Description of the tomato variety Klepa, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Klepa, features of cultivation and care

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Compact bushes, clusters of identical bead tomatoes, rich sweet taste - all this is Klep's tomato. Cherry tomatoes have long conquered hearts and gardens with amicable ripening and early maturity, as well as excellent decorative and table properties. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that every year the interest in this type of tomato only grows, and with it the variety of varieties also increases.

Features of the variety

Tomato variety Klepa - mid-season, indeterminate type. Amicable shoots in 100-115 days also begin to give the harvest in unison.

Description of the plant:

  • vigorous bush, in height it can reach 2 m or more;
  • the plant is medium-leafy, the leaves are small, green;
  • complex inflorescence, stalk with articulation;
  • the yield of tomato is high - 7.5 to 8 kg per 1 sq. m;
  • has increased resistance to the tobacco mosaic virus.

Fruit characteristics:

  • round, even shape;
  • the weight of tomatoes is 20-25 grams;
  • the skin is thin, firm and smooth;
  • the color of ripe tomatoes is deep red;
  • the pulp is dense, juicy;
  • the taste of a tomato is sweetish, dessert.

Among other advantages of the variety, it should be noted its amazing keeping quality - tomatoes can be stored for more than three weeks, do not deteriorate and do not lose their presentation.


Tomato variety Klepa is recommended for cultivation both in the open field and in greenhouse conditions. To grow tomatoes and collect a rich harvest, you need to prepare high-quality planting material, so it is better to grow seedlings yourself:

  • Sowing seeds is done in late March or early April.
  • Before sowing, it is advisable to soak the seeds in warm water, after wrapping them in gauze.
  • Tomatoes are sown on lightly rammed soil, then sprinkled with a soil or peat layer of no more than 1 cm.
  • Further, the crops should be carefully shed, covered with foil and placed in a warm place.
  • After the emergence of seedlings, the film should be removed, and the young shoots should be provided with light and heat.
  • In the phase of the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, the sprouts must be dived into separate cups or pots.
  • One and a half to two weeks before planting in the ground, the plants must be hardened, leaving young tomato bushes in the fresh air. This makes them easier to adapt to their permanent residence.
  • At the age of 60–65 days, seedlings can be planted, provided that the threat of frost has passed.
  • As they grow, the bushes need to be formed into two stems. And also, given the exuberant growth of plants, they should be tied to a trellis in advance, which will greatly facilitate the subsequent harvest.
  • Klepa does not need abundant watering, so it is enough to make sure that the soil does not dry out. In addition to watering, plants respond well to fertilizing and loosening the soil.

Tomato Klepa compares favorably with its aesthetic beauty and dessert properties, because the fruits of this variety are easy to confuse with berries. And for cultivation it is not necessary to have a personal plot, Klepe has enough space on the balcony. This is easy to be convinced of by reading the reviews of experienced tomato growers, who also prefer to eat fresh self-grown tomatoes in winter.


Tamara Orlova, Krasnoyarsk:

“This is not the first time I have planted Klepa, grown in a greenhouse. There are no problems with her. The bushes are gorgeous and bear great fruit. The whole family is happy to eat tomatoes and berries. "

Elena Alexandrova, Yekaterinburg:

“Klepa is a very productive variety. More than ten tomatoes can be obtained from each brush. And how delicious they are, children simply adore them. "

Sergey Savoskin, Volgograd:

“Tomato Klepa looks spectacular both in the garden and on the plate. Fits entirely in the mouth, which is very convenient. Well, the taste is simply divine, fragrant and sweet tomato. "

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