Features of cultivation of high-yielding potatoes "Gala"

Features of cultivation of high-yielding potatoes "Gala"

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Potato "Gala" refers to the early varieties, characterized by excellent taste and the formation of a rich, very high-quality crop. The ripening of a full crop takes about 75 days from the moment of planting the tubers, which is the optimal condition for cultivating this variety in the climatic conditions of central Russia.

The patent holder for Gala potatoes is Norex Norika Exportgesellschaft MBH.

Grade characteristics

Semi-erect potato bushes "Gala" have an average height. Floral corollas of medium size, milky white color. The leaves are large, intermediate, pronounced green. Root crops of elongated-oval shape, covered with a relatively smooth yellow skin. Eyes are very small. This feature greatly facilitates the process of peeling root crops. The pulp is dark yellow, creamy in color and contains 10.2-13.2% of starch. The average weight of the tuber reaches 115.5 grams.

Potatoes of this variety have an unsurpassed taste and aroma, characterized by a low starch content and a significant amount of carotene. Root crops of the Gala variety have high resistance to mechanical damage, which allows us to classify this potato as well transportable and suitable for long-term storage.

This variety is practically not affected by potato cancer, as well as by such a dangerous pest as a golden potato cyst-forming nematode. Also among the many advantages of Gala potatoes should be attributed to the high marketability of the resulting crop, which consistently is at least 98%. The variety has excellent taste and pronounced potato aroma, ideally meets the requirements of dietary and therapeutic nutrition.

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Potato "Gala": features of the variety

Planting potatoes

Potato "Gala" is considered one of the most promising and early ripe varieties, which is not too demanding in planting and care. For planting, it is recommended to select medium-sized seed material. All selected tubers should be warmed in the sun a few days before planting.

Potatoes of the Gala variety are planted in the soil with a depth of 10-15 cm. The optimal distance between the planting holes is 75-80 cm. In order to get a high, and most importantly, high-quality crop, it is necessary to carry out the correct filling of the soil before planting, as well as to observe simple care requirements throughout the entire growing season.

Care Features

Potato "Gala" does not require constant and intensive care, but at the same time gives very high and good yields. Hilling, cultivating, weeding weeds, top dressing and, if necessary, irrigation are the most basic agrotechnical measures that have a positive effect on the quantity and quality of the crop.

  • The very first and very important event for the care of planting potatoes is harrowing or loosening the soil.
  • Hilling of potatoes is carried out in the morning or evening hours, after the most heavy watering or rain.
  • The first hilling is done when the height of the plants reaches about 12-15 cm, and the next hilling procedure should be carried out after three weeks.
  • During the entire growing season, it is enough to limit ourselves to three plentiful waterings, which are performed after emergence, when the first buds appear and immediately after flowering.
  • The first feeding of potatoes should be carried out in the last decade of June using 10 g of urea, 20 g of superphosphate and 10 g of sulfate or potassium chloride per square meter.
  • As foliar top dressing, spraying potato tops with a 2% solution of superphosphate or potash fertilizers is effective.
  • To protect plantings from the main pests and the most common potato diseases, Bordeaux should be used.

The method of harvesting a fully ripened crop depends on several important factors, including the yield level, weather conditions in the growing region, the economic purpose of root crops, and the availability and type of technical equipment.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato "Gala" is one of the best varieties of classical German breeding and is very popular for cultivation in home gardens. Exceptionally positive feedback from vegetable growers in different regions of Russia is due to the versatility of this popular variety. A potato called "Gala" with unusual ease is able to adapt to almost any climatic conditions. and soil composition. It can be successfully cultivated on the territory of most regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

In addition, an equally important characteristic and hallmark of the variety "Gala" is an unusually short period of crop formation. The first digging can be carried out already two months after planting. In each nest, at least 20-25 tubers are formed.

The root crops of potatoes of this variety remain whole during the heat treatment, do not change the structure of the fibers during cooking and do not have a tendency to darken. Many potato growers focus on such an important parameter as harvesting potato tops about ten days before the main harvest, which contributes to a longer preservation of root crops.

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