Why can a piglet cough and the causes of the disease, how to treat

Why can a piglet cough and the causes of the disease, how to treat

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It is important to identify and treat animal pathologies in a timely manner. This is especially true when caring for young individuals that do not have a very good immune system. Alarming symptoms are especially dangerous. Therefore, many farmers are interested in why the piglet is coughing. The reasons for the violation are different. These include infections, lesions of the digestive organs, helminthic invasions.

What is the danger of coughing for pigs and piglets

Coughing in piglets may indicate serious pathologies that pose a threat to life. When such diseases appear, drugs are usually required. Pig diseases are very similar to those of humans. At the same time, it is important to identify their symptoms in a timely manner. Many pathologies are infectious and can spread between animals. At the same time, there is a risk of affecting the entire herd.

Causes of the symptom

Coughing in piglets can be due to many factors. These include the common cold, helminthic invasion and other causes. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis on time.


When breeding piglets in damp and cool rooms, the likelihood of developing colds is high. Weakening of the immune system provokes a deficiency of nutrients and vitamins. Therefore, it is so important to feed your pets properly.

The first symptom of a cold is a cough. In this case, the piglets may be in an overexcited or apathetic state. The shade of their ears also changes. Instead of pink, it turns grayish.

Lung inflammation, tuberculosis

Piglets sometimes cough due to pneumonia. In this case, they have the following symptoms:

  • wheezing;
  • breathing disorder;
  • dry cough;
  • general weakness;
  • violation of appetite;
  • an increase in temperature;
  • thirst;
  • the appearance of conjunctivitis and the formation of crusts.

Similar manifestations occur in infectious tuberculosis. In such a situation, it is required to immediately separate the sick animals and call a veterinarian who will diagnose.

Stomach diseases

If piglets are put on a regular diet too soon, there is a risk of developing gastroenteritis. The main symptom of pathology is considered to be blue ears and a patch. In addition, stool disorders often occur, physical activity decreases, and problems with weight gain appear. Also, an imbalance in the diet becomes the cause of violations.


Sometimes the occurrence of a cough is associated with the ingestion of ascaris into the body. They grow and develop in the intestines of animals. The length of roundworms can reach 20-35 centimeters. Some eggs, which were laid in the intestines, transform into larvae and penetrate the bronchi and lung tissues with the bloodstream.

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When the larvae release toxic substances in animals, poisoning develops. In this case, mucus overwhelms the lungs and disrupts respiratory functions. This causes a wet cough in piglets.

Ascariasis is very dangerous for pregnant pigs and small pigs. Therefore, to prevent pathology 1 month before farrowing, deworming is carried out. The main signs of ascariasis include:

  • wheezing or coughing;
  • breathing disorder;
  • vomiting;
  • deterioration or complete loss of appetite.

Other reasons

Other factors that can trigger the development of cough in animals include the following:

  • violation of ventilation in the room;
  • accumulation of molds in the diet;
  • deficiency of useful elements;
  • traumatic injury;
  • getting into the lungs of a foreign object;
  • irritation of the lung tissue.

Diagnostic methods

To identify the causes of a cough, you need to contact your veterinarian. The physician should assess the general condition of the animal and examine additional symptoms. To diagnose helminthiasis, it is required to conduct a study of the feces of pigs. Laboratory tests help identify viral infections - influenza or African plague.

How to deal with the problem?

In order to treat piglets, it is important to make an accurate diagnosis on time. Otherwise, therapy will not help to cope with the violation. The veterinarian should do research and select treatment.

A specialized smear test is required to detect pneumonia. Veterinary diagnostics will help to identify helminthic invasion. If a foreign object enters the body, the doctor conducts a small examination. After identifying the cause of the problems, it is worth starting treatment. This should be done immediately, since the disease can progress and be fatal. To avoid complications of pneumonia, it is recommended to inject antibiotics. Effective drugs include:

  • Tilan;
  • "Spiramycin";
  • "Oxytetracycline".

To eliminate helminthic invasion, it is recommended to use the drug "Novomek" with a concentration of 1%. In this case, it is worth using 1 milliliter of the product per 50 grams of the pig's body weight. This helps to destroy the bulk of the worms.

It is recommended to combine treatment with disinfection. This will help to cope with the causes of the development of pathology and to protect other animals. Even after recovering, mumps may struggle to gain weight. In addition, they often become unsuitable for reproduction.

Prevention measures

To avoid the development of dangerous pathologies, it is important to provide the piglets with suitable housing conditions. It is recommended to keep them in a dry, warm and clean room. To prevent the accumulation of hazardous gases, it is required to remove manure in a timely manner and control the balance of nutrition.

To strengthen the immune system of piglets on the 5-7th day of life, they need to be given pre-start feed. It is recommended to pay special attention to animals that have been separated from the mother. This is a rather stressful situation that increases the risk of pathologies. Cough in piglets is considered a rather alarming symptom. To cope with this violation, you need to contact a veterinarian in a timely manner, who will make an accurate diagnosis and select a treatment.

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