The best varieties of tomato seeds for open ground in the Rostov region

The best varieties of tomato seeds for open ground in the Rostov region

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To pick up tomatoes for the Rostov region, it would seem, is easier. Early spring, hot summer, warm autumn - a paradise for gardeners. Summer residents from Rostov do not need greenhouses even to grow early tomatoes. But the end result of the season largely depends on the correct choice of varieties. Only by sowing seeds of varieties with different ripening periods, you can harvest from early summer to autumn.

In 2010, a selection and seed production center from the Poisk agrofirm began its work in the Rostov region, tomatoes are one of the main areas of selection work. Gardeners of the Rostov region can buy the best varieties of tomatoes from the Poisk firm, an excellent harvest is guaranteed.

Tomatoes from the firm "Poisk" for the Rostov region

Tomato seeds for the Rostov region, the best varieties for open ground from the Poisk company will be a good choice for the new season. The company offers a large assortment of tomatoes with different ripening periods, drought-resistant, disease-resistant.

Volgograd early ripening 323

For an early harvest, Volgograd early ripening tomato is suitable. Already in May (May 10-20), you can transplant seedlings into the ground, for this, sow seeds for seedlings in the last decade of March. It takes 95-110 days from germination to harvest. The plant is undersized, bushes up to 45 cm tall. The amicable return of the harvest will please. The fruits are beautiful, red with a slightly ribbed surface. The shape of the fruit is flat-round, the skin is smooth and shiny. The average weight of one tomato is in the region of 100 g. Plant the bushes according to the scheme 70 by 40 cm.

Bull heart

For a harvest from mid-July to August, the Oxheart tomato variety is suitable. It is a medium late tomato, ripens within 118-128 days. Large-fruited tomatoes for salad purposes. Fruits are medium and large, weight ranges from 110 to 225 g. Bushes are of medium height (0.8-1.2 m), need support (garter). Fruits are pink in technical ripeness. The shape of the fruit is classic heart-shaped.


The shuttle is a variety for busy summer residents. It does not need to be tied to a support, the bushes are not high, 40-45 cm. The stepsons do not need to be removed. Maturation occurs early (85 days). The tomato is cold-resistant, the seedlings can be planted in the ground at an early date, which allows you to get an early harvest of multi-purpose tomatoes in June. Small fruits (50-60 g) of an oblong shape with a spout, good in salting, in canned vegetables and when used fresh. The color of the fruit is red, the pulp is tasty and juicy. Plus tomato shuttle - does not suffer from late blight.

New products from the company Search

Undoubtedly, the newest hybrid Graceful F1 deserves the interest of Rostov gardeners. A hybrid of medium ripening (95-100 days), medium-sized (1.2 m). Fruits are flat-rounded, dense, bright red, weighing up to 240 g. Ties well, fruitful, resistant to TMV, cladosporiosis. The hybrid will delight you with excellent taste.

Another new hybrid Mongoose F1 is worth trying out. The hybrid performed well in extreme weather conditions. Tying in any weather is excellent. The F1 Mongoose is half-indent, this makes it easier to care for, but a garter and shaping pinning are needed. The bushes are quite tall - 1.4 m, the fruits are medium (150 g), suitable for canning and fresh consumption. Advantages of tomato F1 Mongoose:

  • lying;
  • transportable;
  • not prone to cracking.

Due to its advantages and excellent taste, Mongoose F1 will be a good choice for both amateur vegetable growers and farmers.

What gardeners of the Rostov region advise

Experienced summer residents advise choosing undersized determinant type tomato varieties that tolerate heat well for open ground. The list of tomato varieties for open ground tested in the Rostov region:

  • Eugene;
  • Gourmet;
  • Winner;
  • Titanium.


