Instructions for the use of the fungicide Strekar and preparation of the working solution

Instructions for the use of the fungicide Strekar and preparation of the working solution

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A high-quality crop is difficult to obtain without the use of protective drugs against various diseases, which are often the cause of fruit death. "Strekar" is a fungicide, the instructions for use of which say that it is designed to protect against fungal, bacterial infections of cultivated plants.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug "Strekar"

"Strekar" is a systemic contact fungicide that is intended for the treatment of crops during the growing season. The uniqueness of the drug is that it contains components that affect the pathogens of fungi and bacteria.

"Strekar" has a systemic effect and at the same time belongs to 2 biological groups: fungicides, bactericides.

The first component in the composition of the product is phytobacteriomycin, its amount is 25 g per 1 liter of substance. This amorphous substance, rapidly dissolving in water, is a compound with antibacterial action belonging to the streptotricin family. The second component, carbendazim (70 g / l), prevents the reproduction and division of fungal cells, thereby aggravating their development and provoking death. It spreads well along the vegetative parts of the plant and remains in the form of a film, providing a protective effect.

The mechanism of action of the fungicide

The product developed by the SPC "Farmbiomed" belongs to the combined fungicides, which are intended not only for the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria and fungi, but also for prophylaxis.

Protective properties can be observed for 15-20 days. After processing agricultural crops, the drug begins to act on average in a day..

With the simultaneous defeat of the plant by pathogens of fungi and bacteria, severe stress for the culture and further rotting of the ovaries, fruits or simply dropping them is possible. Strekar suppresses pathogens, relieves stress, increasing the number of crops.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

Strekar is a new generation fungicide, so the spectrum of its action is not yet thoroughly known. But even in a short period of time, its use in practice has shown efficiency and guaranteed results. You can highlight the following positive aspects of the remedy:

  • a long period of manifestation of protective actions (about a month);
  • lowering the level of toxicity to the plant;
  • double action against fungi and bacteria;
  • improving the quality and quantity of the future harvest, saturation of fruits and root crops with useful substances;
  • high efficiency when used in conjunction with other drugs;
  • complete safety for seeds during prophylactic dressing before planting;
  • the possibility of using in different stages of the growing season.

The disadvantages of the Strekar fungicide include increased toxicity to insects and water bodies.

Preparation of working solution

For each agricultural crop, the correct proportion must be observed when preparing the working solution. Watering is carried out at the root or sprayed onto the leaf surface using a special device.

The solution is prepared in a container made of plastic, enamel, glass and must be used within 24 hours.

Seed treatment

Seed dressing is one of the best ways to prevent disease. The concentration of the drug is about 2%. Check the planting material for cracks, sprouts, dirt and keep it in the solution for 5 hours, then rinse thoroughly using clean water.


For this vegetable crop, you need to prepare a solution at the rate of 20 g of "Strekar" per bucket of water. Processing is carried out three times with an interval of 4 weeks by watering at the root. The consumption of the drug per 1 square meter is 60 g.


For tomatoes in greenhouses, a 0.2% solution is prepared, and for tomatoes growing in open ground, it is better to increase the concentration to 0.4%. It is recommended to process 3 times per season with an interval of 3 weeks. The first spraying should be carried out one month after planting.


Consumption of "Strekar" for a bucket of water is 20 g. The procedure is carried out from the beginning of bulb formation, repeating every 20 days. Preventive spraying is also encouraged.


10 l of water accounts for 15 g of the substance. With this solution, potatoes are processed when the first symptoms of disease appear and for the purpose of prophylaxis. The procedure is repeated 3 times per season with intervals of 3 weeks.


Decontamination of grain crops is best done at the seed stage. For bushes affected by bacteriosis, root rot, it is recommended to use a solution (10 g "Strekar" per 10 liters of water).

Fruit trees

For the treatment of fruit trees, prepare a solution in the ratio of 10 g of fungicide to 10 liters of water. Use it at the time of the formation of buds, ovaries.

Repeat the procedure in the fall, after harvest.

Instructions for use of the drug

Carry out the procedure in dry weather conditions, preferably in the morning, in the evening or when it is cloudy, in order to exclude direct sunlight. Do not process plants near water bodies, animals.

Safety when working with the tool

Long sleeves and gloves should be worn to protect the skin from damage. To protect the respiratory tract, use a mask or respirator.

Important! If the product gets on the skin, thoroughly rinse the affected area. And in case of internal poisoning, clear the stomach and consult a doctor in order to avoid complications.

Toxicity degree

"Strekar" is classified as a fungicide of the 3rd hazard class, therefore, it is recommended to observe precautions when working with it.


"Strekar" can be combined with various fungicides and insecticides, but it is forbidden to combine with bacterial preparations in tank mixtures.

Storage conditions of the fungicide

Store the drug in an unlit room with a low level of humidity at a temperature of 0 to 30 degrees Celsius, away from animals and children. It is strictly forbidden to leave near food and medicine.

Similar means

There are no analogues of such a double-acting drug.

Diseases caused by fungi and bacteria can significantly impair the growth and development of plants, provoke their wilting. The use of the Strekar fungicide will greatly facilitate the care of agricultural crops and will not leave you without a crop.

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