Characteristics and description of the Pink unique tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Pink unique tomato variety, its yield

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Tomato Pink Unicum F1 of Dutch selection bred to increase the productivity of the vegetable. Due to the high quality of the fruit, the variety is gaining popularity among vegetable growers. Tasty, neat in shape tomatoes are used not only for their own use, but you can make good money on their implementation.

Pink Hybrid is the best among the first

Dutch hybrids are positively appreciated by everyone who grows them. It may not be possible to get seeds from them, but vegetables grow healthy and are not affected by pests. And all this thanks to mother plants, from which the strongest are selected for breeding. The acquired qualities are preserved and are characteristic only of the first generations of the plant. Hence the letter F, which means children in an abbreviated form, and the number one is the first generation.

Pink Unicum tomatoes belong to indeterminants, so the bush grows as long as the summer season lasts. Usually the stem height reaches 180 - 190 centimeters. On strong branches, there are medium-sized leaves with short internodes. With good care, there are up to six to seven fruit clusters, a tomato in them four or six. Since the hybrid is mid-season, it will begin to bear fruit in 110-120 days after germination.

The main characteristics of the fruit include:

  • weight up to 250 grams;
  • deep pink color;
  • the skin is thin, glossy;
  • the pulp is fleshy, juicy;
  • the shape is round, even, less often - a little ribbed;
  • sweetish taste;
  • the number of seed chambers is large.

Such a description of the variety encourages gardeners to start growing a hybrid. Moreover, yields of delicious fruits can be obtained both in regions with a cold climate, and with a warm one. Suitable indeterminate hybrid for greenhouses and greenhouses. It can also be grown in the open field.

Hybrid growing rules

In mid-March, they begin to plant the purchased Pink Unicum seeds for seedlings. The material is pre-soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate for twenty minutes, then in the Epin growth stimulator for sixteen hours.

The soil mixture is poured into the prepared containers, which must be sprinkled with boiling water. A week later, tomato seeds are placed to a depth of one and a half to two centimeters. First, the containers are covered with foil, and when green sprouts appear, they are opened. The main condition for the development of seedlings is good lighting. If it is not enough, then additional lighting with lamps is organized. Seedlings dive after the appearance of the second true leaf.

Upon reaching sixty days of age, the bushes are transferred to the greenhouse. Here, holes are prepared, in which not only humus is added, but also wood ash, which supplies the plants with phosphorus.

Transplanted seedlings require careful grooming:

  • glaze;
  • weeding;
  • top dressing;
  • timely garter;
  • pinching in one or two stems;
  • compliance with the temperature regime, preventing the air temperature from dropping below fifteen degrees;
  • maintaining humidity within 70-80 percent.

Creation of favorable conditions will allow to obtain high yields of Pink Unicum tomatoes.

The advantages of the variety in the reviews of summer residents

Among tomato lovers, the Pink Unicum hybrid has long been appreciated. Reviews of vegetable growers contain such positive qualities of the variety:

  1. In taste, the fruits are superior to similar hybrids, they are suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.
  2. Disease resistance is high enough.
  3. A vegetable plant is appreciated for its excellent yield, when ten kilograms of tomatoes or more are harvested from one square meter of plantings.
  4. Bushes require a garter and pinching, otherwise there is little trouble with Pink Unicum.

Vegetable growers note that hybrid selection tomatoes retain the integrity of the fruit for a long time, do not suffer during transportation. During a cold summer, you can pick unripe tomatoes from a bush, and after a while they will gain the necessary ripeness.

Indeterminate tomato species such as Pink Unicum have a number of excellent qualities. They are easy to grow in a greenhouse and even outdoors. The hybrid is one of the best among the representatives of the Dutch selection for taste and unpretentious care.

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