Potato "Irbitsky": large-fruited and productive variety

Potato "Irbitsky": large-fruited and productive variety

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Potato "Irbitsky" from the originator of the Ural Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Volga-Vyatka and West Siberian regions and is one of the promising varieties for household cultivation. The period from seedlings to technical maturity is 70-90 days. The state test of the variety obtained as a result of work with SSE and Velox, started in 2009.

Grade description

A potato called "Irbitsky" is one of the best varieties of GNU of the Ural Research Institute of the Russian Agricultural Academy. It is a medium-tall bushes, with an intermediate type of growth, semi-upright. Corollas of flowers have rather averaged sizes and intense anthocyanin staining on the inside. Leaves are larger than average size, intermediate type, dark green color. The variety is characterized by very high marketability, large tubers, the average number of which per nest is 6-8 pcs.

The tubers are round in shape, red in color, with small eyes. The pulp is light yellow. The average weight of one tuber can vary from 110 to 190 g. The starch content is at the level of 13.0-16.5%.

Quality grade characteristics

A potato variety called "Irbit" mid-ripening. It has the following advantages and quality characteristics:

  • productivity reaches 255-390 kg / ha;
  • good product performance, almost 97%;
  • high taste;
  • keeping quality of the harvest is not lower than 96%;
  • resistance to pathogens of potato cancer, wrinkled and banded mosaics, to the leaf curling virus, is practically not affected by the golden potato cyst-forming nematode.
  • The variety has proven itself when grown in insufficiently favorable conditions. Potato varieties "Irbitsky" does not require special care and soil composition.

Potato "Irbitsky": harvesting

Dates and features of landing

It should be remembered that as a result of planting potatoes in unheated soil, tubers can partially die and rot, and seedlings will appear only after a month and a half. Deviations of planting of this vegetable crop from the optimal timing even by 1.5-2 weeks reduce the yield of potatoes by about 20-22%. Potatoes of the Irbitsky variety are recommended to be planted in central Russia no earlier than mid-May.

About three weeks before planting, potatoes should be prepared for planting, namely:

  • sort out tubers, removing rotten or diseased; place potatoes in a warm and bright room for germination and landscaping;
  • divide planting material by size into fractions;
  • Cut too large tubers (each part should have at least 2-3 eyes);
  • treat planting material with protective preparations and nutrient solutions.

Potato tubers should be planted in prepared furrows. The soil must be fertilized with mineral and organic substances. Planting scheme for potato tubers 60 x 35 cm at a depth of 8-10 cm.

Care Rules

The main care for potatoes at the vegetation stage is to maintain the soil in the most friable state and to conduct systematic destruction of weeds. Simultaneously with loosening, potatoes need to be spudded, that is, sprinkle the earth with a hill to the stem.

Dry and too hot days in the summer often alternate with very cool and humid ones, which makes it almost impossible to develop a universal care regimen. However, hilling, cultivation, weeding, top dressing and infrequent irrigation are still the main agrotechnical measures for the care of potatoes:

  • the first loosening should be deep, 10-12 cm, and the second and third should be no more than 6-7 cm;
  • at a plant height of 15-17 cm, the first hilling is carried out (the height of the soil ridge is 18-20 cm);
  • the second hilling of potatoes is carried out before closing the tops;
  • watering is desirable to combine with top dressing with organic and mineral fertilizers. In total, no more than three such events are required per season.

Reviews gardeners

Potato "Irbitsky" is quite popular in our country, reviews about this variety are most often positive. The variety, according to vegetable growers, belongs to the category of "super-elite" and is very large-fruited. There is a fairly abundant tuber formation on potato bushes. A full crop of high-potatoes can be obtained in a little over two months. Economic and biological characteristics of the variety indicate good taste, low digestibility of potatoes by type of sun.

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