Description of the tomato variety Ace, cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Ace, cultivation and care

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For the first time, vegetable growers tried the Tuz tomato from the Gavrish selection company in 2007. Many people liked the variety for its excellent salad qualities. The general description from the manufacturer can be summarized as follows:

  • medium early variety (106-110 days);
  • suitable for open ground (North Caucasian and Central Black Earth regions);
  • determinant bush (60–80 cm);
  • yield 3.5-4.5 kg per bush;
  • a slightly ribbed tomato, flat-round, medium-sized (65–152 g);
  • the fruits are tasty, fleshy, salad;
  • resistant to diseases (cladosporium, fusarium).

In general, the reviews about the Ace tomato are positive. Tomatoes grow delicious, suitable for summer salads and marinades. Some specimens are poured up to 300 g, but on average the fruits are medium-sized, about 100-150 g.


Tomato Ace does not belong to hybrid varieties (there is no f1 marking), so you can try to collect the seeds yourself.


Seedlings are sown in late March or early April. The soil is harvested nutritious, saturated with humus. Garden land from the future garden bed is enriched with humus, compost, peat.

Advice. Seedling boxes should have large drainage holes to avoid stagnant water.

Seedlings after 2 weeks are transplanted into separate pots with a volume of 0.8-1.5 liters, it makes no sense to take more dishes. The variety is of a determinant type, the bushes have time to grow small, and planting in the ground is possible already at the age of 40-50 days.

The Tuz tomato variety was bred by breeders for cultivation mainly in the open field in the Central and North Caucasian regions. Landing on the beds in these places is usually possible already in early May, and in warm years and at the end of April. But at first it is advisable to cover planting tomatoes with a transparent film.

Important! Seedlings must be hardened before moving to a permanent place.

As soon as the daytime temperature begins to rise above 17-18 ⁰C, the pots are exposed to fresh air, gradually increasing the time from 1 hour to a full day.

The seedlings are fed with complex fertilizer twice. After picking in 10-14 days and a week before the planned landing in the ground.

Bush formation

Ace tomato bush grows compact, short. The seed manufacturer recommends a 30x50 pattern, which is up to 8-9 bushes per 1m2... Such thickening is possible only with extensive experience in the formation and tying of plants. Better not to exceed 5 bushes per 1 m2 and try to grow a tomato 2-3 stems. Although the variety belongs to determinant and usually does not exceed 80 cm, due to the large weight of the fruit, it requires a garter to a support.

To save yourself from constantly loosening the beds, it is convenient to mulch the planting with sawdust or peat.

Advice. After the formation of the ovary, the lower leaves are thinned out. This will allow air to circulate better between the plants and open up the sun's rays to the fruits.

Top dressing

Tomatoes are very responsive to complex dressings. Even the most nutritious soil mixture is not able to provide the required amount of minerals for such a demanding crop as tomatoes.

After transplanting into the ground, after 10-14 days, you need to apply root dressing with complex mineral fertilizer. With the appearance of the first flower brushes, it is useful to spray tomatoes with preparations of the "Bud" type. The next feeding is carried out every 2-3 weeks.

The harvest

In 100-110 days after germination, the first ripe Ace tomatoes can be expected. Fruits ripen fleshy, bright red, with 4-6 seed nests. Growers appreciate the variety for its rich sweet and sour tomato flavor and is grown for daily use in salads and slices. One bush leaves an average of 3.5–4.5 kg of juicy tomatoes.


I have been growing Ace tomatoes from "Gavrish" for several seasons in a row. I planted such tomatoes a little, 4-5 bushes each, but this was enough for delicious salads all season. Tomatoes are liked by the whole family, juicy, fleshy. Next year I collected my seeds, I will definitely plant them.

Alla, Taganrog

I planted Ace Tomatoes last season. I grew one bed for trial. The bushes came out small, but quite a lot of tomatoes ripened for the salad variety. Liked the taste, good sweet and sour tomatoes. I love these, I will still plant.

Sergey, Voronezh

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