Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Favorite

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Favorite

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Among the variety of tomato varieties, it can be very difficult to choose a single one that would fully meet all the requirements of a gardener. Tomato Favorita F1 is just one of those varieties of nightshade crops that are distinguished by good yield and high taste of ripe vegetables. Those gardeners who grew this hybrid were completely satisfied with it.

Description of the Favorite variety

The plant is included in the State Register as a variety intended for cultivation in open ground, greenhouses and film shelters. Tomato variety Favorite belongs to the first generation hybrids. First of all, the tomato is intended for growing in greenhouse conditions and closed greenhouses. In the southern and central regions, it is possible to cultivate crops in open areas.

The main feature of the plant that distinguishes Favorite from all other varieties is its low ability to form side shoots on bushes. Planting material manufacturers claim that more than half of the stepchildren are not able to form side shoots. Or if shoots are still formed, then they are very weak.

In order to improve productivity, it is advisable to form a bush into one main stem. The plant belongs to interdeterminate, in height, an adult plant can reach up to 1.6 meters. The ovaries begin to form above the 7th leaf. Subsequent inflorescences are laid every three leaves. Tomato brushes are small, compact. Up to 6 fruits can form in one cyst.

Favorite tomato varieties are mid-season. The duration from sowing to harvesting the first crop ranges from 110 to 120 days. The first crop can be harvested in mid-August.

The main advantage of this hybrid is its resistance to many diseases. These are fusarium, tobacco mosaic virus, and cladosporiosis. The plant tolerates slight shading well.

Characteristics of the fruits of tomato Favorite

The description of the variety will be incomplete without a detailed description of the tomato fruit. The main characteristic of the hybrid is large-fruited. The maximum weight of one mature tomato can reach up to 350 grams. On average, the weight of vegetables is about 200 grams. Ripe fruits with a rich red hue. Unripe vegetables of a dark green color with a dark spot near the stalk. The skin is smooth, not ribbed, rather thin. There may be a small depression near the stem. From one adult bush, you can collect from 5 to 7 kg of tomatoes. When planting 3-4 plants per 1 sq. m. yield can reach about 20 kg.

The main disadvantage of this hybrid is that vegetables do not retain their integrity well during transportation. They have a good presentation and are suitable for commercial trade.

The use of this variety of tomatoes in cooking is universal, vegetables can be eaten fresh, added to salads. They are also great for making tomato pastes, sauces, lecho and tomato juices. They are not suitable only for whole pickling due to too thin skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of a tomato

Reviews of gardeners and gardeners who cultivated crops in their summer cottages were generally satisfied with the results. But, like any other hybrid, the Favorite tomato has not only advantages, but also a number of disadvantages.

Description of advantages:

  • The fruits are quite large;
  • Stable harvest throughout the entire fruiting period;
  • Resistance to many "tomato" diseases;
  • Seedlings can be planted in the shade;
  • Universal use in cooking;
  • Good looking tomatoes, suitable for sale;
  • Ripe tomatoes taste good.

Description of disadvantages:

  • Tomatoes are not stored for a long time, they are not suitable for long-term transportation;
  • Due to the very thin skin, the fruit cannot be preserved as a whole;
  • A garter of bushes to the support is required.

Rules for growing and caring for tomato Favorite F1

Many gardeners believe that to get a rich harvest, it is enough to plant seedlings and periodically water the bushes. This opinion is fundamentally wrong. Even if the yield is stable with minimal effort, the quality of the fruit may not be as good. Some give sweet fruits only when mineral and organic fertilizers are applied. It is necessary to treat the future harvest very carefully.

Features of growing and caring for the hybrid Favorite is no different from the cultivation of other varieties, and even cherry tomatoes.

Planting young seedlings into the soil is carried out after warm weather has established on the street. In most regions, these are the last days of May, or the beginning of June. If you plant seedlings in bad weather, they will often hurt, and also grow very slowly.

Particular attention must be paid to the soil. It is desirable to give preference to light loamy soil. It is recommended to plant tomatoes on the south side on elevations. In the lowlands, bushes can grow poorly, because they do not tolerate stagnant water. Tomatoes also grow poorly on soils with high acidity.

Each year, the place where the seedlings are grown should be changed. This is necessary so that the earth has time to recover and be saturated with microelements.

It is not advisable to choose for planting those areas on which potatoes, eggplants or bell peppers previously grew. First, all of these crops feed on the same substances. And secondly, tomatoes can become infected with late blight from these vegetables.

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