Description of the tomato variety Amber 530, yield and characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Amber 530, yield and characteristics

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Tomato Amber 530 is a well-known variety throughout Russia. There are reviews about him, both positive and negative. Which are more and why, we will try to figure it out.


Tomato variety Amber has an early ripening period, it takes 80-100 days from germination to ripening. It is unpretentious, cultivation is possible both in the open field and in the greenhouse. Depending on the temperature outside. You can grow a tomato in containers. This is convenient if the plant needs to be transported.

The bushes of such a tomato are stunted and determinate. Stamp, half a meter high. They do not have to go to bed for them, unless only up to the first brush. It is laid over the fifth sheet. The sheets are medium-sized, green. The peduncle has an articulation. The inflorescence is simple.

The description indicates that cultivation without seedlings is considered the main advantage of the variety, even if the farming is unsustainable. At the same time, without sacrificing productivity, up to seven kilograms can be harvested from one square meter.

Characteristics of the fetus

The fruits of the "Yantarny 530" variety have a round shape. They are even and smooth. When the fruit is ripe, it turns yellow, sometimes with a tinge of red. Their weight is 50-70 grams. The maximum possible weight is 150 grams. It is indicated above that the plant does not require care, but if you still make an effort to grow them, then it will become strong and productive. Despite the fact that the fruit is early, it has a sweetish taste. Moreover, it has been proven that tomatoes contain a large amount of sugars and carotene.

It is best to use tomatoes of the Amber 530 variety fresh. Due to their density, they are suitable for whole fruit preservation. They will not crack and will stand for a long time.

The characteristic of the variety is positive. In order to be sure of the quality of Amber 530 tomatoes, you need to see what users say about this variety.

Reviews of gardeners

There are both positive and negative reviews. It is no longer possible to determine which ones, since "there are no comrades in taste and color."

For example, Marina from Volgograd says: “Indeed, there was a lot of harvest, all the tomatoes were small. Their color and density corresponds to the description. But, there are also inconsistencies with the characteristics of the variety. All the bushes that were in the garden got sick with late blight. Taking into account the fact that they were processed by HOM the day before. And it was not the leaves that showed it, but the fruits. The taste also failed, as I expected sweet, but in the end it turned out to be sour. In general, I was satisfied - 50/50. "

But Maxim from Voronezh has a more pleasant “aftertaste” after growing this variety: “I planted variety Amber 530 for several years in a row. So far there is no opportunity to take care of the garden, but now it’s not about that. Honestly, I was satisfied. First, there is no hassle with seedlings. I planted it immediately in open ground, but only after the low temperatures had passed.

Secondly, the fruits are really sweet and medium in size. This is taking into account the fact that I still processed the bushes a little so that various diseases did not cling. For all the time, the tomatoes did not hurt at all and they all bloomed and faded in a timely manner. Preservation with them looks just perfect and the tomatoes do not crack in the jar. "

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