Characteristics and description of the most delicious varieties of black tomatoes

Characteristics and description of the most delicious varieties of black tomatoes

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On the plots of most gardeners, red-fruited tomatoes can be seen. Also, quite often people grow varieties, the fruits of which are colored pink, orange or yellow. However, some people choose to grow black tomatoes.

Short description

Black-fruited tomato varieties have fruits that contain large amounts of sugar, starch, proteins and minerals. Also, black tomato is rich in vitamin B, violet acid, carotene and choline. There is also a substance in its composition, thanks to which black varieties have such a color. This is anthocyanin, which can give tomato skins a blackish or purple color.

Choke tomatoes can darken due to direct sunlight. If the bushes grow in poor sunlight, they will have red or brown tomatoes.

Even the darkest fruit will have a reddish, pinkish flesh. It differs from most other types of tomatoes in its density and taste. Since these varieties of black tomatoes contain sugar, they taste rather sweet.

Beneficial features

Black tomatoes are quite healthy as they contain anthocyanins, which have good antioxidant activity. Thanks to this, the benefits of such tomatoes become obvious. Their regular use helps relieve swelling, strengthen the vascular walls and improve the immune system.

They also contain lycopene, with the help of which the treatment of prostate adenoma is carried out. Some varieties are rich in provitamin A, which has a beneficial effect on human vision. Some argue that the fruits of these tomatoes can even improve sexual function.

The most delicious

Every vegetable grower wants to grow only the best varieties that have excellent taste. The characteristics and description of the variety of black tomatoes will help you get acquainted with the characteristics of each variety of such tomatoes and choose the most suitable variety.

Black Russia

Black Rushen is popular among farmers who have been growing tomatoes for years. Its main advantage can be considered resistance to a large number of diseases and pests. It also has delicious fruits that are a bit like burgundy tomatoes.

The bushes are quite large, as during cultivation they grow up to two and a half meters. That is why, in order to preserve the plants, you will have to do their garter to strong supports. The first brush is formed after 11 leaves. It contains several fruits weighing over 300 grams. They contain a lot of dry matter, so they are rarely used in juicing. They are more suitable for preparing salads from fresh vegetables.

Raspberry black

Black raspberries are not very suitable for open ground, so it is recommended to take care of preparing greenhouses for planting this variety.

During its existence, the Black Raspberry variety has managed to win sympathy among most gardeners, and there is nothing strange in this. After all, such tomatoes have many advantages, which include:

  • dense fruits that never crack;
  • ease of care;
  • good marketability and taste;
  • resistance to a large number of diseases that tomatoes can get sick with.

Black raspberries have only one serious drawback - rather small fruits. If tomatoes ripen too late, then their size is much smaller than that of fruits that have ripened before.

Tomatoes Black raspberries are often used in cooking. Many of them prepare vegetable dishes, salads or canned foods.

Black plum

Tomato Cream is not recommended to be grown in vegetable gardens, as it does not tolerate weather changes well. It must be planted in stable greenhouse conditions. Tomato Cream gets its name from the unique shape of the fruit, which resembles a plum.

Low-growing bushes grow up to 50-70 cm. Therefore, it is not necessary to fasten them to supports. This variety has a good yield, which allows you to get more than 7 kg of ripe fruits from the plant. Moreover, the weight of each individual tomato is quite small - 45-75 grams.

The main advantage of these tomatoes is their high disease resistance. Bushes rarely get sick with apical rot and late blight.

Black Russian

Black Russian attracts the attention of many vegetable growers for the unusual color of its fruits. They are painted black-red, so they are used not only for cooking, but also for decorating them.

This variety was bred by breeders from England for the greenhouse and greenhouses. In regions with a warm climate, it can also be planted in open ground. Such a tomato is not suitable for people who like low-growing tomatoes, as its bushes grow up to one and a half meters. Several fruits weighing more than three hundred grams are formed on each plant. At first they are greenish, but during ripening they acquire a chocolate hue.

Black woman

The black woman is a fairly popular variety among most tomato growers. Some argue that it is these tomatoes that can be considered the standard of ideal taste.

This farm variety has tall bushes that need to be tied to supports.

Under normal growing conditions, the plant grows up to 80-120 cm in height. To get the largest fruits, the bushes are formed into one stem. This will increase the weight of each tomato to 300-500 grams. They have a reliable black skin that does not crack even after long-term storage. Most often, the Black Woman is used to obtain juice, which differs from other tomato juices in its dark color and excellent taste.

The most productive

There are several varieties of dark tomatoes that yield good yields. Therefore, in order to get a large number of fruits, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the most productive varieties and choose one of them.

Black goddess

Very often, people who want to grow the most delicious and productive plants plant the Black Goddess tomato. The variety has good dark purple fruits. Purple tomatoes are round in shape and weigh more than one hundred grams. They are used, like many other purple varieties, for the preparation of preserves, salads and various vegetable dishes.

The variety can be planted indoors and outdoors, as it is resistant to sudden changes in temperature. However, for growing, it is better to choose areas that are protected from strong winds. The fact is that the bushes are far from stunted and grow up to two meters. They can easily break due to strong winds if they are not attached to the supports.

The emperor

Tomato Emperor belongs to one of the most productive varieties of tomatoes. It is a mid-season tomato that ripens within 80 days after planting in the ground.

Bushes must be periodically tied up and pinned, as they grow up to two meters. If the tomato was planted in a greenhouse, then the height of an adult plant can be two and a half meters. Medium-sized fruits are formed on each bush. Their weight is 100-200 grams.

Black elephant

To obtain a large harvest, some plant a Black Elephant tomato on their plots. It has undersized bushes, which, during cultivation, gradually become covered with small leaves, similar to those of potato leaves.

The variety can be classified as mid-season, since the first tomatoes begin to ripen literally three months after the seedlings are planted in the soil. The fruits are quite large and weigh about 250 grams. Sometimes larger tomatoes can be found at the bottom of the bushes. Tomatoes of the variety are distinguished by their fleshy pulp and delicate skin.

To improve yields, it is recommended to form bushes into several stems. If this is not done, then only 3 kg of fruit can be harvested from one plant.

Chocolate lump

The chocolate block is very similar to the Dark Chocolate and Frankenstein tomatoes. Such tomatoes are planted if an early harvest is needed. The first fruits begin to ripen 50-70 days after planting.

The bushes of the plant are quite powerful and tall. Adult shrubs grow up to one and a half meters. They need regular garters and pinning. If you do not carry out these procedures, then the bushes will break and begin to dry out gradually. Black tomatoes are very large, weighing up to one kilogram.


Chernomor tomatoes can be classified as high-yielding mid-season tomatoes that begin to sing a month after planting.

Their bushes are far from undersized, since with proper care, their height can exceed one and a half meters. Heavy fruits appear on the branches over time, so each plant will have to be tied up so that the Kursk Chernomor tomato does not break under load. The average weight of tomatoes is over 200 grams. The fruit has a dense skin with a dark purple tint.


A large number of vegetable growers want to plant black tomato varieties on their farms. To do this, you must familiarize yourself in advance with the most famous varieties and study the reviews of those who previously planted such varieties of tomatoes.

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