TOP 10 recipes on how to salt dry milk mushrooms for the winter at home in a hot and cold way

TOP 10 recipes on how to salt dry milk mushrooms for the winter at home in a hot and cold way

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How tasty it is to salt dry milk mushrooms - this question worries beginner lovers of quiet hunting. Collecting these mushrooms is not the most exciting experience. It is enough to find a few glades, and the mushroom picker will fulfill the plan for collecting the mushrooms.

Now it remains to properly prepare them for salting and stock up on a cold snack with crispy skin for the whole winter.

Types of mushrooms and their useful properties

Among the dry species of this class of mushrooms, we single out several edible ones, which experienced mushroom pickers prepare for pickling:

  • White or "right" weight - in Russia it was also called pepper. The size of the cap is 60-250 millimeters, it is painted white or white-yellow. Young fungi suitable for salting have a flat, flat surface; in old mushrooms, it takes the form of a curved funnel with curved edges. A delicate fluff grows along the edges of the cap. The outer side is slightly sticky, has a damp surface. Foliage, needles and other plant debris always accumulate here.

The height of the cylindrical leg is up to 90 millimeters. Inside, it is tubular, with white flesh. When pressed, it emits a whitish juice, which, under the influence of air, becomes a grayish or dirty yellow hue. Harvesting begins in early July and continues until early October.

  • Yellow lump. The yellow cap grows to 280 millimeters. It is colored yellow or even golden; small scales grow on the surface. The shape is slightly convex, with aging the edges rise, and the cap becomes like a bowl with slightly bent edges. Usually the surface is dry, rough, but becomes sticky and slimy when wet. Leg length - up to 120 millimeters, hollow inside. The outer surface is sticky with small blotches of bright yellow color on the grooves and pits in the body of the leg.

Frequent plates at the bottom of the cap with aging of the fungus are covered with dark red spots. After cutting, mushrooms secrete juice from the stem, which spreads the smell of fruit through the forest. They grow in spruce forests, but you can also find a family near birches.

  • Bitter weight. The brown cap grows up to 120 millimeters in shape and resembles a bell. With growth, it straightens, only a small tubercle remains in the center. The surface is smooth, sticky and slippery in wet weather. The edges are slightly lightened in color. The thin cylindrical leg grows up to 90 millimeters. It has a slight thickening at the bottom and is covered with fluff. The plates of the cap are not wide, clearly outlined.

After cutting, there is no smell, but the pulp of the mushroom is very bitter, therefore, when preserved, it needs to be soaked for a long time.

  • Black podgruzdok is one of the most popular edible mushrooms. Sometimes it is also called black russula. The hat is convex with the edges wrapped inward. With aging, it straightens, the edges do not unfold completely. Leg with dense cylindrical flesh. Grows in the most shaded areas of the forest. It is easy to distinguish such a mushroom from others - it grows blue plates.

In terms of protein content, milk mushrooms can compete with porcini mushrooms and beef. The pulp contains the whole range of useful trace elements and metals in large quantities, and they are present in balanced quantities and are fully absorbed by the human body. With constant use, the level of sugar in the blood does not rise; the intake of such pickles is recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus. Protein, unlike an animal, does not contribute to weight gain, but it can quickly satisfy hunger.

Therefore, milk mushrooms are recommended for feeding people prone to obesity. We add that pickles have high diuretic and bile-excreting qualities and help to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body.

Preparing mushrooms for salting

There are many recipes for preparing milk mushrooms, but the preparation process is the same for everyone. Its main task is to remove the bitterness contained in the milky juice secreted by the fungus, to cleanse the sticky caps from foliage and needles. It is not recommended to peel the skin from the caps and legs, like in noble mushrooms. Armed with a household brush, they simply remove debris under running water, wash off the fungi.

The knife is only useful when removing wormy areas and trimming long legs. They should turn white, slippery and clean.

Important! Mushrooms of one type may require longer water procedures, therefore it is recommended to collect only young fungi. It is better to walk longer in the forest and breathe in clean air than to quickly collect "old people" with tough pulp and increased levels of toxins and bitterness.

Now it remains to put the washed mushrooms in a large enamel pot or basin and completely fill it with water. There comes a crucial moment of preparatory work - soaking the bitterness. How much time to soak - there is no unambiguous definition of the timing. It all depends on the type of mushrooms. If it is enough to hold the white milk mushrooms in water for 3-4 days, then to soak the bitter milk mushroom you will need at least 7 days of constant water replacement and rinsing the fungi under running water.

The main thing is that the milk mushrooms are completely submerged in water. To do this, you need to put a lid of a suitable size and a small weight in the basin. This can be a gymnastic kettlebell or a few packs of salt placed in a saucepan.

After soaking, the mushrooms are laid out in a large basin, put under the tap and thoroughly washed out each lump under running water. Now you can proceed to the main stage - salting or marinating the mushrooms with a crispy crust.

