Description and characteristics of the rose variety Freedom, planting and care rules

Description and characteristics of the rose variety Freedom, planting and care rules

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The Freedom rose is a popular plant with excellent decorative properties. To succeed in growing this crop, it is recommended to properly prepare it for planting and provide quality care. It should include timely fertilization, soil moistening, and pruning. Protection against diseases and pests is also important.

History of appearance

This variety was bred by the German scientist Hans J├╝rgen Evers. This happened in 1997. Upon registration, the plant was named Tantau. However, when it entered the market in 2004, the culture was named Freedom, which translates to freedom.

Description and characteristics of the rose Freedom

This culture is characterized by goblet buds that reach a height of 6-8 centimeters. Their diameter is 5-7 centimeters. When opened, this figure increases to 9-11 centimeters. The bud includes 45-55 petals. They are dark red or burgundy in color.

The flowers are characterized by wavy edges and a velvety surface.

This elite crop has a straight and thick stem. There are few thorns on it. The leaves are large, shiny texture and rich green hue. The height is 40-120 centimeters. The most popular option is considered to be roses with a height of 60-70 centimeters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The rose of this variety not only has excellent decorative properties, but also differs in unpretentiousness in cultivation. Florists highlight the following advantages:

  • resistance to black spot and powdery mildew - this is important when implementing agrotechnical recommendations;
  • normal rainfall tolerance;
  • the possibility of re-flowering - it is observed with the timely removal of wilted buds.

The disadvantages include not too high resistance to frost. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the bushes for the winter. Another disadvantage is the ability to reproduce exclusively vegetatively.

The nuances of growing

In order for the plant to develop normally, it is recommended to properly care for it. To do this, it is worthwhile to competently carry out planting work and moisten the soil in time.

When and where to plant?

The culture is unpretentious in care and does not have special planting requirements. In order for the bush to grow quickly and bloom magnificently, it is worth considering the following features:

  1. The plant should be planted on a hill. If you plant a rose in a lowland, it will quickly wither and die. This is due to the accumulation of excess moisture and cold air.
  2. For planting, it is recommended to choose a location with good air circulation. In this case, it is important that the site is protected from strong gusts of wind.
  3. Roses grow best in sunny areas. However, partial shade is also acceptable.

It is recommended to carry out planting work in late April or early May. In the south, planting a plant is permissible in the fall.

In this case, it is worth making sure that the bush has time to take root.

Preparation of planting material

Before planting, it is recommended to carefully examine the seedling. All dried and damaged shoots should be removed. The cut is performed over the first kidney. Then it is worth shortening healthy shoots. Before planting, it is recommended to soak the bush in a growth stimulator.

Landing instruction

To carry out planting work, it is worth performing the following actions:

  1. Make a landing hole. Its depth and width should be 60 centimeters.
  2. Lay a 10 cm thick drainage layer at the bottom. It includes gravel and small stones.
  3. Place organic fertilizers on top of the drainage layer.
  4. Then it is recommended to pour a layer of fertile soil.
  5. It is worthwhile to carry out planting work carefully. It is recommended to spread the roots and gradually sprinkle with earth.
  6. When planting, the root collar should be placed 3 centimeters below the soil surface.
  7. Finally, water the seedlings well and cover with a mulch layer.

Freedom rose care tips

In order for the culture to grow and develop normally, it is recommended to take full care of it.

Watering and feeding

It is recommended to water this rose systematically. Avoid drying out the soil or moisturizing it too much. After watering, be sure to loosen the soil. Timely weed removal is of no small importance. It is also worth periodically applying mineral fertilizers and organic matter.


The bush is fast growing. Therefore, it is recommended to cut it in a timely manner, giving the desired shape. It is worth carrying out the procedure in early spring.

Preparing for the winter period

The plant is characterized by moderate parameters of resistance to frost. Therefore, it needs insulation. To do this, sprinkle the bush with peat. The thickness of this layer should be 20 centimeters.

Disease and pest control methods

The culture often suffers from attacks by beetles, caterpillars or sawfly larvae. Such pests violate the integrity of the plant and reduce the duration of flowering. Insecticides help to cope with parasites.

When exposed to unfavorable factors, there is a risk of weakening roses. At the same time, they become less resistant to fungal infections. In such a situation, flowers can suffer from powdery mildew, black spot, rust. Fungicides help fight infections.

Rose propagation methods

For growing roses, it is permissible to use ready-made seedlings purchased in the nursery, or cuttings. The second option is considered more difficult. However, many gardeners successfully use this breeding method.

The use of park English roses in landscape design

To create harmonious compositions with roses, it is worth considering the following features:

  • select plants as "partners" that have the same requirements for soil, moisture and light;
  • do not combine roses with plants of a short decorative period;
  • when choosing additions to roses, it is worth taking into account the height of the culture and the timing of its flowering;
  • do not plant next to crops with large and bright flowers.

Rosa Freedom is considered a popular crop that has excellent decorative properties and is easy to care for.

To achieve success in growing a plant, it is recommended to water it in a timely manner, feed it, cut it off.

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