List of the best fungicides for treating strawberries and strawberries

List of the best fungicides for treating strawberries and strawberries

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When growing strawberries, gardeners and gardeners are faced with fungal, viral and bacterial diseases of the berry culture. If it is almost impossible to fight bacterial and viral diseases, then special fungicides have been developed to combat fungal infections, which are used for the prevention and treatment of strawberries and strawberries.

Appointment of fungicides and their varieties

The main purpose of fungicides is to combat and prevent fungal spores and viral infections of plants and soil.

In modern horticulture and plant growing, there are several varieties of fungicide-based preparations.

By composition and origin, pesticides are divided into inorganic, biological and organic preparations:

  1. Inorganic means of prevention and treatment based on copper, iron and sulfur are used to combat powdery mildew, manifestations of rot, spotting and fusarium. Drugs in this group are considered the most toxic, harmful to humans and animals, and can accumulate in the soil and in berries.
  2. Organic preparations effectively affect the spread and destruction of fungal spores. The disadvantage of such funds is the rapid development of fungal resistance to fungicides.
  3. New generation drugs belong to the biological class of fungicides recommended for the prevention and treatment of fungal and some viral diseases. Fungicides of biological origin are considered the safest, therefore they are often used for preventive treatment of berry crops.

Important! When choosing pesticides, you need to pay attention to the main active ingredient. The toxicity and effectiveness of the fungicide depends on it.

Impact principle and function

Most fungicides inhibit the development of fungal infection at the cellular level, and completely destroy the spores of the harmful disease. When strawberry bushes are infected with a fungus, not only plants are treated, but also the soil in which the berry culture grows.

In case of severe lesions, spraying of plants is carried out several times, for prevention, one spring or autumn treatment of berry crops is enough.

Advice! The concentration of working solutions of drugs and the number of treatments depends on the degree of disease affection of strawberry bushes.

List of the best strawberry and strawberry remedies

In order not to harm the plants, and to get a high-quality strawberry harvest, it is necessary to clearly understand what drugs are used to treat various diseases.

Time-tested drugs:

  1. Bordeaux liquid or mixture helps to get rid of scab, various manifestations of mottling and rot. The main active ingredient of the drug is copper mixed with lime mortar.
  2. When powdery mildew appears, the leaves of strawberry bushes are sprayed with colloidal sulfur. Processing is carried out in cool, cloudy weather.
  3. For the extermination of fungal spores, a solution of copper sulfate is used. Bushes are processed after sunset or early in the morning.
  4. In the fight against the manifestation of spotting, ferrous sulfate will help.
  5. They exterminate the fungus at the cellular level and restore metabolic processes and the vital activity of the plant with the fungicides Hom or Oxyhom.
  6. Fundazole is a multifunctional drug that helps in the treatment and prevention of many fungal infections.

New generation drugs:

  1. A fungicide called Quadris prevents the flow of oxygen to the spores of the fungus, which contributes to the rapid disappearance of the harmful disease.
  2. Horus drug affects the manifestation of scab, various rot and moniliosis, is absolutely harmless to animals and beneficial insects.
  3. Fungicide Vectra has a curative effect on the berry crop, helping the plants to recover after being damaged by fungal diseases.
  4. Biological fungicide Alirin B copes well with various manifestations of rot, protects strawberry bushes from powdery mildew and rust.

Important! When working with pesticides, one must not forget about personal protective equipment. After finishing work, it is necessary to rinse tools, clothes, take a shower.

Which drug is better to choose?

The choice of fungicide depends on the disease and its stage at the time of purchase. According to farmers and gardeners, any fungus can be successfully treated with the proven Hom preparation or the new Quadris remedy.

For preventive treatment, preparations of biological origin are best suited, which are harmless both to the plants themselves and to humans.

Biologicals are often combined with organic and inorganic fungicides, thereby reducing toxic effects on the berry crop and the environment.

Features and timing of culture processing

Strawberry bushes are not processed during flowering, fruit formation, and before harvesting ripe berries. The period from the last procedure to harvest should be at least 3-4 weeks.

Spring procedures

In the spring, spraying the bushes and cultivating the soil begins before the onset of the active vegetative period. With the appearance of buds, the use of fungicides is suspended, and in the future, pesticides are used only when urgently needed, after the formation of fruits.

Autumn processing

Autumn processing of garden strawberries is recommended to be carried out in late autumn, 4-6 weeks before the onset of the first frost. This procedure completely destroys pathogenic fungi and viruses.

Important! With proper care, timely weeding of the beds and feeding the bushes, garden strawberries develop natural immunity to diseases and pests.

Also, we must not forget about the folk remedies for protecting strawberries from diseases. Together with the use of fungicides, homemade infusions and decoctions reduce the risk of spreading both various diseases and pests.

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