For novice mushroom pickers, it is important to know the minimum amount of salt for different harvesting methods. Only coarse salt is used for salting. "Extra" or iodized salt is not used for vitrification.

The data are given taking into account the proportion of the amount of salt per kilogram of fungi:

  • dry salting of mushrooms - 40 grams;
  • hot or cold - up to 60 grams;
  • marinade preparation - up to 60 grams.

Note to the hostess! Do not worry if the milk mushrooms are too salted. To correct the situation, without losing taste, a simple soaking of a portion of milk mushrooms in milk will help. After standing in it for 40-60 minutes, the fungi will become juicier and normally salted. Soaking in water is not recommended - together with salt, the rich taste of mushrooms is lost.

Harvesting dry milk mushrooms for the winter, recipes

It is not difficult to cook tasty and healthy mushrooms at home. It is enough to know the order of preparation and implementation of the main stages and to treat the work responsibly.

Altai milk mushrooms

The process is simple, but you need to expect such a cold snack within a month.

To prepare 1 kilogram of mushrooms, a set of spices and other ingredients are prepared:

  • coarse table salt - 40 grams;
  • 1 bay leaf;
  • fragrant peppercorns - 6 pieces;
  • greens and horseradish root to taste. It depends 80% on the last ingredient whether the salty mushrooms crunch, but it makes no sense to overly apply it. Horseradish will overpower the natural mushroom flavor;
  • dill with umbrellas - 1 bunch;
  • peeled cloves of garlic - 3 pieces.

Put a layer of spices and horseradish root on the bottom in a clean enamel pot or large glass jar. Layers of fungi are placed on top, sprinkling them with chopped dill with the addition of salt so that it is evenly distributed over all layers.

Cover the pot with a clean gauze napkin, put a wooden circle and set a small saucepan with oppression. Rinse the napkin daily under running water, remove excess juice.

In a cold way

This technique allows you to cook mushrooms in field conditions without containers and spices. It will be possible to add spices at home and transfer the salted lumps to jars or other containers. In this way, it is not recommended to harvest mushrooms with a high bitterness content, but at home you can successfully withstand bitter milk mushrooms or valui in water even for several weeks, and then prepare a delicious cold snack.

Recipe for making mushrooms tightly packed in a 10 liter bucket:

  • If large milk mushrooms are collected, they will have to be cut into several parts, the young are laid whole in a large saucepan or barrel. Bay leaves, cherry or black currant leaves are laid at the bottom to taste.
  • Lay out a layer of mushrooms tightly. Its thickness should be a maximum of 40-50 millimeters. A portion of salt is poured on top, a few peas of allspice, chopped herbs and dill umbrellas, a bay leaf and a few cloves of garlic are added.

  • In this way, the pan is filled, not reaching the top of 100-150 millimeters. This space will be needed to collect the juice that has come out and install the oppression.
  • The top is covered with horseradish leaves, cherries and it is recommended to add a few fragrant dill umbrellas.
  • A napkin made of natural loose material is laid on top, covered with a wooden circle and a load is placed.
  • Rinse the napkin daily and remove excess juice. If you plan to close the product in glass jars and roll them up with lids, on the 8-9th day the mushrooms are laid out in sterile dishes, poured to the top with juice from a saucepan and hermetically rolled up.

On a note! If a layer of mold has formed on top of the mushroom layer, we recommend not to get upset. It is enough to remove the top layer, add 100-200 grams of vegetable oil, replace the napkin with a boiled piece of cloth and rinse the gauze constantly to prevent the loss of tasty lumps.

Hot way

Cooked mushrooms will be without a crispy crust, but they will retain their juiciness and tender pulp. This technique shortens the cooking time and makes the dish safe, because the milk mushrooms are heat treated. Thanks to this, it is recommended to roll pickles directly into the jar. Indispensable products in this recipe are milk mushrooms, garlic, dill and salt. Optionally, you can add laurel, cloves, but this is not for everybody:

  • chopped or whole mushrooms are placed in a saucepan, a set of spices, salt, cloves of garlic are added here, water is poured and boiled for 20-25 minutes over medium heat;
  • ready-made mushrooms are laid out in jars, poured with brine to the top and hermetically closed with steel lids;
  • jars are turned over and wrapped in a blanket to gradually cool and infuse pickles.

A simple recipe for milk mushrooms in a bank

This recipe is similar to the previous one. We only note that before placing the mushrooms in the pan, they must be weighed in order to determine the required amount of salt. The cooking steps are slightly different. Pre-scald the mushrooms separately for 20 minutes, then drain the water, add salt and mix it with the mushrooms. In a separate container, suitable in volume, put umbrellas and dill, garlic and hot peppercorns on the bottom and put boiled mushrooms with salt tightly.

