Description of the Aztec cucumber variety, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the Aztec cucumber variety, its characteristics and cultivation

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Every summer resident dreams of a big harvest of cucumbers, so when planting familiar varieties or choosing new seeds, many stop at hybrid varieties. For example, Aztec cucumbers meet all the requirements of gardeners and have a number of advantages. Let's consider in more detail the description of the variety and its characteristics.

Advantages of the variety

The Aztec cucumber variety is referred to as parthenocarpic gherkins. The bush is medium in size. Cucumbers grow in a bunch. They can be used for both salads and canning. The fruit is about 8–12 cm long, with small tubercles and stripes. The bundles combine 3-5 female colors.

Tomatoes have the following advantages:

  • they are fragrant and have no bitterness;
  • painlessly react to weather conditions;
  • easy to grow;
  • resistant to various diseases;
  • have good productivity, which is not influenced by unstable air temperature: they easily tolerate a decrease in the night time.

When salting an Aztec cucumber, no internal voids are formed. Cucumbers are stable in size and do not overgrow. It is recommended to grow them in greenhouses, hotbeds and outdoors.


Aztec cucumbers belong to early ripening fruits, have a high yield - 9 kg per square meter. The cucumbers are dense, they remain the same during heat treatment during conservation. Ripen in 1.5 months after the seeds sprout.

The variety is resistant to the following diseases:

  • powdery mildew;
  • cucumber mosaic;
  • olive spot;
  • cladosporiosis.

Features of growing seedlings

When Aztec f1 seeds are purchased from the store, they are calibrated and processed. To speed up the germination of seeds, it is better to soak them by placing them in a damp cloth and immersing them in warm water.

Then it is recommended to harden the seeds, but only those that did not have time to germinate. To do this, they are placed directly in a damp cloth in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

After that, they must be immediately planted in pre-prepared containers or directly into the greenhouse. In the middle climatic zone or in the north, it is best to use the seedling method of growing cucumbers. Cucumbers are known to be painful to transplant, so it is better to use cups to reduce trauma to the roots of the cucumbers.

After the cucumbers "hatch", it is necessary to ensure that they do not stretch out. To do this, it is recommended to put them on a light windowsill or additionally illuminate them with a lamp. There is no need to rush to sowing cucumbers to obtain seedlings, as it is undesirable to keep them in cups for more than 3-4 weeks.

For planting cucumber seedlings to a permanent place, it must be borne in mind that it is recommended to observe crop rotation, change the place of the beds with melons and gourds. The place should be sunny and protected from cold northerly winds, the soil should be fertile and loose.

If the seedlings are planned for planting in greenhouses, then the seeds are sown in March, and for open ground they choose mid-April.

When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, it is recommended to use a trellis, then the fruits will always be clean, take up less space, and it will become more convenient to harvest them.

When planting seedlings in open ground, it is necessary that the earth warms up well and the weather becomes stable. But at night it is better to cover them with a film cover, and to clean them during the day. When planting, it is necessary to observe a distance between rows of about 50 cm, and between plants - 30 cm.

The main care for cucumbers is timely watering, weed removal and loosening of the soil. Subject to these rules and conditions for growing, the Aztec variety will surprise you with its high yield.

How do they say about the variety?

Basically, the Dutch Aztec hybrid has only positive reviews.

He is attractive:

  • ease of growth and development of plants;
  • convenience of harvesting, as it grows in bunches;
  • good taste and aesthetic qualities in canning: cucumbers turn out to be dense and crispy, look nice when closed in jars.

Thanks to successful selection, the Aztec cucumber variety is chosen by an increasing number of gardeners and gardeners. It is good in all weather conditions, as it gives a stable high yield.

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