Characteristics and description of the tomato variety King of London, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety King of London, its yield

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Tomato King of London is famous for its large fruits of an unusual shape and resistance to various diseases. The characteristic of tomatoes allows you to determine how to properly care for them and what conditions to provide for good fruiting. The king of London is not capricious tomatoes that give a good harvest and ripen at the end of summer. For the first time the variety was bred in Siberia. He is not a hybrid.

What is the difference between the variety

You can read the description of the variety on the seed package purchased from the store. The seeds cannot be bred on their own, they are bought every year. This variety bears fruit 100 days after planting. This plant grows best in greenhouses and is planted with seedlings. If the summer is hot, then you can plant it in an open space, only cover it with foil.

The bush grows quite tall, up to two meters. The stem is dense with developed foliage. Branched root, able to grow in breadth. The color of the leaves is bright green.

The fruits are large, can weigh 800 grams with proper care. They are oval, heart-shaped. The color is red or pink. The pulp is fleshy, juicy, sweet and sour taste. The skin is firm and smooth. Vegetables are eaten fresh and used to make sauces, adjika, juice. They contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the immune system.

Tomato King of London will bring a big harvest if you know how to grow and care for it correctly. Only then does the desired taste appear in tomatoes, and there are more of them.

How is it grown

The peculiarities of growing tomatoes is that it is better to plant them with seedlings in Russia. And they will be much more comfortable in greenhouses. After all, there is the required level of humidity and temperatures.

Seeds are planted in March in a special container. We must not forget about the distance between them. They buy special soil in the store. When the sprouts hatch, they can be planted from each other in a separate bowl. We must not forget about high-quality light, about temperature standards, as well as regular watering.

Seedlings are planted in May or June. You need to pay attention so that she is strong, without any flaws, not sick. It is necessary to maintain a distance between the bushes of about 40 centimeters. If you want to plant plants in open ground, then you should wait until there is no frost at all.

The land must be warmed up and plowed. Various fertilizers are put into it before planting.

The bushes should be carefully groomed before harvesting. The level of humidity, and watering, and pinching are important here. For prevention, it is necessary to periodically control pests and diseases.

Plant care

In order for the yield to be high, it is necessary to ensure proper care for these crops. Care descriptions can be found in gardening books or on internet sites.

The most important thing for tomatoes is watering. Water the King of London tomatoes abundantly and preferably not with cold water. It can be barrel water, pond water, or rainwater. But it is also not worth pouring in the beds, the roots will begin to rot and hurt.

It is necessary to open doors and windows in greenhouses more often on hot days. This is how air circulation and hardening occurs.

Loosening of the earth and its hilling is also necessary. The soil should be soft and light. On good land there will always be a good harvest. And do not forget about the weeds, they interfere with the supply of nutrients to cultivated plants, and besides, they take all their strength away.

To prevent insect pests, you need to spray the bushes with special solutions, thereby creating an unfavorable environment for them. Usually bugs, spider mites, aphids, butterflies and bears attack tomatoes.

Tomatoes bear fruit well only in the ground with an abundance of fertilizers. Top dressing is important at different stages of growth, starting with planting the seed. Humus, manure, chicken droppings, sand are added to the ground before planting in a greenhouse. Then, in the process of flowering and growing, organic fertilizers are needed.

As a result of careful care, summer residents receive abundant fruiting of even fresh fruits with a rich taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

Reviews of the King of London tomato are mostly positive. And this is quite understandable, because these huge fruits do not need sophisticated care, they ripen even in cold conditions. Among the advantages are high yield and endurance. This plant bears excellent fruit despite fluctuations in temperature, wind, frost, and is immune to many diseases. The fruits have an incredible aroma and taste. Their properties to strengthen immunity and participate in metabolism are known to everyone.

There are practically no shortcomings. But problems can arise that this variety is not suitable for long-distance transport. They may crack. The fruits are not stored for a long time. They ripen gradually, so it is better to use them immediately for food or preparations.

This type is chosen by lovers of large tomatoes. Everyone can plant this crop in their own garden. Knowing all the necessary requirements for caring for her, you can collect a rich harvest from year to year.

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