A simple recipe for pickling cucumbers in grape leaves for the winter

A simple recipe for pickling cucumbers in grape leaves for the winter

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The tradition of canning cucumbers exists in every family. Aesthetically beautiful is such a variation of a snack familiar to everyone, like cucumbers in grape leaves for the winter, the recipe for which is simple and affordable. In winter, these jars are opened and their contents are used for making salads or as an independent snack. Each housewife tries to add her own flavor to traditional recipes.

The advantages of just such a blank are that the grape leaf helps to preserve the rich color of the main component and a real fresh taste. The dissection of the grape material and the unusual shape are a guarantee that the entire surface of the vegetable will be covered.

Such a wonderful snack should be on every table. You can preserve cucumbers with grapes in a variety of ways, adding citric acid, vodka, apple juice, vinegar to the basic recipes without vinegar. The leaves themselves, after eating cucumbers, can be used to make dolma.

Ingredients for canning cucumbers

You can make the collection of preservation more varied with the help of cucumbers wrapped in grapes during the preservation process. This appetizer is made with small and crispy vegetables. The leaves in which they are to be wrapped must be whole and healthy. Their number should be equal to the number of cucumbers that are intended for rolling.

When cooking, you need the following ingredients:

  • dill - in the form of umbrellas;
  • cucumbers - medium-sized, small, neat, identical in size;
  • vinegar - 9%;
  • black pepper;
  • leaves - grape, currant, cherry, in some cases it is even possible to add oak leaves to obtain a characteristic crunch;
  • red currant - optional;
  • pepper - allspice and black, in the form of peas;
  • sugar.

Some housewives know how to pickle cucumbers with apple juice. You can add cloves, lavrushka and other spices. Salting options depend on the individual preferences and experience of the hostess.

Cooking instructions

Before proceeding with the direct canning of vegetables in the leaves and marinade, it is necessary to carefully prepare the jars by rinsing them with the addition of baking soda. After that, the container should be well sterilized. Lids are prepared in a similar way.

After everything you need is prepared, you can start the preservation process according to the recipe for cucumbers in grape leaves. The sequence of actions should be as follows:

  1. Preparation of currant, grape and cherry leaves. They must be perfectly clean and carefully sorted.
  2. Soak. Cucumbers should be soaked in cold water for a while so that all the accumulated bitterness comes out of them, which can subsequently spoil the taste of the product. After that, the vegetables are washed. The thorns are removed from them, the tips are cut off.
  3. Start of styling. At the bottom of the jar, you need to put dill umbrellas, a few cherry and currant leaves, peppercorns, garlic cloves with incised tips.
  4. Sealing cucumbers. Each leaf should correspond to a certain size of cucumber. The cucumber should be carefully "swaddled", and then all the resulting bundles should be folded into a jar. If there is a red currant, then its berries should be placed on top.
  5. Canning. Cucumbers are poured with boiling water, covered with a lid and infused in this form for 10 minutes. After the time has elapsed, the water must be drained into a saucepan, boiled and refilled with the contents of the jar. Before re-pouring into water, add 30 grams of salt, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 30 ml of vinegar to one liter of water.
  6. Re-spin. After the marinade has boiled for a few minutes, it is poured into a jar of cucumbers.
  7. Rolling up. Cover pickled cucumbers in grape leaves with lids when the marinade fills the entire jar to the very top. After rolling, the cans are turned over, well wrapped. After cooling, pickled cucumbers with grape leaves are transferred to a cool dark place for storage.

It is important that the success of canning depends to a large extent on the quality of the starting material, in this case, the cucumber. It must be pre-soaked for two hours, and after the first hour, the water must be changed fresh.

Cucumber recipe with apple juice

In addition to the traditional recipe, in which the preservative effect is achieved with the usual 9% vinegar, there is an alternative option in which pickles in grape leaves are marinated in apple cider vinegar. This gives them a pleasant sweet-sour taste.

Pickled cucumbers are prepared from 2.5 kg of vegetables and large leaves of an appropriate amount. The marinade must be prepared from 50 grams of salt, the same amount of granulated sugar, 1 liter of water and 300 grams of apple juice. If the marinade is not enough, then more can be cooked, but the amount of all ingredients must be increased in proportion to the volume of water.

All components should be put in a two- or three-liter jar, washed with soda. Preservation is sterilized within 7 minutes.

Inventive housewives do not stop there, but carry out a lot of experiments, adding variety to the recipe for cucumbers in grape leaves. So, instead of apple juice, you can add grape juice to cucumbers. The order of the salting procedure remains unchanged.

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