Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Pink leader

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Pink leader

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Tomato Pink Leader has been on the market for almost 10 years and annually pleases amateur vegetable growers with its early, very tasty fruits.

The description of the variety presented in the state register indicates that it is an ultra-early ripening variety. The period from germination to the beginning of collection takes from 86 to 91 days. This variety is recommended for growing in all climatic zones. Therefore, in all respects, the Leader tomato is at the forefront. Plants belong to the determinant group and reach a height of no more than 50 cm. They do not need formation - the plants are very compact in nature.

Many gardeners have grown this variety in vertical beds and have left positive reviews about it. Their results were impressive: from one 1 m2 you can get 8-10 kg of fruit. For such compact plants, this is a record yield! In addition, they form a compact root system, which is very convenient for low volume container crops. This variety is suitable for growing on a loggia, in a bag and "pocket" culture, on multi-tiered beds, which simultaneously serve as a vegetable bed and a decorative element.

A very important thing to remember: plants in container culture need more frequent watering, since a small volume of soil dries out faster.

Characteristics of the fruits. The weight of one fruit is 150-170 g, the tomatoes are juicy. Fleshy, flat-rounded, sometimes slightly ribbed. They are very tasty and yield amazing quality juice.

What is important to know about the variety

To obtain high yields, it is important to know the characteristics of the growth of the variety. The Pink Leader tomato needs fertile soil that has a structure to hold moisture, but at the same time allows it to pass freely, and is also quite airy. Feedback from those who planted this variety make it clear that there is no need to save on organic matter when preparing the soil.

Rotten manure, compost, peat are good organic fertilizers for this variety. Weeding is very important at the initial stage of growth. Weeds, developing faster than tomatoes, take up most of the nutrients, and thereby greatly inhibit the growth of already undersized tomato bushes.

To help organics do not spare a complete mineral fertilizer and feed your favorite plants of the Rose Leader. The best period for this top dressing is about 10-14 days after planting the seedlings in the ground. At this time, the plants begin to bloom. During the period of active growth of fruits, plants need watering and feeding.

You can feed it with ready-made fertilizer mixtures, following the description, or prepare them yourself from organic and mineral ingredients. When there are a lot of fruits on the bushes, add a complex of trace elements with zinc, sodium, magnesium to the top dressing. This will help the plants maintain a high quality crop.

Growing in warm beds

The experience of harvesting early tomatoes with a compact root system, such as the Pink Leader, makes it possible to recommend this variety for growing in warm beds, which are based on organic material that gives off warmth to the soil. This technology is not new, and has existed for a long time in villages where peasants kept livestock. Fresh manure from domestic animals was placed on the bottom of the ridges, covered with a layer of fertile soil and planted with turnips, radishes, pumpkins, and later potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Now, instead of manure, they use any plant debris at hand: radish tops, potato peelings, a dried mass of weeds.

All this is placed on the bottom of the bed to a depth of 40 to 70 cm, a preparation of effective microorganisms is poured over the plant residues, watered well, covered with fertile soil to ground level, covered with a film and left for about three weeks to warm up. This can be done in early spring - early April. At the end of April, the garden bed is ready to plant Pink Leader tomato bushes on it. As the reviews of gardeners have shown, this technology gives an advantage in getting early tomatoes up to two weeks!

What not to do

Sometimes there are recommendations on the internet on how to get sweeter tomatoes. Among these recommendations is the addition of table salt to the irrigation water. In no case should this be done, you will spoil the soil and seriously harm the plants! The accumulation of sugars in tomatoes depends on the genetic characteristics of the variety, as well as the supply of heat, light and potassium.

Try to grow this strain and make sure it is the leader!

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