Description of varieties of white cucumbers, growing and caring for them

Description of varieties of white cucumbers, growing and caring for them

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Unusual fruits and vegetables on the plots have become normal in our time. To surprise friends and acquaintances, you can grow white Chinese cucumbers. It will delight you with its taste and unusual appearance.

Variety selection

Every farmer knows how to grow cucumbers, but in order to get an excellent harvest, you need to choose the right type. There are popular varieties of crops with white fruits:

  • "Miniature White". Length is 5-7 cm. Grows first among white and green varieties. Unpretentious and undemanding to care. Perfect for salting and fresh for making salads. In addition, the small size looks good in a vegetable platter.
  • "White Angel F1" is a medium-ripening variety of white cucumbers. Refers to parthenocarpic species. It takes 45-50 days from germination to ripening. At 1m2 3 bushes are planted. The weight of the vegetable is 100 g, the length is 7–10 cm. The taste is classic cucumber, there is a slight bitterness, the color of the fruit is white. From the peculiarities of the variety, it loses its taste during outgrowth. Better if their size is 4–5 cm. There is no immunity to disease.
  • "Bride", a precocious cucumber. But when growing, many have difficulties. A very capricious and demanding variety. Refers to insect pollinated hybrids. Ripens within 38–42 days. At 1m2 4 plants are planted. Very productive species. Their features, the plant is vigorous, requires a lot of care, namely watering and fertilization. It is very difficult to grow a white cucumber without some experience. But the result is worth the effort, because its taste is excellent.
  • "Chinese white" is a very common species. Bears fruit for a long time. Its fruits do not deteriorate for a long time. It is immune to disease. This variety was bred by the Chinese.
  • "Snow Leopard". Cucumbers are white, reach a length of 20 cm. Taste is excellent, suitable for canning, fresh consumption.
  • "Snow White" is very famous among cucumbers with white fruits. The peculiarity of the variety is that it easily tolerates temperature extremes. Suitable for outdoor cultivation or greenhouses. Used for any kind of use.
  • "Bidigo-Lungo". It belongs to hybrid types of culture, is unpretentious, high-yielding and tends to bear fruit for a long time. Its peculiarity is that it was bred for film growing.

In addition to their unusual appearance, white cucumbers attract summer residents with their taste. It is impossible to describe which, only to understand by taste. Many different varieties of exotic vegetables have been bred, so the choice of a variety, as always, remains with the grower.

The difference between white vegetables and green cucumbers familiar to everyone

Distinctive features of the species of normal color and white are insignificant, but still they are:

  1. First of all, there is a difference in the color of the fruits.
  2. Taste differences boil down to the absence of bitterness and the presence of a richer aroma.
  3. Strong growth of the lashes of the plant.
  4. Undemanding to the formation.
  5. They are resistant to changes in weather conditions, lowering and higher temperatures. White-fruited cucumbers tolerate shading well.

To grow vegetables on the site, you do not need to know special agricultural techniques. The main condition is a mandatory garter to the supports, to improve the flow of air and stabilize the ripening of the fruits.

Care rules

It is not difficult to care for the culture of the white-fruited variety. It is necessary to regularly water the plants, loosen the surface of the beds and carry out top dressing. Watering is carried out in the evening with warm water. Feed with complex fertilizers.

It is not required to form a plant, since they bear fruit both on the side branches and on the central stem. Harvesting begins when the cucumbers are 10-15 cm long. Further growth will lead to a loss of taste.

The opinion of summer residents regarding varieties

They find more useful information by reading the reviews of those who grew them on their plots:

  • Irina Sergeeva. If you are tired of everything standard, he suggests trying to grow species with white cucumbers. They are very tasty, more tender, their skin is thinner. If you have grown ordinary varieties before, then there will be no difficulties. The main thing is a garter to the trellis and timely complex feeding. I liked the White Angel cucumbers the most.
  • Alla. Grows white cucumbers in a greenhouse. They are also called snakes. For what reason he does not know. Planting is resistant to cold and heat. And the most important thing is record harvests. It is not clear only why other gardeners do not appreciate them so much. I am happy with everything, both the taste, and the price, and the fact that the plant gives fruits much longer than its green counterpart.
  • Christina. I ordered the White Angel cucumber variety, I liked everything very much. Especially the reaction of friends and acquaintances when you serve these vegetables on the table during a feast. They are very tasty, do not spoil for a long time. The rest does not differ from the same green varieties.
  • Marina. Grows several varieties. I really like the unusual type of fruit. They are unpretentious and, unlike conventional varieties, are not afraid of the cold. The only condition for their proper growth is timely watering and feeding. Rotted manure or diluted chicken manure is most suitable. Can be fertilized with complex fertilizers.

If the gardener wants to grow something exotic on the site, white cucumbers will come in handy. Some even call them "ghosts", for the reason that at night they are always visible in the garden, they seem to glow. Not to mention how impressive they look in a fresh salad, combined with unusual colored tomatoes.

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