Description of the tomato variety Lily Marlene and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Lily Marlene and its characteristics

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Lily Marlene f1 is a tomato that belongs to the early ripening hybrid BIF-tomatoes. Ripe fruits of this variety have a high nutritional value and exceptional taste. Other advantages of the hybrid need to be discussed separately. But first, let us recall what “BIF-Tomatoes” is.

BIF-tomatoes - characteristic of the variety

Modern tomatoes can be divided into three main groups:

  1. Tomatoes - cherry. The fruits of this type are small in size, have a good taste, and are used mainly fresh to decorate salads or canapés.
  2. The following tomatoes are regular (round or oblong). Their mass usually does not exceed 140-160 g. Ripe tomatoes of the varieties of this group are universal: they are used fresh, and also used for conservation.
  3. And the last group, no less worthy, beef tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes in this category have a large weight and size (from 160 g to 350-400 g). Another advantage of these tomatoes is the fleshy, juicy pulp with high nutritional value.

When such tomatoes are cut horizontally, 4-5 segments are immediately visible (instead of a couple in other varieties). Therefore, these tomatoes are easier to chop when preparing salads and other dishes.

The disadvantages of beef tomatoes include a rather delicate skin of the fruit, so they do not tolerate transportation over long distances, and their shelf life at home does not exceed 7 days.

Description and main characteristics of the variety

The description of the variety should begin with a story about its early maturity. From the moment of planting the seeds to harvesting, it usually takes about 3.5 months. The bushes are of the indeterminate type, the shoots are vigorous, erect, medium-leafy, can reach a height of 1.8-2.0 m. Since the stems are long, they must be tied to trellises or other supports. Bushes form in no more than two shoots. Tomato Lily Marlene f1 bred for growing in open ground and in film greenhouses.

The foliage is of medium size, typically tomato, light emerald in color. The first inflorescences usually appear above 5-7 permanent leaves. The ovaries are collected in racemose inflorescences, up to 5 tomatoes ripen in each inflorescence. Fruit characteristics: the color of ripe tomatoes is pink, the shape is round. Tomatoes are fleshy, large, dense. The skin is smooth, thin, the stalk lacks a green spot. One ripe tomato weighs 230-340 g.

In film greenhouses, the yield of Lily Marlene can reach 16-20 kg per 1 m². In the open field, the amount of the crop is 2-3 kg less. The hybrid is intended for fresh use, small fruits can be used in conservation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid

The main advantages of the variety include:

  • early maturity;
  • high productivity;
  • high nutritional value of ripe fruits.

There are few disadvantages of these tomatoes;

  • fruits do not tolerate transportation well;
  • the crop can be stored after harvesting for no more than 7 days;
  • the need for a garter and the formation of bushes.

Reviews of those who planted the Lily Marlene tomato indicate that the fruits of the variety are unusually tasty, ripen together, and caring for the planted hybrid does not require much effort.

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