How to properly keep gating in the apartment in winter until spring

How to properly keep gating in the apartment in winter until spring

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Flower lovers will appreciate the gatzan because of the variety of shades. Outwardly, it resembles the usual chamomile, but with a bright color scheme. Summer residents love to grow annuals, but it makes sense to grow perennials. Therefore, it is important to know how to keep gating in the apartment in winter, so that in the summer the garden plot is full of bright colors. Gatsania is grown in pots, flower vases or containers and is used to decorate the local area.

Is it possible to keep gating until spring?

In Russia, the summer is short, so you need to take care that the gatsania will calmly survive the winter cold. The flower can withstand temperatures up to a maximum of -5 degrees.

For the preservation of the plant until spring, there are several options:

  1. Transfer the flower to the house before the first cold weather. The method is the most harmless, since it does not involve interference with the root system.
  2. Transfer to a winter greenhouse or fully glazed balcony. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the temperature above +10 degrees.
  3. Transfer to a special pot with automatic watering.

Observing simple conditions of care, it is possible to keep gating until spring.

Does gatsin 'overwinter in the open field?

In the central zone of Russia, many gardeners leave the gatsaniya to winter in the open field, covering it with insulating material. But, despite a good shelter, most of the plants die, as they cannot tolerate prolonged cold weather.

Preparing the plant for winter

Preparatory work for wintering is carried out in autumn, in October-November, when the air temperature drops to -5-7 degrees. Strong shoots are taken from gatsania and transplanted into flower pots. Then they just put it in a warm place.

For better wintering, the flower must be transferred gradually so that it has time to adapt to changing conditions. To do this, the pot is brought into the house at night for 3-4 days, and during the day it is exposed to fresh air. Thus, gating will comfortably overwinter.

When transplanting a plant from open ground, you should adhere to some recommendations:

  1. Drainage preparation. Gatsania is sensitive to excess moisture, therefore, expanded clay is recommended as drainage.
  2. Land preparation. The most suitable soil is sandy loam, containing a large amount of humus.
  3. Respect for the roots. The root system is extremely sensitive and does not tolerate any damage, up to death.

Like any plant, gatsania loves respect and care, although it is considered an unpretentious flower.

How to care?

The first thing that needs to be done after transplanting is to decide on the wintering place of the flower. Most gardeners prefer to store gatsania on the balcony, but if conditions are not suitable, they bring it into the apartment. It is important to provide the plant with a large amount of sunlight, therefore it is recommended to place it on a windowsill with a sunny side. Artificial lighting is also added, since the optimal time to receive light is at least 8 hours a day.

An important aspect of gatsania care is maintaining the optimum temperature. The flower loves temperatures from 20 degrees, but tolerates frosts down to -5, therefore, 8-11 degrees is considered a comfortable temperature for wintering. The temperature below threatens disease or death of the plant.

Water as needed (every couple of days). Excessive watering or drought will adversely affect the flower.

Possible difficulties and care errors

Any self-respecting gardener can make mistakes when leaving, since gatsania is considered a fragile plant. At the end of winter, some problems may appear:

  1. Lack of flowers. This is due to the incorrect content of the flower. There are several reasons - improper watering, insufficient sunlight or non-compliance with the temperature regime. To solve the problem, it is necessary to feed the plant with potassium and phosphorus. Fertilize with nitrogen in extreme cases.
  2. The defeat of the roots with gray rot. The only reason is the overflow of the plant.

If, nevertheless, the plant did not survive the winter, then you will have to grow it for seedlings from seeds. Gazania gets along with any plants without causing discomfort. There are a lot of flower varieties. A distinctive feature of some varieties is that when the sun goes down, they fold their petals. The rest of the species remain open all night.

Advice! In order for the flowering of gatsania to be fast and long-lasting, it is recommended to cut off dried buds.

The most important thing in caring for gatsania is care and love. If the plant is provided with all the conditions, then it will always delight with its beauty and aroma in the garden.

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