Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Supermodel

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Supermodel

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For gardeners who want to surprise with new forms of vegetables and high yields, the Supermodel tomato is ideal. In addition, it has high taste and pickling qualities.

In the state register of the Supermodel since 2008. Description of the variety: ripening period - early, the period from germination to harvest is 100-120 days. The bushes are determinate, they can reach a height of 60-80 cm, they need to be shaped and tied to a support or on a low trellis.

Characteristics of the fruits: elongated, reach 10-15 cm, when salting, a lot of tomatoes fit in jars, there is little space for the brine. The color is deep pink. The skin is thin, smooth. The pulp is homogeneous, rather dense, there are few seeds, the seed chambers are small, there are only two or three of them in the fruit. Fruit weight rarely exceeds 120 g.

The yield of the Supermodel variety is average, with good care it increases and can reach 7.5 kg / m2... This variety is famous for its delicious fruits for salting and making tomato puree and sauces, it has a high dry matter content. Plants are unpretentious, resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes. The variety is recommended for growing in all regions.

Sowing dates

Supermodel tomatoes are early ones, so they can be sown at several times, including late sowing, and get well-formed, ripe fruits of milky-waxy ripeness. Approximate sowing dates for tomato seeds Supermodel:

  • in boxes for seedlings - from February 25 to March 10;
  • early in the soil under the film - from 10 to 30 April;
  • late into the soil - from 1 to 5 May.

Growing tomatoes through seedlings involves planting them at the age of 60-65 days in open ground around May 10-25. The first fruits can be obtained at the beginning of July. A seedless culture involves sowing seeds in the ground at various times. With early sowing, the beginning of fruiting occurs in the first decade of August, and with late sowing, in the third decade. It is important to remember that a seedless crop must be intensive so that the formation of the crop is not delayed. This means that plants need good care:

  • watering 1-2 times a week;
  • feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers every two weeks;
  • regular weeding;
  • removal of extra stepsons.

All efforts will more than pay off with a large number of hard, elongated tomatoes, which are just about time to harvest for future use for the winter at the end of summer.

What to do if frost hits soon, and the bush is full of unripe tomatoes

The Supermodel tomato variety has a sufficient density of fruits for long-term storage and ripening, therefore, the situation when in late autumn there are many fruits on the bush that are in milky-wax maturity is not critical for this variety.

If there are not very many fruits, they can be collected from the bush and placed in a box in one or two layers, then removed to a ripening room. If there are a lot of fruits, then in the garden or in the summer cottage you can equip a pile - this is a pit for temporary storage of vegetables, 0.5-0.6 m deep and 0.4 m wide. The length is chosen arbitrarily, depending on the number of tomatoes.

The pit is covered with straw or geotextile, tomatoes are poured into it with a layer of 30-40 cm, they are covered with the same materials on top, pressed with wooden shields.

In this state, the fruits are not afraid of frost at the beginning of autumn. Not all varieties are suitable for stack storage, but only with dense pulp like the Supermodel. Burt must be sorted out, rotted fruits removed and ventilated. In this state, Supermodel tomatoes can be kept for up to one month.

What is good about the Supermodel variety

Numerous reviews of the variety indicate its positive qualities: good adaptability to growing conditions and unpretentiousness, smooth, beautiful and tasty fruits, fresh and salted. It is similar to the varieties Petrusha and Rose Stella, but its fruits are slightly smaller in size and do not crack.

Be sure to plant a Supermodel in your garden, this strain deserves to be grown annually!

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