Description, characteristics and regions of distribution of the apple variety Aphrodite

Description, characteristics and regions of distribution of the apple variety Aphrodite

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Each summer resident is tormented by the question of what kind of apple tree to plant on his site, so as not to be mistaken. Everyone wants to harvest a tasty, bountiful harvest with juicy and crunchy flesh with minimal maintenance. So that the plant is resistant to diseases and firmly endures cold snaps, and the fruits are stored for a long time. All of these properties are possessed by the Aphrodite apple tree.

Description and features of the variety

Breeders have managed to develop an ideal fruit crop that retains its performance under various growing conditions. The main descriptions of the variety do not change from weather conditions and the degree of care:

  • refers to the winter species;
  • resistant to fungal diseases;
  • the tree grows large and strong;
  • the maximum height is 10 meters;
  • fast-growing plant;
  • the crown is round;
  • apples are consumed fresh and processed;
  • mixed fruiting;
  • umbrella-shaped inflorescences consist of 4-6 flowers;
  • the variety is self-fertile, in order to bear fruit abundantly and fully, a pollinator partner is needed;
  • the plant patiently tolerates temperature changes;
  • bears fruit from the fourth year.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the variety include:

  • tolerates harsh winter conditions well;
  • does not require additional protection in winter;
  • the root system tolerates the proximity of groundwater;
  • a high-yielding variety, 278 centners are harvested per hectare;
  • bears fruit annually;
  • immune to scab;
  • high commercial quality of fruit;
  • long-term storage of crops.


  • The large size of the plant makes harvesting difficult. A ten-meter handsome man is not suitable for small areas.
  • The variety requires cross-pollination.

Characteristics of the apple tree Aphrodite

Let us consider separately the characteristics of the variety in detail.

Dimensions (edit)

Adult plant:

  • the crown is round and wide;
  • height of about 10 meters;
  • the stem is even and strong.

The branches increase in length by 12 centimeters each year.


The taste of the first fruits can be enjoyed in the fourth year after planting. Productive cleaning starts at the age of 9-12. Every year 130-150 kilograms of apples are harvested from the plant.

The frequency of fruiting

Under any weather conditions, even in the most unfavorable summer, the tree produces a harvest annually.

Winter hardiness

The plant tolerates severe frosts remarkably up to 43 degrees. It has a high frost resistance, which makes it possible not to cover the plant before the onset of the winter period.

Disease resistance


  • the variety has a resistant gene - Vf, which helps to resist various fungal diseases;
  • the plant is resistant to five types of scab.

To prevent the tree from getting sick, follow simple recommendations:

  1. If you do not cleanse the garden of fallen leaves and dry twigs, then fruit rot will develop.
  2. Protects the trunk from insects. Young plants are whitewashed with chalk, adults are treated with lime.

Sawdust dipped in kerosene and spread around the trunk helps to save apple trees from rodents. For the winter, they cover with pine branches or tie the trunk with parchment.

Fruit assessment


  • maximum weight 150 g;
  • ripe fruits have a red blush over the entire surface;
  • sweet and sour, dense pulp contains a large amount of juice;
  • consumer quality of fruit is estimated at 4.5 points.

Variety spread

Due to the fact that the variety is frost-resistant, well adapted to harsh weather conditions and not picky about soils, Aphrodite grows well:

  • in central Russia;
  • in the Volga region;
  • in the Urals;
  • in the northern regions;
  • in outskirts of Moscow;
  • in Bashkiria;
  • in Ukraine.

Reviews of gardeners about the apple tree

Tatiana, 65 years old: “I collect the first copies at the beginning of autumn. After the first frost, the apples become juicier and sweeter. I comply with the storage conditions, so we consume the harvest for six months. Just look after. In the summer I water, harvest on time, clear the space of foliage. "

Vasily, 45 years old: “An unpretentious tree. The apples are delicious. The size is small. When they lie down, they change color to bright crimson and become sweeter. The tree has grown large, but I hardly take care of it. Occasionally I feed it with humus, when the heat is intense, I water it. Winters well. "

Marina, 47 years old: “My tree is 12 years old. It reached a height of 5 meters. Every year I shoot about a hundred buckets. In the refrigerator, the fruits are stored until the New Year. It blooms beautifully, the fruit is also beautiful in appearance. I harvest until the end of September. "

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