Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Chanterelle

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Chanterelle

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Tomato "Chanterelle" is an excellent variety for residents of the central zone of the Russian Federation. This variety description is given by many vendors. It is a medium early as well as a determinant tomato variety. The main feature of this variety is its high resistance to temperature extremes. This is an extremely useful quality for gardeners from regions where the weather is not always favorable to crops. The yield of the variety is quite high, although compared to others, it does not stand out so much. But this is not the main feature of the variety.

Tomatoes "Chanterelle" have a very good taste. They do not have a strong tomato flavor, but many differ in the sweetness of the berries. Many people note that the fruits have a very pleasant taste and are great for raw consumption, as well as in complete meals. Tomato is a treasure trove for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. "Chanterelle", like many other tomatoes, contains a large amount of B vitamins. Also, this variety is rich in magnesium and vitamins A, C, E. The calorie content of the fruit is extremely low, which allows you to not worry about extra calories at all.

Characterization among farmers is as good as among ordinary gardeners... They note the extreme viability of this variety, as well as ease of storage and transportation, which is very important for business owners.


The bush is small in size, from eighty to ninety centimeters in height. The leaves are small and dark green in color. The fruits themselves have an elongated shape, which in many ways resembles a plum. They are yellow or orange, but red tomatoes are also found. The fruits are small. Each individually weighs about 100-150 grams. The flesh of the fruit is fleshy and dense, contains an average amount of seeds. The stems are quite thin.

How to grow

The cultivation of the "Chanterelle" tomato variety is not particularly difficult. The main feature of the variety is the painless experience of temperature changes, which are not uncommon in the middle zone of the Russian Federation. But despite this stability, in order to minimize losses, "Chanterelle" should be grown in greenhouse conditions. In the event that you grow tomatoes in the south, then you can do it outdoors.

The seed sowing procedure should be started two months before the intended seedling.

When planting, it is necessary to tie up the stems of the bush, as they are rather weak and will not withstand the weight of the ripening fruits. It is recommended to form a plant in two or three stems (for higher yields, it is recommended to use three stems). It is also necessary to remove the side shoots, they are also stepchildren. Otherwise, the bush may not grow or give a poor harvest.

A month after the fruiting bushes have been planted, the lower leaves must be cut off. This should be done with the utmost tenderness and accuracy, since thin stems can break off. It is recommended to tear one leaf at a time. The bushes must be thoroughly watered and fed. This is necessary to avoid various diseases. The most common disease of chanterelles is late blight.


People's testimonials are the best possible characteristics.

Among the comments on various resources, the following reviews can be distinguished:

  1. One woman planted these tomatoes and was extremely surprised that they were able to survive in the open field. She grew them, but did not hope for a harvest from her planting, but in spite of everything, the bushes gave a fairly large number of fruits;

A farmer who was experiencing not the most successful of all his seasons said that he planted "Chanterelle" tomatoes out of despair, hoping for the truthfulness of the reviews on the Internet. He notes that "Chanterelles" fully met his expectations. Thanks to the presence of greenhouses, tomatoes could grow in comfortable conditions, which provoked a very rich harvest. It was a business rescue for him, and he highly recommended this strain to everyone else.

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