Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Indoor surprise, yield and cultivation

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Indoor surprise, yield and cultivation

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Tomatoes Room Surprise are specially designed by breeders for those who love small fruits and want to grow them in pots. This variety has very short bushes and an early harvest. Cultivation takes place in greenhouses, in the open field or on the balcony of the house. The yield of this variety is very high, the fruits have a bright unique taste.

These tomatoes can grow in an apartment and bear fruit even in winter, if they are provided with all the conditions for growth, provide them with a place where it will always be warm and light enough. And then for the winter holidays it will be possible to pamper everyone with fresh vegetables in a salad at home. It is very easy to grow them, you just need to know all the requirements for breeding and care.

Details of the variety

The characteristics and description of the variety can help determine how to properly grow and care for it. Surprise is an early ripe tomato, its fruits ripen almost simultaneously, there are a lot of them. They can be grown for sale or for a large number of blanks.

Bushes are very low for these crops, they do not grow more than half a meter. That is why it is very convenient to grow them on the balcony or in the house. They won't take up much space. They do not need to be tied up with ropes. The foliage on the bushes does not grow very densely, medium, dark green. The inflorescences are simple. The fruits usually ripen two and a half months after the seeds are sown.

These fruits are oblong in shape, similar to plums. Usually red. Bright sweet and sour taste, very rich, tomato. Fleshy. Their weight is usually no more than 50 grams. The skin is firm, smooth. The fruits grow even and smooth, one similar to the other. Looks perfect in slices or salad. They perfectly tolerate transportation, can be stored for a long time and do not deteriorate.

This culture is immune to many diseases and is not capricious in its care. It tolerates cold and drought well. For her unpretentiousness, gardeners choose her. To be sure that the planting will bear excellent fruits, you need to know about the peculiarities of cultivation.

How is this variety grown?

Indoor tomato cultivation starts in the same way as for conventional tomato crops. Seeds are first sown in separate containers, waiting for germination, fertilizing, watered. Then they are already seated in pots at home or in a greenhouse in the garden. This is a troublesome business, but as a result, summer residents get a lot of delicious fruits.

When planting in a container, the distance between the seeds must be observed. As soon as shoots with two or three leaves begin to appear, they are seated separately. Strong seedlings are planted in the garden or in pre-prepared pots with soil. It is better to take the land from the store, mix it with humus and fertilizers. Tomatoes cannot grow without fertile soil.

The distance must be observed between plants and in the garden, about thirty centimeters.

For a good harvest, the bushes need sufficient illumination, high-quality watering, top dressing. If all this is provided in full, then the bushes will never hurt, wither, the taste of the fruit will be what it should be.

The plant is very low, does not take up much space. It can be planted in pots and placed in the garden. Despite its small size, the bush brings a fairly bountiful harvest. Taking care of the plant will help increase the chances of healthy flowering and fruiting.

Care features

These hybrids, grown in beds or in flowerpots, require the same care for them. Given the characteristics of the variety, conclusions can be drawn on how to properly care for this plant.

Care rules:

  • It is constantly necessary to loosen the soil around the bushes, making it softer and lighter. So food, light and water will approach the roots faster;
  • Watering should be good, but in moderation, once a week will be sufficient. It is not worth pouring the bushes;
  • Spraying bushes in order to prevent diseases with special products purchased in a store;
  • You can remove the lower leaves so that there is no infection from the soil, and so that the plant does not rot, food is drawn to the fruits, and not to the foliage;
  • If tomatoes are grown on the balcony, then it is best to choose the sunny side, where it is constantly warm and light. If there is not enough light, then you can create it artificially;
  • Weed weeding is an important step in the care of vegetables. They can transmit disease, insects, they take nutrients from the bushes;
  • This hybrid loves constant fertilizing with fertilizers, it grows only in high-quality fertile soil, so you should not forget about minerals and vitamins, you can also put peat, sand, manure;
  • In addition to watering the usual, you can spray the foliage with warm water from a spray bottle;
  • Medium pots are chosen, for such bushes a five-liter one is enough.

When growing at home, it is necessary to provide as much as possible all the conditions that are in the greenhouse in the garden so that the plant feels comfortable. Can be taken out into the air periodically. Good care is the key to a great harvest!

Pest control measures

Tomatoes are sometimes attacked by harmful insects. It can be spider mites, aphids, butterflies, slugs, bears. They damage foliage, eat fruits, spoil the appearance of the seedling, and select useful substances. They must be destroyed at the slightest suspicion that they have settled.

Usually, to combat them, special solutions are bred, watered or sprayed with plants, thereby creating an unfavorable habitat for unkind guests. Preventive measures for healthy plants are also always needed. Avoid high humidity or heat in the greenhouse, remove weeds with roots. Potassium permanganate or soapy water works well for spraying.

Gardeners reviews

Surprise tomatoes always have positive reviews from the gardeners who plant them. It is always interesting to know the opinion of different professionals in order to understand whether it is worth planting such types of crops in the garden.

Angela: Every year I try different varieties of tomatoes, this year I decided to try the undersized Surprise. The positive side is that you do not need to pinch it and cut off the branches on it, the fruits are born almost the same, smooth, even. The variety is not capricious in care, but loves good feeding.

Oleg: I planted a room surprise on the loggia in pots in the summer. Excellent bushes have grown with beautiful even fruits. The taste is unusual sweet. Since there were few seedlings, they mostly ate fresh vegetables. They are easy to care for and do not require special attention.

Indoor surprise - a tomato that all lovers of undersized crops will love. Its small oval fruits will look aesthetically pleasing in jars as pickles or fresh on the table. Caring for them is simple and does not require much effort. Have a great harvest!

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