Instructions for use and composition of Florovit, fertilizer dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Florovit, fertilizer dosage and analogues

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One of the stages of caring for cultivated and ornamental plants is feeding. Thanks to the nutrient components, it is possible not only to accelerate the growth and development of the planted plants, but also to increase the yield. On the market there are universal preparations that are suitable for almost all crops, and products specially designed for a specific culture. Florovit has advantages that make it popular among gardeners.

Composition and form of release

Top dressing from a Polish manufacturer, which is produced under the Florovit trademark, is popular not only among owners of small plots and flower growers, but also among farmers. Fertilizers were created taking into account the needs of each crop, therefore, they are characterized by high efficiency.

Depending on the variety, the preparations differ in the components in the composition and their concentration, but in each chemical there is a basic set of macro- and microelements necessary for each culture. These are substances such as manganese, nitrogen, potassium, molybdenum, iron, sulfur and zinc. At the same time, there are no harmful compounds in the preparations, which, once in the human body, can lead to health problems.

The fertilizer goes on sale in the form of water-soluble granules and a liquid solution for foliar feeding.

For which plants?

Fertilizers of the Florovit line are designed for foliar and root feeding of fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops, as well as indoor flowers. Since after treatment a film forms on the surface of the leaves, from which the nutrients quickly penetrate into the tissues, the first option is considered more effective.

There are several varieties of the drug on sale:

  1. Lime. Used to reduce soil acidity. The main substance in the composition is calcium.
  2. For acid-loving crops. Some plants, on the contrary, like an acidic environment and, in order to create comfortable growing conditions for them, use this type of "Florovita".
  3. For conifers. After using the fertilizer, the crops become lush and attractive, and the needles remain richly green even in winter.
  4. For grapes. It is introduced as part of the preparation of the soil for planting young plants. Also used for mature plants throughout the active growing season.
  5. For garden and indoor flowers. After feeding, the bushes begin to grow shoots more intensively, and the flower petals acquire a rich shade.
  6. For strawberries. The fertilizer prevents chlorosis of the leaves and improves the quality of the berries. It is used both for open ground and for film greenhouses.
  7. Universal. This variety is used to feed any perennial plants, to improve the composition of the soil.

Gardeners who have tested the working qualities of the drug in practice have identified several advantages of the fertilizer:

  • the development of the root system of plants is stimulated, as a result of which the seedlings take root faster in a new place;
  • fertilizer is allowed to be used in tank mixes with other chemicals;
  • top dressing is environmentally friendly and does not harm beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Florovit fertilizer application instruction

The manufacturer's instructions indicate the dosage of fertilizer for different plants and the rules for using the drug. They are presented in the table:

CultureFertilizer consumptionMultiplicity and application features
Grapes· When preparing beds - 100 grams per square meter;

· As plant nutrition - 45 grams per crop (from the second year - 65 grams).

In the first year after planting the seedlings, the drug is applied twice, before flowering.
Strawberries and strawberries· The first year after planting bushes - 500 grams per 10 sq. meters;

· Second year - 250 grams for the same area.

Starting from the second year, the fertilizer rate is divided in half and one part is applied in the spring, and the second after harvest.
Blueberry· The first year - 60 grams per square meter;

· Second year - 95 grams.

The recommended rate is divided into three parts, the first feeding is done at the beginning of spring, the next - with an interval of a month. The granules are scattered around the bushes and covered with a rake into the ground. After that, be sure to irrigate the culture.
Indoor flowersOrchids - 6 ml per 1 liter of water;

Succulents - 10 ml per liter of water;

· Pelargonium - 10 ml per liter of water.

· Once a week, from April to the last days of September;

· Fertilizer is watered once every three weeks, for the rest period it is reduced to once every two months;

· Twice a week, from mid-spring to the last days of September.

ConifersFrom 4 to 16 grams per crop, depending on its age.Fertilized three times per season, starting in April, every two months.

Security measures

Florovit belongs to the 3rd class of toxicity, that is, moderately hazardous substances. When working with him, use standard protective equipment - overalls, gloves, mask. At the end of all work with a chemical agent, it is recommended to wash and take a shower. In case of accidental contact of the working solution on the skin or eyes, rinse them with water. If there is a burning sensation or irritation, contact a medical institution.

What is compatible with

The instructions from the manufacturer indicate that all types of fertilizers can be used with plant protection products.

Before use, it is recommended to do a chemical compatibility test; if sediment or flakes appear, such a tank mixture is discarded.

How to store it correctly?

Despite the fact that the chemical does not pose a particular danger to humans and animals, it is recommended to store it in separate outbuildings. It is important that the room is dry and that the sun's rays do not penetrate. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. The expiration date is not indicated in the instructions.


The cost of all varieties of Florovit is quite high, therefore, if a gardener cannot afford such a drug, it is worth paying attention to domestic counterparts. True, it will not be possible to buy chemicals with the same composition, therefore, a complex fertilizer is selected depending on the crops growing on the site and the composition of the soil.

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