Scheme of the formation and cultivation of cucumbers on a trellis in the open field

Scheme of the formation and cultivation of cucumbers on a trellis in the open field

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Cucumbers on a trellis in the open field are distinguished by an abundant harvest and high quality fruits. The most important thing in such a planting is to know how to properly support the cucumbers, as well as how to properly care for them. To be able to cope with the development of this system requires some physical strength, and the ability to wield tools. Cucumber is a very capricious plant, so before growing them with your own hands on a trellis, it is better to study the details of this procedure.

What is a trellis

The trellis method of growing cucumbers is used more for open spaces than in a greenhouse. Trellis are support structures for climbing plants that help create space for growth and fruiting. In addition, tied cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the open field look more aesthetically pleasing. It is also a type of landscape garden decoration.

Cucumber bushes in open ground on a trellis do not break, do not trample, are open to light and air. Often, summer residents put this support in open ground on their own with their own hands. Cultivation of cucumbers in the open field on trellises takes place on various materials. These can be nets, boards, trellises, ropes, trellises.

What are the advantages of such cultivation

Growing cucumbers on a trellis allows you to save them from many diseases. In addition, the bed becomes more compact, the space for other crops increases. Usually, fungi and harmful insects get on the leaves and fruits from the ground where they grew.

And it is worth tying the cucumbers higher, as the diseases become less.

Cucumbers are greenhouse plants, they love to bask in the warmth. Grown on a trellis, they rush to the sun, which they love so much. In addition, being planted in this way, their strength for abundant fruiting increases, that is, the yield increases. During sowing, it is worth paying attention to how to properly create such support so that the vegetables are good, comfortable and spacious.

There are also more advantages:

  • convenience in caring for plants, pest control and harvesting: cucumber lashes and fruits are not injured;
  • reduction of losses from spoilage of fruits lying on the ground;
  • prolonged fruiting period;

Cucumbers do not break, are not injured during growth, do not roll on the ground, which is full of bacteria. You can learn how to grow cucumbers on a trellis in books about gardening, or on sites on the Internet.

Initial stage and preparation

For DIY development, you need a scheme for planting cucumbers on a trellis. The creation of a cucumber trellis begins with the choice of the material from which it will be made. It can be iron, concrete, rope, wood, steel. Usually the support rises two meters, and goes half a meter deep into the soil. Cucumbers should be tied up, starting from the very top, as soon as the stem grows, it is wrapped around it with an additional rope or tourniquet.

This must be done carefully, without damaging the young shoots.

The preparation of cucumbers on a trellis in the open field begins with the installation of the main pillars. It can also be wooden sticks. The pillars are raised above the ground by about two meters, digging in at a distance of four meters from each other. Then the ropes or wire are pulled. The horizontal support must be strong so that it does not bend under the weight of the bushes.

You can find lattices, slats that will be attached to the support posts to make it easier to design.

Materials (edit)

Materials from which you can make a trellis with your own hands can be formed from wood, plastic or metal. The design can be made openwork, patterned. This will decorate the garden and look spectacular. But basically the open field garter comes from simple materials.

If they take metal, then it can be pipes, rods, wire or gratings. If the pillars are wooden, then they are made from log cabins. The grille is hammered together with nails and self-tapping screws. Open field cucumbers can also hang on strong twine ropes, especially if these are small varieties.

The growth of cucumbers on trellises also occurs from concrete pipes. One should be in the center, and the outer ones on the sides. They are connected with slats or ropes.

How to make a tapestry correctly

A cucumber trellis works best when done by hand. Breeding cucumbers by this method is successful, as it saves space on the site, and grows a healthy crop.

There are several designs of a trellis for cucumbers. It is best to form them from wooden blocks or pillars. You can do it with the letter "T". To do this, install the main pillar, and hammer another pillar horizontally at the top with nails. Then, at the end, pull the rope along the edges of the horizontal posts. Cucumbers will curl along the rope.

Can also be used as a bicycle wheel stand. It will be a very interesting landscape design.

The strongest support is metal. For her, 2 tubes, one crossbar, twine, knife, hammer, wire are useful. The whole support will be held on two tubes. They are driven into the ground half a meter. Then the rope is pulled. To prevent corrosion of the metal, it is necessary to process the tube before planting. Planting cucumbers is at a distance from each other.

How to care for cucumbers

In order for the crops grown on the trellis to bring the required amount of harvest, proper care for the cucumbers is necessary. Landing should be carried out at a distance from each other. The garden bed should be prepared in the fall. They usually put all the necessary fertilizers into it, plow it up and water it, and also spray it against the fungus. The droppings are mixed with humus, a little manure is added, and they do not forget about mineral fertilizers. If the gardener covers the ground with plastic in the open field, it will become warmer.

Many are interested in how to properly tie cucumbers on ropes. Tying the stem of cucumbers on a trellis is a very important process, without which shrubs will not grow properly. The garter material must be strong and elastic, soft so as not to damage the stem. It is not worth tying a hundred knots, as the bush grows, it will be necessary to tighten the ropes. They must be fixed so that they support the bushes and do not break off. You can tie a bow or a sliding knot.

The formation of the ovary will speak of proper cultivation. Water the plants at the root, do not forget to remove the weeds.

Growing cucumbers on a trellis in a greenhouse will help improve the quantity and quality of the crop. It is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​how to make these constructions correctly in order to avoid mistakes in the process.

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