Description of the Juliet tomato variety, its characteristics

Description of the Juliet tomato variety, its characteristics

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Gardeners have already had a chance to come across this delicious fruit, the Juliet tomato conquered with its beautiful name and excellent taste. It can be stored for a long time, while retaining its appearance and useful properties. Therefore, the seed variety is grown for sale.

Characteristics of the variety

Early maturing, determinant hybrid. Designed for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It should be borne in mind that plants planted in greenhouses produce crops earlier than in open areas. The growing season lasts 90 days. The plant is easy to care for, so it is suitable for beginner gardeners.

High yield is another positive nuance in favor of choosing this variety. Ripe fruit reaches a size of 150 grams.

Fruits are pink, slightly ribbed, large, round, slightly flat. Resistant to cracking.

Description of the taste of tomatoes - bright, sweet, slightly sour. The pulp is sugary, juicy, pink.

The variety is used for:

  • fresh consumption,
  • for canning,
  • making sauces,
  • tomato pastes,
  • pickling as a whole.

How to grow a rich harvest

Growing seedlings begins at the end of March, the seeds are planted in fertilized soil, and as they grow, they are watered with a spray bottle with warm water.

Plant picking is carried out in the phase of 1-2 leaves in separate containers. During cultivation, seedlings are fertilized 2 times using soluble mineral mixtures.

Seedlings are planted under a film or in a garden bed. In the greenhouse, the Juliet tomato is planted at the end of May, in the garden - at the beginning of June. In this case, the seedlings reach an age of 60-65 days, that is, only a month will remain until the first harvest.

How to care for plants

During the growth of these varieties, the following care rules are followed.

  1. Garter.
  2. Watering the plant.
  3. Top dressing.
  4. Loosening the soil.
  5. Weed control.
  6. Removing stepchildren.
  7. Pruning excess foliage.
  8. Timely harvest.

Loosening of the earth under the bushes is carried out to maintain moisture in the soil for a long time, watering the plants is carried out at the root, if it grows in an open bed, this method will help to avoid burns in the green mass. The level of humidity is monitored in the greenhouse - waterlogged air causes plant diseases. Trimming excess foliage is carried out for the timely ripening of fruits - excess greens absorb moisture and trace elements, preventing the growth of tomatoes. Extra stepchildren will give ovaries, but a large number of the latter will not have time to give the desired harvest. The tomatoes will be small and green.

The characteristics of the seed variety are as follows - it is resistant to diseases, no chemical treatment is required. So vegetables will retain only beneficial properties, without absorbing pesticides. This advantage puts Juliet tomatoes in a row with the most popular tomato varieties among gardeners in our country.

But if, nevertheless, infection has occurred, which is not excluded even with the most disease-resistant tomato varieties, you need to immediately determine the disease and process the plants.

With proper tomato care, gardeners get an excellent harvest of tasty and ripened tomatoes that are used immediately for food or for further processing. Thanks to these qualities, the Juliet tomato f1 received a lot of positive feedback from agronomists and amateur gardeners.

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