The variety can be grown in the country for the needs of the family and on the farm for sale on the market. Bushes are low (30 cm), standard, determinant type. The leaves are small, dark green. Fruits are red, round, weighing from 60 to 80 g. Early ripening. Productivity 7 kg / m². Valuable qualities:

  • increased drought resistance;
  • sets fruit well in extremely hot weather;
  • fruits do not crack;
  • universal use;
  • the taste is good;
  • early maturation;
  • the assessment of keeping quality and transportability is high.


Drought-resistant, fruitful variety. For Gourmands are characterized by: immunity to top rot of fruits, yield 7 kg / m². Determinate bushes, from 50 to 60 cm high, semi-spreading, medium leafy. Seedlings are planted in 6-8 bushes per square meter. Fruits are raspberry, round, of medium size (100-120 g). The main characteristics of the variety:

  • early maturing;
  • drought-resistant;
  • universal purpose.


New medium-early, high-yield variety from Volgograd breeders. The bushes are low (60-75 cm), leafy above average. Fruits are red, with a sweetish taste, weighing from 70 to 140 g. The pulp is firm. The shape of the tomato is elongated with slight ribbing. The variety is grown on an industrial scale, with a yield of 630 c / ha. In the conditions of giving the yield of the variety is 10 kg / m². The marketable yield of ripe fruits is from 84 to 96%. Ripe fruits tolerate transportation well.

Tomatoes Winner are the ideal raw material for whole-fruit canning.


Determinant, mid-late tomato variety Titan with standard bushes, since 2000 has been popular with summer residents and farmers. It is as easy to clean as possible: no need to tie up and remove stepchildren. The maximum height of the bushes is 60 cm. The fruits are round, red, fleshy, weighing 80-150 g. The pulp is low-seeded, the skin is dense. The taste of tomatoes is excellent, the yield is high - 4 kg per bush. Tomatoes are used for preparations and consumed fresh. The advantages of the variety include:

  • resistance to late blight;
  • great taste;
  • high portability;
  • high productivity.


Svetlana, Rostov region.

For our hot (+50 ° C) summer, I recommend the Russian Beauty variety. This is a medium-sized indent, requires a garter and pinning. Dual-use tomatoes: salad, pickling. Grown in the open field, I am very happy with the harvest. The tomatoes are red, heart-shaped, the flesh is sugary, very tasty. The tomatoes were all large from 200 g, they ate fresh, they did not let them into the blanks.

Maria, Neklinovsky district of the Rostov region.

I grow a tomato for sale in the open field. I use drip irrigation. This year planted:

  1. Pink Newbie.
  2. Gift of the Trans-Volga Pink.
  3. Solerosso.
  4. Polbig.
  5. Logjane.
  6. Sadin.

Pink newbie convincingly harvested, tomato on a firm 4, at the top of the bush the fruit is smaller. Plus - I was not sick with anything.

Gift of the Volga region Pink showed an average yield, is susceptible to disease, but the taste of the tomato is delicious. I will plant a little for myself next year.

Solerosso is an excellent, fruitful hybrid, 3 kg were removed from the bush. The last tomatoes were picked in October. Resistant to top rot, susceptible to TMV. To obtain a good harvest, abundant watering is needed. Noted a noticeable shrinkage of the tomato with a reduction in watering.

Polbig - tomatoes are being bought up at the market. The variety is fruitful (4.5 kg / bush), unpretentious, prone to top rot. The taste of the tomato is excellent, the yield is beyond praise.

Lodge is a fast, transportable variety. The flesh of the fruit is too firm. The species is marketable, the color is beautiful, crimson. The variety is suitable for wholesale, worse at retail. We collected 3.5 kg from the bush.

Sadin - the variety is resistant to diseases, fruitful, the tomatoes are not tasty, they did not go on the market. Tomatoes are flat-rounded, scarlet with dense pulp.


Among the abundance of varieties, it is easy to find just for your summer cottage. You can choose a Dutch variety, you can support a domestic producer and buy tomato seeds from the Rostovsky seed center.

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