Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Spirit, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Spirit, dosage and analogues

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Fungicide "Spirit" is a combined substance that has a broad spectrum of action. With its help, it is possible to protect plants from a variety of pathologies. The product is used for cereals, soybeans, sunflowers, rapeseed and other crops. In order for the use of the composition to be effective, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the instructions. Compliance with safety measures is of no small importance.

Composition and principle of action

This fungicidal preparation is sold in the form of a suspension concentrate. In doing so, it includes polymers that help to enhance the penetrating properties of the active ingredients. The composition contains 2 active components:

  1. Epoxiconazole - belongs to the triazole category. It has medicinal properties and can be used for prophylaxis. The substance is quickly absorbed by the leaves and is easily distributed throughout the crop. At the same time, the composition remains active even in cold and high humidity conditions.
  2. Azoxystrobin - refers to strobilurins. It is characterized by protective properties and aids in landscaping. This means that the substance has a beneficial effect on the development of culture, normalizes the assimilation of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Also, the substance reduces the need for water. The growing season continues due to the suppression of the aging hormone.


The combination of 2 powerful components makes it possible to cope with the main diseases of cereals. The tool helps to eliminate such pathologies:

  • powdery mildew;
  • phomosis and phomopsis;
  • septoria;
  • rust;
  • peronosporosis;
  • alternaria;
  • gray and white rot;
  • spotting.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the tool include the following:

  • the possibility of full implementation of the variety;
  • high efficiency in the fight against infectious lesions of leaves and stems;
  • the effectiveness of the treatment of pathologies of the ear of cereals and soybean diseases;
  • physiological activity - this helps to increase the growing season, increase yield parameters and make the plant more resistant to the influence of stress factors;
  • protection of cultures from re-infection - it lasts 1 month;
  • prolonged prophylactic effect - achieved due to the additivity of the functions of the active ingredients;
  • a unique combination of active ingredients from different chemical classes - these substances differ in different mechanisms of action and help to achieve a more pronounced effect.

At the same time, the tool has practically no drawbacks. The main disadvantage of the drug is considered to be a rather high cost. Also, the disadvantages include the need to comply with safety precautions.

Compatibility with other products

The fungicide is compatible with other plant protection substances. An exception is considered to be funds that have a strongly acidic or pronounced alkaline reaction.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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Before using several products, it is worth evaluating their compatibility. Phytotoxicity in relation to treated plants is of no small importance.

How to apply correctly

In order for the tool to give the desired result, the instructions must be clearly followed. In this case, it is worth observing the dosage depending on the type of culture:

PlantRate, liters per 1 hectareSpectrum of actionFeatures and usage time
Wheat0,5-0,6Brown and stem rust, pyrenophorosis, powdery mildew, septoriaSpray the plants at the end of tillering and at the start of tube emergence
0,6-0,7Spray crops at the stage of flag leaf appearance and at the beginning of spikelet formation
Barley0,5-0,6Dwarf and stem rust, rhynchosporia, powdery mildew, net and dark brown spotProcessing is carried out at the end of tillering and at the initial stage of stemming
0,6-0,7Spray crops at the stage of emergence of the flag leaf and the beginning of spikelet formation
Sunflower0,5-0,7Rust, phomosis, powdery mildew, phomopsis, peronosporosisProcessing is carried out at the asterisk stage and during the flowering period
Soy0,50,7Powdery mildew, anthracnose, ascochitis, peronosporosis, rust, cercospora, septoriaTreat bushes during the growing season, from the beginning of the appearance of the first trigeminal leaf to the stage of pod formation
Rape0,5-0,7Alternaria, different types of rot, phomosis, peronosporosisProcessing is carried out from the moment 1-3 leaves appear until the beginning of flowering

The waiting period for cereals is 37 days. On soybeans, this parameter reaches 56 days. In order for the use of the product to be effective, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. During the growing season, crops should be sprayed for preventive purposes. Also, processing can be carried out in the event of the first signs of pathology.
  2. All crops should be processed twice.
  3. The flow rate of the working fluid should be 200 liters per hectare.

It is recommended to store the drug in an airtight container out of direct sunlight or contamination.


If the use of the drug is not possible, it is recommended to select effective analogs. These include the following substances:

  • "KVADRIS";


Today it is easy to find a lot of reviews about the drug "Spirit". They testify to the effectiveness of this substance:

  1. Anna, 42 years old: “I have been using this fungicide for a long time to treat my plantings. I can say that he successfully copes with fungal diseases. It is important to adhere to the precautions, ”he said.
  2. Mikhail, 56 years old: "Spirit" is an effective fungicide that helps to destroy powdery mildew and various types of spotting. At the same time, it is important to properly prepare the working solution and follow the recommendations for its use. "

"Spirit" is an effective fungicidal preparation that helps to cope with a variety of fungal pathologies. In order for the tool to give the required results, you must carefully study the instructions. Observance of safety rules during the processing of plants is of no small importance.

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