Characteristics and description of the pink bush f1 tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the pink bush f1 tomato variety, its yield

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In the seed market, Japanese tomato seeds have occupied their niche. Tomato Pink Bush has passed the tests with dignity in our climatic conditions.

The Japanese hybrid combines the best qualities of tomatoes: taste, productivity, good immunity.


Japanese hybrids are respected by summer residents for their stable immunity. Pink Bush tomato plantations do not pose a threat:

  • fusarium;
  • tobacco mosaic.

The hybrid does not suffer from heat, the ovaries, the soil does not crumble with fluctuations in moisture.

The characteristic of the hybrid as an ultra-early ripening tomato has been proven by summer residents. The first crops are harvested in 90-100 days from the day of the first shoots. The yield declared by the manufacturer is also true. At least 10 kg of tomatoes are obtained from 1 m².

Pink Bush is a determinant plant. Bushes in the ground are not higher than 0.5 m, in the greenhouse their growth is greater - 0.7 m. Low, compact bushes do not need to be formed or pinned.


Fruits are pink, large. Average weight 200 g with slight fluctuations up or down. On the first brushes, tomatoes have a flat-round shape, on all subsequent ones - round. The shape of the fruit can be seen in the photo.

The characteristic of the pulp is good taste. It, combined with fleshiness, a set of useful microelements, makes the fruits tasty and healthy. They are usually consumed raw.

Advantages and disadvantages

A description of the advantages of the variety and its disadvantages are given in the table.

Good fruit shapeSeedlings require good care: maintaining a constant temperature and humidity, fertilizing, watering, fertile soil.
Great tasteHigh cost of seeds
Dense, juicy flesh that is good cut and perfect for sandwiches
The bushes are resistant to a number of diseases
Fruits can be transported over long distances without losing their presentation
High yield for undersized varieties
The bushes do not need the formation and removal of stepchildren



I planted Pink Bush this year - a new variety for me. I don't plan to grow it anymore. It rained in July and a lot of tomatoes were cracked.

Oksana, Donetsk.

I have been growing Pink Bush tomatoes for several years. Everything suits me. Remove up to 25 strong, round tomatoes from one bush. The tomatoes are sweet, the yield is good.

From seedling to harvest

It is easier to get an early tomato harvest in a polycarbonate greenhouse. If there is heating in it, the seedlings can be planted already in March, and in May they can have the first harvest. This is a topic for those who are building a business on greenhouse tomatoes.

For a summer resident for whom tomatoes are a hobby, a vegetable garden is enough. Indeed, in the ground, you can grow Pink Bush tomatoes. In any case, the soil needs fertile. Therefore, on the ridge before digging, without regretting, add:

  • humus;
  • ammophos;
  • ammonium nitrate.

If the soil is clayey, heavy, the structure can be improved with sand. It is enough for 0.5 buckets per 1 m². Add one thing to acidic soil in the fall:

  • dolomite flour;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • ash.

How to grow seedlings

Growing a hybrid for seedlings is not difficult, but it takes time. It is better to purchase the soil for sowing seeds ready, fertile, loose and with normal acidity. In the garden (garden) soil there can be viruses and fungi that are dangerous for young tomatoes.

If the tomatoes will grow in the greenhouse, sow the seeds in February, in the ground in March. When calculating the sowing time, remember that the optimal age of tomato seedlings when transplanting is 50-60 days. Overgrown seedlings and seedlings that have not reached the required development take root worse.

Before transplanting the tomato into the ground, the seedlings need to be hardened. It is better to do this in a greenhouse filled with manure. Cover it with straw mats or foil at night, and open it during the day.


Plant the grown seedlings, hardened within a week, on a ridge in the ground (greenhouse) according to the scheme of 4-6 roots per 1 m². A denser planting is not recommended, it can reduce yields, provoke diseases.

Plant seedlings using the transshipment method. Water the tomatoes abundantly after filling the holes and compacting the earth around the roots. Mulch the soil with humus and do not water or loosen it for 10 days.


In the future, summer care for the Japanese pink-fruited hybrid will consist of the usual work:

  1. Watering 1-2 times a week.
  2. Loosening the soil after each watering.
  3. Fertilization is foliar, root.
  4. Garter bush.

Advice. If you want to get large fruits or accelerate ripening - remove stepsons.

Care is not tricky, and the harvest of pink tomatoes can be excellent. A photo of bushes sprinkled with even, beautiful tomatoes is proof of this.


In rainy summers, plantings can suffer from fungal infections. Phytophthora can also affect tomato bushes in dry weather, if crop rotation is not observed. Pathogenic microorganisms live in the soil. Late blight cannot be avoided if you arrange tomato beds from year to year in one place.

To prevent diseases, arrange tomato ridges where they grew last season:

  • garlic;
  • bow;
  • carrot;
  • beans.

Good disease prevention - loosening row spacings, removing damaged leaves and fruits. Sprinkle the ground with tobacco dust so that the slugs do not damage the fruits and leaves. Tomatoes protect against whitefly with "Confidor". The aqueous solution is prepared according to the instructions.


Pink Bush tomatoes will add variety to the summer menu. Hamburgers, sandwiches with cheese, salads with feta cheese and herbs are not only tasty, but also healthy. Eating them in the summer, you can restore health, replenish the body with useful substances, cleanse the body of harmful substances.

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