Description and characteristics of the variety of columnar apple varieties Gin, cultivation and reviews of gardeners about the culture

Description and characteristics of the variety of columnar apple varieties Gin, cultivation and reviews of gardeners about the culture

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The apple is the most popular fruit in the world. Choosing the right variety for planting is a tricky business. There are many factors to consider to avoid mistakes. The choice should be stopped on those varieties that bear fruit well in a particular region. Coloniform apple-tree Gin is small-sized and winter-hardy, therefore it is suitable for growing throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

Description and features

Gardeners purchase seedlings depending on the description of the variety and its characteristics.

Apple tree Gin:

  • The first fruits appear in the second year after planting.
  • Gin belongs to the winter variety. The first mature specimens can be tried in early September.
  • The tree is small, reaching a height of no more than 2 meters.
  • In the first 4 years, a maximum of five kilograms of fruit is harvested from one plant.
  • From the 5th year, the yield increases. The tree gives up to 20 kilograms of juicy fruits.
  • Differs in a long shelf life.

Gene grows with one trunk. Lateral branching is practically suppressed in the cultivar. Therefore, the plant needs additional fastening.

Pros and Cons of Apple Gin


  • One main shoot makes it difficult for the tree to withstand strong winds. Therefore, a strong support is required.
  • The root system is located on the surface. Because of this, the plant often suffers from drought and lack of mineral nutrition.
  • The variety needs winter shelter. In a harsh, snowless winter, the plant often dies.
  • Short term of fruiting. Gives a good harvest no more than 15 years.

The columnar variety is gaining popularity due to:

  • yield from the second year;
  • disease resistance;
  • compactness, a large number of seedlings are planted in a small area, a distance of one meter is left between the plants;
  • high winter hardiness;
  • ease of maintenance and ease of pruning.

Variety characteristics

To decide on the variety for planting, you should pay attention to the main characteristics of the apple tree.

Dimensions (edit)

The tree grows up to two meters. It rarely exceeds this height. The crown width reaches 80 centimeters. Sizes depend on care and growing area.


From the second year, up to 4 kg of fruits are harvested from the tree. In the fifth and subsequent years, the yield will be up to 12 kilograms.

The frequency of fruiting

The tree does not bear fruit:

  • if severely damaged by pests;
  • if infected with diseases;
  • under adverse weather conditions.

The first harvest of several fruits can be enjoyed in the first year, but during this period it is recommended to remove all emerging inflorescences to allow the plant to grow stronger. Abundant fruiting occurs five years after planting. From the sixth year, the tree bears fruit annually.

The plant occasionally needs to restore vitality. During the dormant period, the tree produces only a few fruits.

Winter hardiness

Possesses high winter hardiness. Jin easily tolerates harsh winter conditions:

  • severe frost;
  • thaw;
  • wet snow;
  • ice crust;
  • long frosts.

Disease resistance

The variety is highly resistant to disease. Practically not damaged by pests and diseases. The advantage of the variety is scab resistance.

Fruit assessment

By application, the fruits are universal, used for:

  • jam;
  • tinctures;
  • jam;
  • cider;
  • pies.


  • sweet and sour;
  • correct, rounded shape;
  • with a pleasant aroma;
  • deep red with ruddy color;
  • with strong light pulp;
  • weighing from 65 to 135 grams.

The apple tree received three gold medals at world competitions. Tasting score - 4.75 points.

Distribution regions

The apple tree is suitable for growing in all regions of the Russian Federation. Feels especially good in the Middle Lane.

Variety reviews

Dmitry: “Several varieties of apple trees grow at my dacha. Jin is a favorite. I planted several trees at a distance of 70 centimeters. From one plant I collect up to 20 kilograms of large and juicy fruits. I recommend!"

Margarita: “It gives a wonderful harvest in Sochi. I have 7 trees growing. For five years, the plant has not been affected by any diseases. Fruiting from the second year. This year I collected 10 kilograms from each apple tree. Fruits are sweet, slightly bland, not sour. Average juiciness. The fruits are firmly attached to the tree and do not fall off when ripe ”.

Valentina: “The apple tree is easy to care for. In the heat, I water it three times a week. I apply top dressing only in the spring. Every spring I whiten the trunks, I have not noticed pests for several years. This year the tree is 4 years old. She took off 5 kilograms. The size of one fruit is 150 grams. I warm it up for the winter. I sprinkle the trunk with sawdust, then cover it with spruce branches. In addition to cold weather, the shelter also saves from mice. We eat apples most often fresh. The pies are very tasty with them. "

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