Instructions for the use of herbicide Pyramine Turbo, how to prepare a working solution

Instructions for the use of herbicide Pyramine Turbo, how to prepare a working solution

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Thanks to scientists who are constantly working on the creation of chemicals for agriculture, new ones appear that facilitate the processing and growing of cultivated plants. Among the most demanded are pesticides of selective action. The herbicide called "Pyramin Turbo" is one of the new, highly effective substances that can control the appearance of weeds on beet crops.

Composition and release form of the drug "Pyramin Turbo"

"Pyramine Turbo" refers to a systemic herbicide of the pyridazinone class. The drug is based on chloridazone, the amount of which is 520 grams per liter of "Pyramine".

Produced by the largest German chemical concern BASF. The form of the preparation is a suspension concentrate, packaged in plastic canisters with a volume of 10 liters.

Positive and negative sides

Experts note the benefits of the herbicide:

  • not toxic to beets;
  • guarantees a high yield of root crops;
  • does not delay the development of crops;
  • it is possible to use a pesticide at any stage of the beet growing season;
  • can be used in heat;
  • is the leader among herbicides with these parameters.

Spectrum and mechanism of action

"Pyramin Turbo" is used both before sowing and after the beets have sprouted. It is able to destroy dicotyledonous weeds of a one-year development cycle.

The main component of the preparation penetrates into weeds through the roots, if the treatment was carried out on the soil and through the foliage - in the post-emergence period. The principle of action of a toxic substance is that it stops the process of photosynthesis, resulting in a sharp decrease in the amount of chlorophyll. Nitrogen exchange is disrupted - it becomes less in the roots, and more in the leaves and stems.

After a few days, the suppressive effect of the herbicide is visually noticeable. Weeds curl up, change their color and soon die.

Consumption rates

According to the application regulations, "Pyramin Turbo" can be used on sugar and fodder beets once or twice. In the first case, the drug solution is made more concentrated. From 3 to 5 liters of "Pyramine" are consumed per hectare. When double - 2.5 liters per hectare.

Working fluid consumption is 200-400 liters per hectare.

Preparation of working solution

The herbicide solution is prepared immediately before starting work:

  1. Check the serviceability of the sprayer, the cleanliness of the tank, the throughput of the tubes and nozzles.
  2. Clean water is filtered through a filter to prevent foreign particles from entering the sprayer tank.
  3. Fill it with water to a third of its volume.
  4. Include a stirrer.
  5. The calculated amount of Pyramin Turbo herbicide is added.
  6. Add water to full volume.

How to use the drug correctly?

With a single application of the herbicide, spraying is carried out before sowing or before the emergence of beets.

Twice is carried out at the time of the first and second waves of weeds. The phase of development of the beet does not matter. There is a break of two weeks between treatments.

"Pyramine" does not lose its effect after precipitation. On the contrary, rain causes the pesticide to reach the roots faster and destroy the weed. The optimum temperature for effective action is from +10 ⁰С to +20 ⁰С.

Herbicide Precautions

When working with a herbicide, a number of safety measures must be observed:

  • not allow pregnant women, persons under 18 years of age to work;
  • use special clothing and personal protective equipment;
  • do not drink, smoke, do not eat until the end of the work;
  • do not carry out treatment near residential buildings, reservoirs, sources of drinking water;
  • do not carry away used clothing after use;
  • carry out processing in the morning or evening, in calm weather.

Toxicological properties

The herbicide "Pyramin Turbo" belongs to the third class of danger to humans and bees. It poses a great threat to fish, therefore spraying is prohibited in the water protection zone of reservoirs.

According to the application regulations, "Pyramine" is approved for aerial processing.

The pesticide activity lasts from 2 to 8 months. The decomposition of the chemical takes place under the influence of microorganisms within 3-4 months.

Is it compatible with other drugs?

It is allowed to use "Pyramine Turbo" in tank mixtures with other herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. This is done to enhance the action of pesticides, to protect beets from diseases and pests.

Before use, a drug compatibility test is required, carried out on small volumes of chemicals. In the absence of sediment and flakes, a conclusion is made about the possibility of using the mixture.

Storage rules

The drug is stored in a special warehouse away from food products, animal feed at temperatures from -5 ⁰С to +40. The original packaging must be intact and have a label. The storage time from the date of manufacture is 3 years.

Similar herbicides

Burex 430 belongs to drugs with properties similar to Pyramine. The herbicide has the same active ingredient. It is used to kill weeds on beet crops.

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