4 best recipes for making fruit and berry wine at home

4 best recipes for making fruit and berry wine at home

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Many people do not trust purchased alcoholic beverages and prepare them on their own. They give particular preference to fruit and berry wine. After all, it has a tart aroma, rich taste. A glass of such a drink, prepared at home, will relieve fatigue after a busy day, and will give you a good mood at a festive dinner.

The next morning, after the feast, there will be no headache.

The subtleties of making an assorted wine

Experienced winemakers know that when creating an alcohol-containing product, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Use purified water, which is boiled and cooled.
  2. Sand take about 200-250 grams per 1 liter of liquid. And the fruit component is 100-200 grams.
  3. Buy yeast wine or ordinary pressed, but in no case fast-acting.
  4. The fermentation liquid is poured into a large glass container.
  5. Put on a thin rubber glove on top, fix it on the neck with thread or tape. While fermentation is in progress, the glove will be inflated and lifted up. As the process ends, it will go down.
  6. During fermentation, the wort is stirred daily with a clean wooden spatula.

Ready young wine is filtered, poured into washed and dried glass bottles. It is better not to use plastic ones. The drink is kept for a month in bottles, only after that it is tasted.

Ingredient selection rules

The hot drink is made from cultivated or wild berries. Moreover, they use the harvest from their personal plot or store products. The main thing is that all components are of excellent quality, without signs of deterioration.

First, all the fruits are sorted out, removing the rotten ones. They are not washed in order not to remove the natural yeast on the surface. Berries and granulated sugar become the main ingredients.

How to make fruit wine at home

An alcohol-containing berry product can be made from any fruit. Moreover, in winter and spring, the drink is created from frozen berries. You just need to be patient and have the necessary equipment:

  • the container in which the wort will ferment;
  • rubber medical gloves;
  • glass bottles for storing alcohol-containing products;
  • plastic stoppers for sealing containers.

A hand blender and any juicer will do the trick.

A simple recipe

The main ingredients are poured over with warm water. The container is covered with a blanket, placed to the battery.

From different frozen berries

First, you should defrost the product, without breaking the technology. The fruits are taken out of the freezer, placed in an enamel pan, left on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator until the ice disappears. This method allows you to preserve the greatest amount of nutrients.

Then the berries, along with sugar, are whipped in a blender bowl. The mass is poured into a fermentation vessel, diluted yeast is added, and poured with water. After 2 weeks, a small amount of sugar crystals are introduced and left until the wine has brightened.

Option with honey

Fruit and berry strong drink with the addition of honey has a peculiar taste. It is prepared according to the following algorithm:

  1. The fruits are placed in an enamel pot with a thick bottom, pounded with a pestle.
  2. The container is put on fire, heated for half an hour.
  3. The mass is cooled, transferred to a container for fermentation. Sugar, raisins, water are added there, the container is tied with a cloth.
  4. After 3-4 days, the wort is filtered through cheesecloth folded in several layers.
  5. Put in a small amount of sugar, install a water seal and let it stand again.
  6. On the fifth day, liquid honey is introduced into the wort. If the product is sugared, it is placed in a water bath. During the heating process, the delicacy is liquefied.
  7. As soon as a precipitate appears, the liquid is poured through cheesecloth into bottles.

Such fruit and honey wine is not allowed to stand, but is immediately put on the festive table.

From a mixture of berry juices

They take any berries and squeeze juice out of them using an electrical appliance that is available. The liquids are mixed in a fermentation tank, water, yeast, granulated sugar are added. Moreover, in this case, it is taken more than usual. The wort should ferment for a week. Then add some more sugar crystals and leave alone for 10 days.

Storage rules and periods

The fruit and berry alcoholic product is stored in a dark place at 10-14 ° C. It is very important that there are no fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The latter should not exceed 80%. Do not expose bottles to direct sunlight.

The shelf life should not exceed 1-1.5 years. Open wine should be eaten in a week. After all, the longer you keep it open, the faster its taste deteriorates.

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