Can domestic geese fly away from the yard and how to avoid it

Can domestic geese fly away from the yard and how to avoid it

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Wild geese are excellent flyers. They rise to a height of more than 10 thousand kilometers and cross entire continents along. Do domestic geese fly, and if so, how far, is not an idle question. The conditions of their detention in the walking grounds during the day depend on this. If the birds do not leave the territory of the infield, do you need to chop off the wings of the whole flock or is it easier to build a higher fence?

Can domestic geese fly away?

As a rule, birds do not move far from the yard, unless they are shown the way to a pond or meadow with juicy young grass. They are more comfortable living next to people, since they see a person from childhood and feel his care for themselves. First of all, hunger satisfaction is associated in geese with the figure of the owner. They do not feel the need for flights to distant countries because of the tolerable conditions of detention:

  • even an unheated room protects birds from the piercing wind, and a huge down and fat layer insulates from the searing frost;
  • liquid water is always available.

There are also less materialistic reasons why geese stay at home. Domesticated 4 thousand years ago, passed through the hands of breeders, the birds have undergone anatomical changes.

Their skeleton is more erect, vertically curved than that of wild geese. The body of poultry is wider and larger. Greater body fat also matters.

Domestic geese are not trained to fly. However, there are no rules without exceptions. It is not uncommon for birds to fly away from arrogant owners who did not clip their wings. This happened to lean birds who heard the cries of migratory relatives. As a result, most of the owners managed to find their pets at a great distance from the estate, some birds disappeared.

Of course, the geese will not rise higher than one and a half meters and will not be able to go around the forest, but, with a successful combination of circumstances, having the opportunity to scatter, they fly from half a kilometer. Once in an unfamiliar area and having come to their senses, they are not able to find their way home, and anything can happen to stray birds.

How can you avoid this?

Without a run, geese do not fly away at all. Therefore, only the owners of thin individuals grazing on the street or in the meadow should worry. In such cases, the way out is known - to chop the plumage on the wings. Fortunately, now it does not serve as a source of obtaining a writing instrument.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

One has only to know that the feather is filled with blood at the base. Chopping at a distance of 10 cm from the body is enough to prevent the goose from suddenly trying to fly away.

Wings should be chopped off if a yard dog can frighten a huge bird walking around the estate. Such a measure will protect children and even adults from injury.

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