Table of optimal temperature indicators for broiler keeping

Table of optimal temperature indicators for broiler keeping

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Broilers are chickens that produce large amounts of meat. Broiler meat is tender, suitable for preparing hearty meals, as well as for proper nutrition. When raising chickens, it is necessary to take care not only that the birds eat properly, but also about the microclimate conditions. The main characteristic of the microclimate is the temperature at which the living creatures are kept. Below you can see the table of optimum temperatures for broilers.

What does the temperature affect when growing broilers?

Newborn chicks should receive enough warmth from the 1st day of their own life. A weakened immune system turns any external factors into a threat. A small amount of heat can provoke the onset of disease, death. Heat dependence persists even in adult chickens.

Farming today is undergoing significant changes. Using incubators and brooders allows you to skip laying eggs. Plus, you no longer need to raise chickens next to the mother.

In general, it is advisable to keep laying hens separately from the young.

The main purpose for which broilers are raised is to obtain meat. The farmer needs to create all the conditions for this. In view of this, the eggs of the layers are incubated, and then the chickens born are raised in a brooder. The development of broilers and their immunity depend on the microclimate in the chicken coop. Therefore, the farmer needs to pay special attention to the conditions of the poultry, namely the temperature in the poultry house.

Optimum temperature readings in the chicken coop

The optimal temperature settings for young and adult chickens will be different. Below are tables with the corresponding parameters.

For growing young animals

Optimum temperature chart for chicks:

The age of the young, daysTemperature near the heater, degrees CelsiusHouse temperature, degrees Celsius

For adult birds

Temperature regime table for adult birds (heaters are no longer used):

Age of chickens, daysThe temperature in the hen house, degrees Celsius
From 6318

Heating regulation

In newborn chickens, the thermoregulation mechanism does not work, since their body has not yet developed. Their muscle mass is still too small for the body to receive enough heat when moving. Therefore, to regulate the heating in the chicken coop, household floor heaters or infrared lamps are used.

Care should be taken to ensure that chicks do not stray too far from the heater.

It is best to raise young growth in a brooder. A brooder is a box, the microclimate and light level of which can be adjusted. You also need to monitor the level of humidity. It should be 60-70 percent. Do not forget about active ventilation of the chicken coop and ensuring a normal level of lighting.

Other growing conditions

Temperature is not the only thing that matters when growing broilers. You need to adhere to the recommendations below:

  1. When introducing new feeds into the diet, be careful when giving the youngsters boiled potatoes. Large quantities of this product can cause intestinal problems in chickens, including volvulus and death. The diet of adult broilers should be dominated by mash and concentrated feed. Add juicy foods to the diet towards the end of the fattening period.
  2. Watch the breathing of the birds. If it is interrupted, then the air in the chicken coop is too humid. You need to improve ventilation. If the chicks move a little and lie on their feet for a long time, then they do not have enough vitamin D. If their plumage has ceased to shine and become brittle, this indicates excessive dryness in the house.
  3. To prevent intestinal disturbances in chickens, add potassium permanganate to their drinks every 2 days. Remember to stir the solution thoroughly. Drinkers and feeders must be cleaned with sodium bicarbonate. Wash drinkers and feeders after each water and feed supply.
  4. The floor in the house must be clean and insulated. You can cover it with a straw mat on a thin layer of slaked lime. Make sure that the straw does not start to decompose, replace it in time.

If you provide your broilers with optimal housing conditions, then you can easily raise healthy chickens that will provide you with a large amount of meat. Breeding broilers is quite simple, so even novice farmers who have only recently started raising poultry should not have any problems.

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