herbicidal agent Cordus Plus is the drug Cordus. It has the same manufacturer and the same three-component chemical composition. Both of these drugs are used to destroy all weeds that take water and nutrients from the main crop, corn.

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