Shake the pan several times to compact the mixture and remove air bubbles. Add horseradish leaves, dill umbrellas, cherry leaves on top. A boiled gauze napkin, a wooden circle and a load are packed. Banks are lowered into the cellar or placed in the refrigerator. After 45-50 days, it will be possible to taste the finished product.

The quick way to pickle

The recipe is given for the preparation of 10 kilograms of milk mushrooms:

  • using simple blanching of mushrooms, you can avoid prolonged soaking of the bitterness from the mushrooms. Enough peeled milk mushrooms boil for 20 minutes. Then they are dipped in cold water and boiled again in fresh water for 10-15 minutes. The milk mushrooms are thrown onto a slotted spoon and again dipped in cold water. The ready-made broth can be used when preparing mushroom soup or cabbage soup;
  • a layer of salt is poured onto the bottom of a bucket or pan, garlic chopped into slices and dill umbrellas are added. The amount of spices depends on the taste of the hostess, the main thing is not to interrupt the natural taste of the mushrooms;
  • spread the mushrooms in layers, covering each with a layer of spices and salt. Gauze and cargo are laid on top and removed to a cool dark place for 5-7 days;
  • ready-made salted fungi are placed in sterilized jars, completely filled with brine and hermetically sealed. Or the containers are covered with a cabbage leaf and kept in a cold place.

Salting in a barrel

In order to properly prepare a large number of crispy mushrooms for the winter, if possible, to ensure the storage of the finished product in a cool place, it is recommended to lay out salted milk mushrooms in wooden barrels or in glass containers with a large neck. Barrels and other containers are processed without the use of household chemicals before salting. Simple mustard or soda ash will help wash the surfaces.

New barrels are completely filled with water and soaked for 2 weeks, draining completely after 48 hours. For this method of salting, it is better to use dry salting of mushrooms, but townspeople and farmers use quick hot salting of mushrooms. Everyone decides individually, but it is better to take your time and cook a delicious crustacean with a crispy crust.

Cooking recipes are given above.

Pickled crispy

Another quick way, but milk mushrooms do not lose their attractive "crunchy" quality. Knowing a simple recipe will help you to quickly and tasty pickle milk mushrooms. The recipe and the amount of ingredients are given for cooking 5 servings of the product:

  • 1 kilogram of mushrooms is washed and cleaned with a brush, the dirty water is drained and the mushrooms are soaked for 24 hours. During this time, the water is changed at least 3-4 times.
  • Peel 3-4 garlic cloves and cut them into thin petals. A few pinches of black currant leaves, laurel leaves and 10 cloves are washed in water.

  • Put 40 grams of coarse salt, 10-12 pieces of allspice peas, bay leaves and soaked mushrooms in a saucepan. On low heat, constantly stirring, bring to a boil, remove the heat to a minimum and simmer the mixture for another 30-40 minutes.
  • Pour 2 flat tablespoons of sugar into each 500-gram jar and pour the entire remaining set of spices. Mushrooms are placed on top, the containers are completely filled with brine from the pan.

It remains to hermetically close the cans with metal lids and wrap them in a blanket until they cool completely.

How many days are salted

It is not recommended to rush and start tasting the milk mushrooms before they are ready. At best, this threatens with severe indigestion. If there is a desire to eat mushrooms quickly, it is recommended to use the hot method of pickling or pickling mushrooms, but this method kills the reasons for the attractiveness of salted milk mushrooms - delicate flesh and crispy crust.

But hot salted milk mushrooms can be eaten only after 25-30 days, and cold - after 60 days.

Note to the hostess! Do not be alarmed if the milk mushrooms change color when salted. They can turn green, and black spots take on a purple hue. This is a natural reaction of the pulp of the fungus to salt and spices.

Storage rules

The rules for storing salted dry milk mushrooms do not differ from the recommendations for preserving other pickles from mushrooms or vegetables. The only difference is the possible responsibility of your relatives for inappropriate conditions. Remember - mushroom poisoning puts relatives in the hospital for a long time, and this is at best.

When screwing into jars, it is recommended to use only clean, sterilized jars and lids. At the first sign of a swollen lid, salted mushrooms can still be digested, but if a layer of black mold appears, it is better to throw such a product into the trash.

Salted mushrooms stored in barrels or in containers that are not sealed with airtight lids must be monitored at least once every 2-3 days by constantly rinsing the napkin in clean boiling water and draining excess brine. We recommend pouring 200-300 milliliters of vegetable oil or vodka into the barrel, this will avoid the formation of mold.

Any storage method has its own term. The maximum time to consume salted mushrooms, regardless of the storage method, is 12 months.


Salting tasty and healthy milk mushrooms is within the power of any housewife. The process is simple and does not require a lot of time and effort, but it is worth remembering the safety of the family and taking a responsible attitude to the implementation of each, even the most insignificant, operation. Only in this case there will always be a dish with salted or pickled milk mushrooms on the festive table.

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