How to plant peas before winter and is it possible to do it

How to plant peas before winter and is it possible to do it

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Sowing before winter allows you to get the desired harvest in the spring. For this, seeds of frost-resistant crops are sown in late autumn. Many gardeners are wondering if it is possible to plant peas before winter. The crop is suitable for planting for the winter, however, you should know how and when it is best to plant, as well as the varieties that are most suitable for this purpose.

Is it possible to plant peas before winter?

Winter peas are a relatively new crop that deserves due attention. Seeds that are hardened over the winter and well swollen sprout faster, so the harvest is earlier and larger.

Advantages and disadvantages

Peas contain many beneficial vitamins, fiber, carotene, and protein.

Planting seeds before winter has advantages and disadvantages. Among the positive aspects are noted:

  1. The planted seeds enjoy the first warmth and spring moisture, germinate rapidly and are characterized by good shoots.
  2. Plants are less susceptible to various diseases and pests.
  3. Due to earlier shoots, the crop is obtained several weeks earlier than the one that was sown in the spring.
  4. Winter hardening provides excellent frost resistance.
  5. With the arrival of summer drought, a good root system is formed in the plants under winter sowing. Thanks to this, the yield is greater.
  6. Sowing before winter allows you to track whether seedlings have appeared in the spring and to re-plant if necessary.

Another plus is the fact that after harvesting an early harvest in the beds, you can re-sow seeds, the fruits of which will be in late autumn.

If we talk about the disadvantages, podzimny sowing is possible only for spring-summer vegetables. Uneven ripening of the culture is also noted.

Planting varieties in winter

For subwinter planting, varieties of winter peas are taken that will withstand low temperatures and give a good harvest.

The NS Moroz variety has passed the necessary tests; among the positive qualities, frost resistance, yield, resistance to diseases and lodging are noted. Harvesting is carried out 10 days before harvesting winter barley, around June 10-15. The yield is 4–6 t / ha.

What fertilizers to apply before planting

In the fall, when digging, organic matter is introduced into the beds - humus, compost. Peas are best planted in the ground where beets, potatoes, zucchini, corn, and eggplants were previously grown.

The application of mineral fertilizers is carried out based on the content of nutrients in the soil and the level of the expected yield. Winter peas are fertilized using potassium chloride, ammophos and complex minerals.

Soil preparation

For legumes, it is important to create the right conditions. When sowing before winter, it is preferable to use peat cups, in which the root system of plants develops. Germination is best done at home.

When to plant?

Disembarkation takes place mainly between November 17-23. However, there are no exact dates, since planting is carried out when the ground is slightly frozen. You must first make special grooves for the seeds.

Seed preparation

Peas can be sown dry and germinated. Some warm up the seeds before sowing, lowering them for 5-10 minutes. into a solution consisting of water and boric acid (2 g per 10 l of water). Presowing treatment of this type provides protection against damage to plants by pests, including the larva of the root weevil.

Soaking in plain warm water lasts at least 15 hours. Planting is carried out only after complete swelling. It is also recommended to add growth stimulants to the water.

When planting in winter, the peas are planted dry, otherwise the seeds may germinate and die.

Sowing before winter

The grooves prepared for sowing in the ground do not need to be watered. Spread the peas more often than with ordinary sowing, since some of the weak seeds may die and not germinate.

The seeds are covered with earth, prepared in advance and left in a shed or other room, with a positive temperature.

What to do in the spring?

With the onset of spring, the growth of wintering peas begins from underground buds. The harvest is much higher and ripens earlier.

To improve the regeneration of the aboveground mass, the formation of lateral shoots and the regrowth of the root system, in the spring you need to do top dressing using nitrogen fertilizers. To ensure disease resistance, fungicide treatments are performed.

Adhering to simple rules, you can plant peas in your own garden before winter and get a good harvest. Proper preparation and planting will keep your plants healthy and developing properly.

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