Which currants are healthier for humans - red or black, where there are more vitamins

Which currants are healthier for humans - red or black, where there are more vitamins

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This culture grows in almost every garden. The most common varieties are red and black berries. Before answering the question of which currant is healthier for the body - black or red, it is necessary to evaluate the constituent components of the berries.

Varieties of currants

The currant grows in the form of a shrub that reaches a height of up to 1.5 meters. The culture is unpretentious and can develop in various conditions, subject to the rules of care. The plant includes up to 190 varieties of varieties, however, in general terms, it is customary to distinguish the following types:

  1. Black - the berry is common throughout Europe. It can grow both in the garden and in the wild. The bush is up to 1.2 meters high, the leaves are green, elongated. Inflorescences usually have up to 10 flowers. Fruits are black in color, sweet on the palate with tart sour notes. Depending on the variety, one berry can reach 1 cm.
  2. Red currant - this type grows in a bush up to 1 meter. Shoots are gray, leaves are light green. The berries reach a size of 0.8 cm. They are arranged in the shape of a brush and have a bright red color. It tastes sour.
  3. White - a culture bush can grow up to 2 meters. Berries are small in size, formed into a cluster. The leaves are medium-sized, dark green shrub. Berries are beige or transparent. The white type of currant has a sweet taste.

In addition to the usual types of currants, there are Alpine, Golden, Ice, Pink. However, such varieties are rare and differ in requirements for the climate in which they grow and the soil.

Why is red currant useful?

Red currant contains components such as:

  • vitamin C, which is necessary for a person to prevent viral diseases, as well as a means to prevent tumor formations;
  • has a bactericidal property and can be used to treat eczema and seborrhea;
  • potassium included in the fruit improves heart function and reduces the likelihood of damage to blood vessels, thereby preventing the appearance of blood clots;
  • fiber - cleanses the body, improves the digestion process and removes excess toxins and toxins, making a person feel a sense of lightness;
  • red currant lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

A large list of vitamins in the berry saturates the body, increasing immunity and restoring human memory. The culture, regardless of its type, retains its qualities even after freezing.

The benefits of black currant

The use of fresh black fruits or as a jam allows you to restore the human body in a short time. Black currant has the following beneficial properties:

  • contains vitamin C;
  • reduces the development of strokes and heart attacks, strengthens the heart muscle;
  • removes toxic compounds and toxins;
  • used as a remedy for the treatment of stomach diseases;
  • the berry can be used as a dietary product aimed at reducing excess weight;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • has an astringent effect and is used for indigestion;
  • restores the skin;
  • an agent for enhancing the protective properties of the immune system to fight viruses;
  • normalizes hormonal levels, especially often used for women.

The black type of culture has an insignificant sugar content, which makes it possible to use the product for diabetes. The effect of black berries on the condition of hair and nails is also noticeable. It is often used for cosmetic purposes to restore water balance in the skin and eliminate the first wrinkles.

Useful properties of white currant

White berry is used less often than its two predecessors, but it also has a large number of properties beneficial to the body. The useful qualities of white currant include:

  • it is not allergenic, therefore it can be used for people who suffer from frequent allergic reactions;
  • improves blood condition, increases the permeability of blood vessels;
  • facilitates liver function and removes harmful toxins;
  • improves the digestion process;
  • stored for a long time, while not losing its useful qualities.

The composition of the white and red types of berries are similar. Fruits can differ only in sugar content, in white it is more. White berries are allowed to be given even to young children without added sugar.

Are the leaves good for you?

The leaves of the bush contain vitamins useful for the human body. The fresh leaves of the shrub contain substances such as:

  • manganese;
  • tanning components;
  • copper;
  • salt.

Drinking tea made from bush leaves can achieve the following beneficial results:

  • diuretic action;
  • helps against colds;
  • the psychological state of a person improves;
  • normalizes the digestion process;
  • accelerates the recovery process after surgery, promotes collagen formation.

Also, the tanning components included in the leaves are used to treat the skin and are used as lotions. However, people who suffer from allergic reactions and kidney disease are not recommended to use the leaves of the plant. In order for the leaves of the plant to be used throughout the year without reducing the beneficial qualities, they must be plucked and dried after the bush has bloomed. Only green leaves are used.

It is also not recommended to use leaves that have been previously treated with chemicals against plant diseases.

Important. The greatest amount of vitamin C in currant leaves appears at the time of flowering of the shrub.

Which currant is healthier?

Black berry contains a large number of beneficial ingredients. This indicator is much higher than in the red and white types, and the advantage of black currant is that it is well absorbed by the body and begins to act in a short time.

However, there is no way to say unequivocally which berry is more useful, since the human body is individual and can react to varying degrees to the perception of vitamins that are in berries. For the prevention of diseases, it is recommended to use berries in equal proportions during the summer to increase the protective properties of the immune system.

Where is more vitamin C?

Vitamin C is present in all types of culture. However, in black currants, this figure is much higher. One hundred grams of currants contains much more vitamin C than lemon. Therefore, for colds, one of the treatment methods is the use of currants.

Important. The greatest amount of vitamin C in black currants appears at the time of ripening. If the crop is not harvested on time, nutrients disappear.

Eating currants allows you to get rid of a large number of diseases. Berry is a natural product that contains a whole range of essential substances for the normal development of human internal organs. However, despite the great benefits, berries should be used with caution for people who suffer from poor blood clotting and kidney disease. Also, the berry is used with caution for people suffering from chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer.

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